• Nightly Roundup #1238

    Flitter lost that ghetto Nightly Discussion poll the other day,
    So I felt bad and figured we'd give her a place among the creme of the hay.

    Yeah, her sister looks like the party girl type,
    but look how cute Flitter is! Top Mare! Get Hype!

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  • Simple PMV Compilation #138

    I bet Fluttershy is a hardcore punk rock fan.
    She rebels against her parents, joins an earth pony clan

    Get some Simple PMV's after the break down below.
    I can't wait for this day to end, as I have absolutely no flow.

  • PowerPuff Ponies

    One would think ponifications of popular things
    Would be much more common with the traffic it brings
    But Youtubers are slacking in the art of hoofification
    It took almost five years to see a Power Puff creation

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  • Nightly Discussion #465

    Would you watch an entire series about alicorn Minuette?
    Why doesn't anything rhyme with an amazing name like Minuette?

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  • Equestria Daily Interview Series: Interview with IDW Writer Christina Rice

    Decade: 1930s. City: Los Angeles. Neighborhood: Hollywood! There are very few places and times in history that would love to take a trip back in time to visit, but that place and that decade tops the list. Unfortunately, time travel is restricted for old men with either Blue Police Call Boxes or a sports car from 1983 with gullwing doors.

    Fortunately, the next best thing is sitting down and chatting with a film history buff. Which is exactly what I had the distinct honor of doing when I interviewed IDW MLP Comic Writer Christina Rice!

    Christina was kind enough to take time out of a very rare Saturday day off to talk about her comics, her book on Hollywood’s forgotten rebel, and how she went from Biographer to Comic Writer.

    You can check out the whole interview after the break!
  • Comic: Expectation Vs. Reality / Rainception / The Return of Insanity / Perception / Constellation #15-16

    Pony romance has it's own issues
    Where bumped noses lead to a need for tissues.


  • Drawfriend Stuff #1643 - CYBER Horse

    How far does pony technology go?
    Are cybernetic horses a challenging foe?
    Will we ever see an exapnsion on Apple Bloom's bug vaccuum?
    Or is it tucked away in a hidden section of Celestia's back room?

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    [1] Source

    Commission: Iron within by bakki

  • Story Updates - September 6th

    Story updates! Only three today. I blame you all for not updating more! Slackers.

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  • Editorial: Subjectivity Versus Objectivity (What is True Vs What I'd Like to be True)

    We’ve all heard it before. “That’s subjective”. Those two words are usually used to end or win a disagreement, and I’m increasingly seeing “subjectivity” and “objectivity” either being misused or labeled as the incorrect and correct way to engage within an argument. As if there’s only one way to debate or speak.

    Such a topic is inevitable, but I feel this would be a good moment to lay all of my cards on the table. I have seen discussions squashed too many times by the defense of a disagreement being someone’s opinion, and I’d like to talk about why that is the (often incorrect) go-to reaction. Let's talk about objectivity and subjectivity after the break.

  • EQLA Lauren Faust Panel Coverage!

    When the world exploded out of awesome out of merely having these two geniuses in the same room years ago, once again the prophecy was fulfilled. M.A. Larson interviewed Lauren Faust at Equestria LA today, in a panel that was filled to the brim with fans. Faust stepped up to the panel to a cacophony of applause and a standing ovation. However, M.A. Larson was here to have an interview, and what a ground-breaking of an interview it was.

    This was the first con that Lauren had went to in years, back to the first EQLA when the crowd once again stood up in respect for the woman who gave us such an excellent show. Now that it is three years later and the dust has settled, it is time to confront some harsh truths and bring closure to questions that have remained since her departure. Questions such as "How do you move onto another project after MLP" and "How do you think the fandom feels about you¨ were answered, and they are after the break.
  • Rupert Grint Continues the Pony Love

    We've posted Rupert Grint, whom you may recognize for his role in Harry Potter, once before with a pony shirt. A lot of you thought it may have been a one-off gag though. Tara Strong decided to find out at Fan Expo in Canada. It's looking like this dude really has joined the herd. Best post-Harry Potter era actor? I'd say so.

    Thanks to Evie, Dennis, and everyone else for sending it!

  • Mentally Advanced Series: Episode -10

    Ponies tend to lose their sanity
    Something that happens a lot with Rarity's vanity.
    That's what this series originally implies
    But I can tell you , the title is lies

  • Animation: Skating Grace

    Equestria Girls and skating.
    Their wiggly fingers that I'm hating
    Hooves would surely raise the rating.
    But it's weird if you think of dating,
    A cartoon equine with goals of mating.

  • It's Talk Like Zecora Day!

    We may have been a day or two late,
    But do not fret, top zebra can wait.
    When living in the jungle with nature all around,
    Nopony can stop her, with rhymes she is crowned

    Take some free time today,
    Celebrate this deity of the mic.
    If you can't bring yourself to rhyme,
    Then walk away,  take a hike.

    It doesn't matter if you switch up your styles every time.
    Zecora appreciates them all, anypony that can rhyme!

    Now go! Do not disappoint her! Match those words and come play!
    Rejoice my minions! For it is Talk Like Zecora Day!

  • Early Morning Discussion #287

    Were you happy with Octavia's official canon accent? I loved it, but I love anything Octavia.

    Or discuss whatever below.

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds V - Final Gallery

    Hey everybody, it's Phoe again. Congratulations to all of you on making it to the end of another installment of the Newbie Artist Training Grounds. Some of you came into this brand new. A lot of you I recognize from past events. All of you did fantastic work, despite all of the time crunches, despite the lack of warning on our part, and despite a lack of fancy prizes. Whether you submitted for all fifteen days, or for a few of them, or even if today was your very first submission, I want you to know that I'm extremely proud of you. Being willing to commit to trying art or improving at it in a public venue takes extreme courage, and you all deserve more praise and hugs than I could ever possibly give to you. You've done well. You've done so well. Congratulations!

    As the NATG packs up its tents and steals off into the desert, you've given us a wonderful gift of one final gallery revisiting all of your past work. Our submission total for tonight hit 133 images, for a grand event total of 2853 ponies and pony accessories. Think about that for a minute. You could fill multiple art books with nothing but the work from this event.

    I want to take this time to give a very special thank you to Calpain, who has always done his best to help me run this event when it gets too tough for one little pony to handle, but was especially instrumental in making this edition happen. He's done a stupendous job stewarding the Training Grounds this summer and without his hard work and energy, none of this would have even happened. Please take an extra second or two out of your days to give him a thank you, because he's the one who brought us all together this time.

    Of course, every journey has to come to an end eventually, and this one is no exception. As fun as getting prompts every night can be, what we do here is pretty limited in scope and after a while all we'd do is hold you back. I hope with all of my heart that you've learned that you have what it takes to master art, and I hope that each and every one of you keeps at it beyond the boundaries of the NATG. Earlier today, somebody told me not everyone can be an artist. That is absolutely untrue. There are only two things you need to be a great artist: a desire to improve, and a willingness to try. If you've got these things in you (and I know you do), then somewhere down this long and winding path, you're going to find success. On that day, turn around and look behind you. You'll never believe just how far you'll have come!

    Now, for one last time, let's dip below the page break and enjoy all of your wonderful artwork: