• Poll Results: What Creative Piece of the Fandom Do You Like Most?

    The poll results are in! It looks like art pulled out on top in this one, though everything was pretty close overall.  I actually expected comic to be a bit higher, considering how popular those posts tend to be here.  I guess they would fall into art though wouldn't they? If we aren't using the EQD categories at least.

    I see 22% of you are primarily into the music scene. You all should totally comment more.  Give those musicians some feedback and praise!

    On with the next poll. Time to see how many of you would quit the fandom if your favorite pony suddenly had a favorite suitor:

    Hypothetical: Season 5 has a Running Theme of "Hook the Mane 6 Up with boyfriends/girlfriends"! How would you React?

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    And get the results of the previous poll below the break.