• Nightly Roundup #701

    When pictures give Discord a more maniacal bent he ends up looking really cool or like a Batman villain or, um, something. Anyhow, he looks pretty dang cool all the same I've got to say when he is done in this sort of style.

    Much more in the way of news tonight everyone, check it out after the break! Also how are you liking the earlier Roundups? Let me know down below!

  • Comic: Buck to the Future / The Problem With Big Ears / The Gift

    Hopefully next season we get to see some more of Rainbow Dash's family and maybe even Scoot's for that matter, though her being an orphan does put a tragic twist on her tale that could be interesting if done right.

    Anyhow, more comics! Click for full.

  • Convention Compilation: July 1st

    Rarity is the queen of convention compilations tonight it seems! Another short one tonight as we have some time sensitive material to share once again. Check them out after the break!
    • BronyCAN Canada Day Announcements
    • EFNW - Closer Look at Project Elemental charity Piece
    • Advertise in BronyCAN Con Book 
  • Exhibitors Adding EqG Showings

    Considering the number of successful EqG meetup reports we've been getting this isn't exactly surprising. According to both Yahoo and Daily Markets, consumer demand to see the movie has been great enough that showing are being expanded at theaters. Good for those of you still wanting to catch the movie in theaters, but can't due to it being limited to odd times (the theater I went to only showed it at noon). Hopefully this will make scheduling meetups to go see it a little easier which seems to be the funnest way of seeing the movie if the meetup reports are correct!

    Thanks to everyone who sent it in!
  • Everfree Northwest Announces Raven Molisee!

    Looks like Everfree Northwest has one last big announcement before kicking things off this week! Raven Molisee, one of FiM's and EQG's awesome storyboarders is going to be joining the events this weekend. Glad to have you there, Raven! Check out the press release after the break for the full scoop.

  • Poll Results: Oldschool Pony - Which One should Come to FiM?

    I completely forgot to post these results!  Prior to zombies taking over the world, we were voting on old school ponies you would like to see in FiM.  It looks like Firefly won this round.  We can probably thank Lauren Faust for that one.

    Sticking with zombies for a bit longer, even if Luna looks to be dominating yet again.  Make a pony completely useless all day and she still is picked for best zombie apocalypse companion! My next poll is going to be "who is the worst pony", and Luna will be in it.  What will you do then?   Can you handle her losing a poll?
  • Japan Time! - Suited for Success

    It's Monday, which means pony is airing again in Japan.  Will they slack off and use the English song in Suited for Success like they did for Winter Wrap Up?  I'm going to lean toward yes, but who knows!  At least we get to see Rarity freak out. This episode marked the first time Rarity joined my top 3 best pony list, even if it was only temporary.

    Anyway, hit the player up below the break.

  • Comic: Well Wisher / Royal Duties / A Rare Flavor

    Belly rubs, twilacorns,a nd spa stuff.  It's comic time.  Click for full!

  • Spotlight Music: The L-Train - Rainbow Factory / For Twilight (Trixie's Song)

    Technically we don't take Rainbow Factory remixes anymore.  I blame the massive tsumani of them that have flooded our inbox ever since it's release.  This one is awesome though, so go listen to it!

    And if you like Trixie, have a ballad revolving around her after that, parody style.  Hit them both up below the break!

    1.) The L-Train - Rainbow Factory
    2.) For Twilight (Trixie's Song) [parody of "For Emily" by Simon and Garfunkel]

  • SFM/Simple Animation: Always With You / Trixie Dance

    Simple yet deep, that's the best way to describe the SFM animation in slot #1. As for the second, it's pretty much an extention/completed version of that Trixie I dropped the other day. She needed disco lights and a companion though, so lets roll with it.

    Click the images or go hit them up below the break.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #851

    I'd kill for some wings right about now. 

    Onward to art while I go get some!

    [1] Source
    Flight of the Alicorn

  • EQD Mobile Apps Updated to 1.1.2

    Salut! Cereal here with a small update about our mobile apps. As of this post the iOS version is not live. Waiting on Apple. Android is live, though.

    Graduation is always a busy time for college students, so our mobile developer has been a little preoccupied (I feel his pain!)- nevertheless, he's pushed a set of bug fixes and updates for both versions of the app. The iOS version has received some formatting fixes and improvements to the way bulk downloads of Drawfriend images are handled. Both apps have added a new menu that contains the EQD Poll, Staff, Submit and Privacy Policy information.

    Some stuff that's still in the works includes support for the upcoming iOS 7, Windows Phone 8 (which I am told is waiting on the Blogger team for proper support, but we're thinking of you guys), and support for downloading images of all types of posts, not just Drawfriend and Wallpaper posts. We're also considering the use of the in-app purchasing system for removing ads. We feel weird asking for money under any circumstances, since we're running just fine with ad support, but we got requests for this feature. What do you guys think? It's up to you.

    That's all! The complete changelogs follow.

    • Added new menu that contains the EQD Poll, Staff, Submit and Privacy Policy information
    • Other minor bugfixes
      • Added new menu that contains the EQD Poll, Staff, Submit and Privacy Policy information
      • Fixed spacing for longer titles in post list
      • Improved Drawfriend and Wallpaper image downloading process
      • Opening other EQD posts from hyperlinks inside the app should work properly now
      • Other minor bugfixes


        Lets start with something random today.  I'm in the random mood.  That poor pink Celestia is never going to escape those awful lines. 

      • Story Updates - July 1st

        Story updates! Super early edition.  Find them all below. 

      • BUCK Announces Michelle Creber!

        BUCK keeps getting bigger and bigger as they are now pleased to announce the attendance of Michelle Creber! She will be partaking in the weekend concert and is sure to be a blast to see perform live. Check out the full details of her visit after the break.