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    One more episode until the Twipocalypse! Or so they say. Anyway, time to watch Cadance get all frazzled about this "Equestria Games" event. Sounds important. I hope Spitfire makes an appearance...

  • Nightly Roundup #577

    A good friend is a friend that sticks by you despite your flaws, despite the errors you make, and despite the number of times they raid your fridge. The best of friends are the ones that understand that and smile at the end of the day at things that make them gladly call that person friend.

    News time you guys! Ready for it?

  • Comic: Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight

    Click for full!
    Panka Pa- Ponkie- Party Pin- Twilight Sparkle and her friend are back with another goodnight message!

    Click the image to see it!

  • Clarification of Documentary Production Shutdown

    Michael Brockhoff has sent a clarification update to all of the backers on Kickstarter regarding the shutdown of production of bonus material after rampant piracy of the film. In essence- people who pledged enough to receive the extended interviews will be getting those as soon as those assets are sent to the disk printers, and, according to Michael, he "want[ed] to make it clear that we did not call all Bronies pirates."

    He also speaks on the topic of the final Kickstarter budget, and the funds associated with all the materials produced.

    The full text is after the break.

  • Trading Card Set #2 Pre-Orders Available on Enterplay Store

    Enterplay has tossed the season two trading cards up over at their website shop for pre-order.   You can choose between a three pack for $5.97, or a booster box of 30 for $59.70 currently.  Hope you guys get the cards you want! Find the store here.

    Thanks to Selene for the heads up!
  • Fighting is Magic Receives Cease & Desist from Hasbro

    As per a note on Mane6's website, the team behind Fighting is Magic- the in-development, non-profit fighting game based on Friendship is Magic- has received a cease and desist letter from Hasbro's lawyers.

    According to the site's blog post, various legal measures have been considered and enacted, but for now the team must comply with the order. As such, production has been shut down indefinitely. A staff member of Mane6 has also resigned from the project, effective immediately.

    You can find the blog post here.

    EDIT: For those interested, Lauren Faust has something to say on the issue.

  • Get Glue "Games Ponies Play" Sticker

    This weeks sticker is now available over on Get Glue.  If you want to add it to your collection, hit their website up here and check in!
  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask High School Cadance / Ask The Night Guards / A Pony a Day

    Hey there guys! Welcome again to another edition of the Tumblr Spotlight! Today we have an interesting variety of tumblrs for you all to check out, starring everything from Cadance, the Night Guards, and even a tumblr for you all out there seeking a hand drawn version of your OC. As always, thanks for your patience between editions of the spotlight. Life has been busy for me lately and only now have things started to calm down a fair bit.

    As always, you can send Tumblr suggestions to me at [email protected] Don't be afraid to suggest your own tumblr or an OC tumblr! If it is good we'll consider it. Now on to those tumblrs!

    Ask High School Cadance

    A relatively new tumblr that has been gaining popularity lately is Ask High School Cadance. Taking place during Cadance's teenage years, the tumblr follows her life as a high school student and the ordeals she has to face (not to mention her crush on a certain somepony). Cadance can hardly be more adorable in this wonderful little tumblr! Filled with laughs, fantastic art, and even animated panels you're sure to fall in love with this little gem.

    Ask High School Cadance - Current Page

  • Dynamic Forces #4 Variant Revealed

    Dynamic Forces has released their new variant for the upcoming 4th installment of the pony comic.  If you want a copy, head on over here to pick it up!

    I have to say, its one of the more awesome covers we have seen so far!  I wonder what non-pony fans think when they see stuff like this? 

    Thanks to Kein for the link! 
  • Forbidden Planet Adds Tons of Pony Stuff for Europe

    It looks like all you European fans might get a bit of love in a few weeks here.  Forbidden Planet has tossed a whole bunch of merch up for you guys.  The best part? Cheap shipping! No longer will you need to drop 30 bucks for a Rainbow Dash and Derpy from Hot Topic. 

    Head on over here to check it all out!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #710

    Ive always been a sucker for epic skies in art.  Something about moons and stars makes me want to drop everything and go get a degree in astro physics or something.

    Onward to art! 

    [1] Source
    Pale Horse Fanfic Cover

  • Princess Sparkle Toy

    The My Little Pony Facebook page has begun tossing out teasers for the upcoming Toy Fair, starting with this Twilight Sparkle from their new Crystal lineup.

    Head on over here to comment on it!

  • Editorial: EQD, Quality Control, Pony Fame, Fandom Evolution and You!

    It's time for another one of those good old fashioned EQD editorials! 

    As the fandom continues to evolve, and EQD changes along with it, I wanted to give a broad idea of what exactly goes on behind the scenes.

    Included in this neat little editorial here is a simple explanation on why this site filters things, along with a bit of opinion on what makes each piece of content popular.  Head on down past the break, and become enlightened on the inner-workings of the blog!

    (Or just toss your favorite art/fanfic/media thing in the comments if you aren't in the mood to read. All are welcome!)

  • Entertainment Weekly: Games Ponies Play Clip

    As is the norm, Entertainment Weekly has released their exclusive clip of Games Ponies Play.  You know the drill! Head on over here to check it out!

    Thanks to Kein for the heads up! 

    And image after the break of course!

  • TV Pony Movie on the Way

    Over at the Toy Faire 2013 Investor Relations event, it looks like a bit of information is coming out relating to a TV release pony movie is popping up.  Have  a quote:
    Whoa! Mr. Frascotti acknowledged “Bronies”; thanked them for being great fans. My Little Pony TV Movie announced. He also mentioned that there will be a New IP for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. This new IP is for Older Girls; Teenage and above. The name of the IP will be revealed at a special “Pink Carpet Event” at San Diego Comic Con 2013. My best guess is that this is the rumored “Equestria Girls” trademark.
     I guess we won't find out everything about it for a while here, though knowing pony, something is bound to pop up eventually!

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in.

    (Update) Have a slideshow. (or here)

    (Update) Head on down below the break for the audio version from the actual announcement!

  • Comic: Background Pony / Trixie Wins Again / Friendship Lessons for Adults / Good Wizard Meets...

    We start this one off with another giant multi-parter, this time dedicated to Lyra.  Hit the description on it for the further pages!

    And in the last few slots, we have a bit of Trixie being ridiculous, fandoms being explained, and an animated Twilight/Trixie comic that has confused all of us... Click for full!

  • Gameloft Pony Game Adds a Bunch of Ponies - Dr. Hooves Timelordified

    Another set of new ponies have been added to the gameloft game.  Have a list: 

    Apple Cobbler (100 hearts)
    Flashy Pony (Balloon Game)
    Crescent Pony (28800 bits)
    Lovestruck (600 gems)
    Featherweight (200 gems)
    Apple Fritter (17600 bits)
    Uncle Orange (80 hearts)

    Along with that, Timeturner has had a name change to Dr. Hooves,  some valentines day themes were added, and the game's icon was changed to Rainbow Dash. 

    I don't know who some of those are, but they are totally available!

    Thanks to ajnrules, Jrrhack, and  everyone else for the heads up!

    Timey Wimey you say?

  • Marathons and Streams Today!

    Luna looks worried! You better go take her to see a movie or something. 

    Yeah that was kinda dumb, I needed to use that image for something though, shes cute.

    Have some marathons and streams below the break!

  • Spotlight Music: Allons-Y / Adventures in the Crystal Empire

    I was just telling some people on Skype that we needed a Doctor Whooves style pony track, and out of nowhere this shows up in the submit box.  Feather and Sim Gretina have teamed up on an epic new track dedicated to the timelord himself! I guess it could technically be considered more of a Doctor Who fandom piece, but I'm not complaining.

    And in the second slot, we have another one of those epic orchestral tracks from Orchestral Design dedicated to the Crystal Empire.  

    Head on down below the break for both!

    1.) Sim Gretina & Feather - Allons-y
    2.) Adventures in The Crystal Empire

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  • Nightly Roundup #576

    It must be wonderful to be a pegasus. Soaring through the sky without a care in the world, the wind in your face as you gaze out at the beauty around you and finally crashing in a comfy cloud to take a nice summer afternoon nap. Sounds perfect to me.

    News time guys! Check it out after the break.