• Gameloft Pony Game Adds a Bunch of Ponies - Dr. Hooves Timelordified

    Another set of new ponies have been added to the gameloft game.  Have a list: 

    Apple Cobbler (100 hearts)
    Flashy Pony (Balloon Game)
    Crescent Pony (28800 bits)
    Lovestruck (600 gems)
    Featherweight (200 gems)
    Apple Fritter (17600 bits)
    Uncle Orange (80 hearts)

    Along with that, Timeturner has had a name change to Dr. Hooves,  some valentines day themes were added, and the game's icon was changed to Rainbow Dash. 

    I don't know who some of those are, but they are totally available!

    Thanks to ajnrules, Jrrhack, and  everyone else for the heads up!

    Timey Wimey you say?

    Hearts and Hooves decor items after the break!

    Double Heart Tree (6400 bits)
    Single Heart Tree (1600 bits)
    Triple Heart Tree (3 gems)
    Romantic Gate (88000 bits)
    Heart Fountain (60 gems)
    Love Potion (24400 bits)
    Heart Pillar (35 gems)
    Romantic Fountain (33200 bits)
    Small Romantic Vase (3000 bits)
    Large Romantic Vase (5 gems)
    Red Heart Flags (10 gems)
    Yellow Heart Flags (4000 bits)
    Small Rose Bush (1120 bits)
    Large Rose Bush (4880 bits)
    Heart Rug (9600 bits)
    Heart Stone (12000 bits)
    Romantic Couch (17200 bits)
    Table for Two (32000 bits)
    Romantic Gazebo (30 gems)
    Heart Shrub (2 gems)