• Funko Celestia Removed From Hot Topic Store - Delayed Shipments Probably to Blame

    If you are like me, you ordered a pair of Funko Celestia and Luna figures a few weeks ago when they first popped up. You also probably wonder where your toys are at! Luckily we may have an explanation. A few people called in worried their ponies were lost (especially after recieving emails asking to review them), but it looks like the shipment was simply delayed.  One of our submitters, Joe, noted that customer service said they would start being sent out today. 

    Looking over at my Order Status on the main Hot Topic website, this is probably the case.  Yesterday it was listed as "fulfilling", and today I have a "shipped".  Hopefully both of them arrive soon!

    Expect reviews of one or both, depending on when they arrive.

    (Update: Luna has started appearing in stores!)

    Thanks to Marguerite for the heads up.