• Nightly Roundup #1103

    Not sure if what Apple Bloom's painting is a sign of her artistic talent or if she has some really bad eyesight.

    Hey guys, time for some news! Get it after the break!

    (Update: Swapped image due to duplicates! We all have similar thoughts apparently :P)

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds IV: Day 2

    Oh, Applebloom. Never change. And let this be a lesson for everyone. It's not really important if you "succeed", what really matters is that you tried. Or apple'd. Or something. In all seriousness, that first effort is tremendously difficult and oh so very important, so I'm thrilled as all get out to see so many names I don't recognize from previous years. And to you returners, welcome back! Every single one of you is amazing, and I'm proud to see you here at the start. 14 more days to go! We've kicked things off with a bang, with 709 entries racing right out of the gate. Wow! Let's see how well we can keep up the pace! For a look at the gallery, check right here! Peruse, be amazed, and above all, comment comment comment! Your fellow artists need comments to breathe!

    On a more serious and technical note, I'm sad to say I've had to remove a fair number of entries this year. We don't discriminate for art styles or mediums, you can make whatever you want, but please, please, please actually make something specific for the event. That means don't submit old drawings you have lying around, and don't send me pony creator entries. You can do better. And you will.

    Today's prize pack comes from IDW, who are determined to break some sort of record for craziest giveaway. Entry in today's prompt will give you a chance to win the IDW MLP Treasure Box, featuring all of the cool swag you see above you. We are incredibly grateful to them for their generosity, and hope it spurs you onwards!

    Speaking of onwards, you guys need a prompt, and you need it right now. There's a method to the madness here, and a madness to the method. While day 1 gets you acclimated to the idea of drawing the body in the first place, Day 2 introduces you to the concept of motion. How does the body work when it's moving? What changes? How do you even convey motion? Your homework is to think about it. Don't feel bad for keeping it simple if you have to, sometimes the simplest idea is best. With that in mind, tonight: Draw a pony movin'/Draw a pony groovin'. Run with it however you see fit.

    Submit all entires here by December 3 at 9 PM Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7). That's 24 hours from the initial time of this posting. Remember, there's a few hours of wiggle room on the end so don't worry if you're slightly late. We're still here, and we'll still accept you.

  • Funko Celestia Removed From Hot Topic Store - Delayed Shipments Probably to Blame

    If you are like me, you ordered a pair of Funko Celestia and Luna figures a few weeks ago when they first popped up. You also probably wonder where your toys are at! Luckily we may have an explanation. A few people called in worried their ponies were lost (especially after recieving emails asking to review them), but it looks like the shipment was simply delayed.  One of our submitters, Joe, noted that customer service said they would start being sent out today. 

    Looking over at my Order Status on the main Hot Topic website, this is probably the case.  Yesterday it was listed as "fulfilling", and today I have a "shipped".  Hopefully both of them arrive soon!

    Expect reviews of one or both, depending on when they arrive.

    (Update: Luna has started appearing in stores!)

    Thanks to Marguerite for the heads up. 


  • Nightly Discussion #188

    That's what happens when you ask for help sometimes Fluttershy, you end up not getting exactly what you thought you would.

    Evening guys! Feeling great after having a lovely burrito and I am in full potato mode. Hope you all are having just as good an evening.

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  • Drawfriend Stuff #1367

    30% of you will groan at this image, the other 70% will daww and nostalgia.  Which category do you fall into? How does My Little Dashie effect you?

    Get the art tornado below!

    [1] Source
    Free Pony

  • 1KRT Get: Lena Hall's Season 5 Recording Video

    Hey, if you drew this, could you let us know this was yours?

    At some level, I have to wonder if we're shaming the memory of Pavlov's dog like this. Would he have jumped so high for so sumptuous a morsel? I'm pretty sure there is a non-zero number of you out there who could slap together a flash musical at Hot Topic if the Powers That Be demanded their due in song and dance and various stages of public nudity.

    Actually, I'm sure there's a Vine or two in there. Get on it, bronies!

    Oh, and get on the goods Lena promised earlier today below the break! I wonder how big a role her voicing's gonna play this season, considering she was already in for another recording session in October!

  • MLP: CCG The Crystal Games - Dev Team Favorites!

    No matter if you choose your favorite cards because the game text wins you matches, or because the card has an awesome picture of Shining Armor throwing his wife, EVERYONE has favorite cards in the CCGs they play.

    We brave few on the development team have favorites, too, and sometimes we pick those favorites even before the card is more than a row in a spreadsheet! (Personally, I wait for the pretty pictures.)

    Check out the My Little Pony CCG dev team's favorite cards from the brand new The Crystal Games expansion below the break. And don't forget, booster packs are in stores on December 5th!
  • Exclusive Khols Pony Set with Star Dreams Filly Brushable For All You Collectors Out There

    I've been told by a few people that the filly included in this Rainbow Dash and Rarity Spa Pony Set is something alot of people are looking for.  Khols currently has this as an exclusive if you fall into that category.  Head on over here to pick one up! It looks like it's on sale for 5 bucks off. 
  • Season 4 DVD Officially Releases on Amazon!

    While I still wonder where the Blu-rays are at over here,  the season four DVD has finally dropped today.  Extended features include:

    -San Diego Comic con 2014 Panel

    And of course, every single episode is included from the fourth season.  Expect a whopping 600 minutes of glorious pony. You can grab it over here.

    Thanks to everyone for sending reminders in!
  • Story: A Psalm of Life

    [Slice of Life][Sad]

    Author: Cynewulf

    Description: Poets Corner, the proprietor of the popular hangout Corner Books and unofficial poet laureate of Ponyville, has died of natural causes. His wife disappears, unwilling to bear the burden of his death and what it means. With the town in disarray over the recent flooding, very few ponies even bother to attend. Twilight and Rarity, however, are there, and Rarity soon finds that she cannot shake her friend's last admonition.

    A Psalm of Life

    Additional Tags: The True Tao is Unspoken
  • Spotlight Music: Flutter Heart / Honest

    We are taking a break from vocals for this post, with some instrumentals. Expect acoustic Fluttershy focused music in the first slot, and then go UNLEASH THE BEAST with some trap in the second. How Applejack relates to that, I have no idea.  I suddenly have the odd image of her twerking though, which I need to get rid of. Get both below!

    1.) Flutter Heart (Fluttershy's Theme) by EnergyBrony (Instrumental - Acoustic)
    2.) [Trap] Honest (Instrumental - Trap)

  • Poll Results: What Creative Piece of the Fandom Do You Like Most?

    The poll results are in! It looks like art pulled out on top in this one, though everything was pretty close overall.  I actually expected comic to be a bit higher, considering how popular those posts tend to be here.  I guess they would fall into art though wouldn't they? If we aren't using the EQD categories at least.

    I see 22% of you are primarily into the music scene. You all should totally comment more.  Give those musicians some feedback and praise!

    On with the next poll. Time to see how many of you would quit the fandom if your favorite pony suddenly had a favorite suitor:

    Hypothetical: Season 5 has a Running Theme of "Hook the Mane 6 Up with boyfriends/girlfriends"! How would you React?

    Hit it up on the side bar!

    And get the results of the previous poll below the break.

  • Retweets Needed! Video from Season 5 Recording Session with Lena Hall!

    About two hours ago, Tony Award-winning Broadway actress Lena Hall dropped this little tidbit on Twitter.

    Why are you still here? Curious about what just went down in those mysterious Van City recording booths? Head over here and get her those thousand regoats retweets!
  • Spotlight Music: Broken Tears / Staricorn

    Time for some of that vocally electronic goodness.  Twilight Sparkle is getting boatload of love, expect a lot of that.

    Now go! Listen to things! Comment and like and do all that other stuff too, slackers.

    1.) Mogul Dash - Broken Tears (ft. FritzyBeat) (Vocal - Electronic)
    2.) PonyFireStone- Staricon (Academy Of Power) (Vocal - Drum and Bass)

  • Comic: Friendship is Magic 6 / PreCMC 17 / ASR: Crystal Empire 2 / End of a Generation 9 / Find Yourself 80 / Glimpse 2

    Looks like the massive anime version of Friendship is Magic has updated! Make sure to click for full my friends.

    All updates today guys. Click for full!

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  • Early Morning Discussion #52

    I wonder how Rarity acted when Sweetie Belle was born. Think she was an excited big sister or whined and complained about the new addition?

    Morning guys! Time for a chat!

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