• Tumblr Spotlight: Ask High School Cadance / Ask The Night Guards / A Pony a Day

    Hey there guys! Welcome again to another edition of the Tumblr Spotlight! Today we have an interesting variety of tumblrs for you all to check out, starring everything from Cadance, the Night Guards, and even a tumblr for you all out there seeking a hand drawn version of your OC. As always, thanks for your patience between editions of the spotlight. Life has been busy for me lately and only now have things started to calm down a fair bit.

    As always, you can send Tumblr suggestions to me at [email protected] Don't be afraid to suggest your own tumblr or an OC tumblr! If it is good we'll consider it. Now on to those tumblrs!

    Ask High School Cadance

    A relatively new tumblr that has been gaining popularity lately is Ask High School Cadance. Taking place during Cadance's teenage years, the tumblr follows her life as a high school student and the ordeals she has to face (not to mention her crush on a certain somepony). Cadance can hardly be more adorable in this wonderful little tumblr! Filled with laughs, fantastic art, and even animated panels you're sure to fall in love with this little gem.

    Ask High School Cadance - Current Page

    Ask The Night Guards

    Ever wondered what the life of one of Luna's Night Guards must be like? Sick of Celestia's Royal Guard hogging all the limelight? If you answered yes to any of those questions you might be interested in taking a look at Ask The Night Guards, a rare tumblr starring none other than Luna's Night Guards! Following the lives of guard ponies Adamant and Westwood, these two get into all sorts of adventures and trouble during their duties, promising to generate a smile. Certainly a fun read for you bat pony or Night Guard fans!

    Ask The Night Guards - Current Page - First Page

    A Pony a Day

    Thanks to the creation of various pony creators out there everyone who wants an OC can easily create any pony they desire, fiddling with all sorts of attributes and characteristics to their heart's content! Unfortunately it isn't as easy to get a drawn version of one's OC and due to the demand many artists charge to have your OC drawn. Though through the efforts of a trio of generous artists that demand is slowly being fulfilled one pony picture at a time. A Pony a Day is a tumblr that accepts the requests of visitors to have their pony drawn by one of the three talented artists on their site, hopefully posting at least one newly completed pony a day. Certainly give them a look if you're eager to get your pony it's own official hand drawn image!

    A Pony a Day - Current Page

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