• Nightly Roundup #805

    Peewee! I'm pretty sure he has never had any time in the spotlight that's for sure. Well, have some time for yourself little guy. You've earned it!

    News time folks! Check it after the break!

  • Music of the Day #206

    A bat pony, finally! Have 15 songs to go with her.  Bat ponies always make these posts way more fun to make.

  • Higher Quality Version of Yesterday's Season 4 Promo

    A bit of minor stuff for you all tonight. A higher quality version of that cam ripped promo posted yesterday has popped up on Youtube.  It's not HD, but it's at least much smoother.  Get it down below the break!

    I challenge you all to make a PMV with this.

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Colgate Answers / Learned Big Mac / Twilight the Draconnequus / NoPony Ask Mclovin

    Welcome once again my fellow tumblrnauts to another edition of the Tumblr Spotlight! Hope you're all doing well and ready to dive into a unique set of tumblrs we have for you today. So let's get cracking, shall we?

    As always, if you have a tumblr you would like to share, whether it is your own or someone elses, please make sure to send it my way at calpain@equestriadaily.com or my Twitter for review and filing. Mature themed ones (PG-13) are welcome as well!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #967

    It's almost Halloween, so have a creepy Luna in a mask.  At least I think that's a mask.  That's a mask right?

    Uhh, anyway go get some art.

    [1] Source
    Dia de los caballos muertos

  • Story Updates - October 27th

    Story Updates! Get three below.

  • 40/66 Days of Pony - The Last Rounderp

    Derpy had become a staple in the find-the-easter-egg game people played when a new episode was aired. She usually wasn't difficult to spot, and it was a joy when you did- the show staff apparently loved her as much as we did, and almost everyone enjoyed the subtle nods, but it was always exactly that: subtle. This episode completely broke that practice by including a fully animated and voiced version of Derpy, played by none other than Tabitha St. Germain, to start the plot train rolling for Applejack's trip away from Ponyville.

    The reaction was instantaneous and incredible. Rooms streaming the episode were flooded with people wondering if they had indeed heard Rainbow Dash pronounce that name correctly. Whatever else happened episode-wise in the few minutes after that was lost in the excitement.

    What happened in the days after is still disputed. As far as we are aware, an undetermined source contacted The Hub with the complaint that Derpy's portrayal in her scene was offensive to those with mental disabilities. This claim was made in spite of the fact that the episode's writer, Amy Keating Rogers, has a son who is similarly disabled, and is an advocate for the disabled. Regardless, the episode was promptly pulled from the iTunes repository and only reappeared some time later with an edited version of that scene to remove the mention of Derpy's name, to change her voice, and to correct her cross-eyed appearance.

    Despite the fallout stemming from her first- and likely last- scene, Derpy Hooves has since been fully embraced by companies contracted by Hasbro to produce merchandise for the show. Far from being erased from history, the grey pegasus lives on in trading cards, vinyl figures, and clothing. She even made several (tiny) cameos in the finale of season three. News of her death, it appears, has been greatly exaggerated.

    Be sure to catch The Last Rounderp, in its unedited original form, after the break.

  • Game: Canterlot Siege 2

    The background ponies have hopped on in this version of Canterlot Defense.  For those that played the old one, it's a path style Tower Defense game with multiple unis capable of doing various effects.  Added in this one are super abilities and buff ponies that make other towers stronger.  Head on over to Futzi01's Deviant Art to play it!

    (Bonbon is ridiculous)

  • 5 Things We Want to See in Season 4

    With season 4 just a few weeks away, and hype hitting an all time high after this massive pony drought, there are a lot of expectations for our favorite characters in the coming season.  In the last 8 months, things have slowed down to a crawl, but that doesn't mean a ton of significant things and fandom shifting events didn't happen.  We saw a huge rise in fanfiction, a bunch of homebrew animations, and while art, music, and video have taken a huge dive with the lack of new characters to draw and songs to remix, the really good stuff had a ton of room to breathe without the swarm bearing down on it.

    So without further adieu, I give you our top 5 things we want to see in season 4, completely spoiler free!  Check them out below the break, and feel free to drop yours in the comments. 

  • Fallout Equestria Radio Play Premiere 7:00 PM EST

    After a long wait, the radio play of FOE is finally here!

    In 2011, a new fanfiction was introduced to the brony community. Crossing the saccharine world of ponies with the brutality of the Fallout universe, it was unlike anything anyone had read before.

    By the story’s completion that same year, it had spawned an entire new branch of the fandom, inspiring a number of fanfics based in the same continuity. And now comes a contribution to bronies everywhere from the Equestrian Broadcasting Company, taking the wondrous world of this fanfiction and bringing it to life in the form of a radio play.

    Welcome to the first episode of the radio play adaptation of “Fallout: Equestria”.


    Click on the tab below titled "Fillydelphia Radio" under "Radio Stations" and it will automatically connect to the stream.

    Click on the "Tune In" tab at the top at 7PM to listen in!
    Check after the break from a note from the director.

  • Comic: The Town Pt 11 / What!? / Shadow Luna

    All of these Animal Crossing comics just makes me want to dive into the game even more. Unfortunately doing so would probably make me a hermit, wasted away with a 3DS in my hand because I forgot to eat.

    Anyhow, comics folks! Click for full!

  • Story: Over the Hills and Far Away (New Part 5!)


    Author: Yipyapper
    Description: A mysterious stallion wielding incredible powers, with the help of mystical devices from Starswirl The Bearded's era, plunges Equestria into the pre-classical age—a place in time where questing and adventuring is first and foremost. The magical effects at play give the Cutie Mark Crusaders—unwittingly having helped the stallion usher in the change—a new world, new abilities and a new challenge to overcome, all while playing a crucial part in an ancient conflict as they fend for their lives.
    Over the Hills and Far Away (New Part 5!)

    Additional Tags: Aliquatenus And An Adventure Awaits!

  • Ponies Around the World Day 3

    The final day of Ponies Around the World has arrived, with 158 images to end it! I'd like to thank everyone for having fun with it.  Hopefully bringing a pony along on your vacations or trips to all these landmarks made them even better. 

    Assuming nothing explodes by next year, expect it again! If you end up in some remote location with a Funko figure or Build a Bear plushie by your side, be sure to snap a photo for it!

    Onward to ponies around the world day 3! Get it all below.

  • Spotlght Music: Ghastly Gorge Race / Just a Dream / Exclusive Royal Canterlot Wedding Playset

    Ghastly gorge racing, Chillin with a birdhorse, and a live completely ridiculous song about the Canterlot wedding playset! It's spotlight music time. Get them all below.

    1.) Replacer - Just A Dream (Birdhorse EP)
    2.) DasDeer - Ghastly Gorge Race
    3.) Exclusive Royal Canterlot Wedding Playset - Mountain Mares

  • Impact Miniatoure Kickstarted Chibi Ponies Up for Sale

    A while back, there was a kickstarter campaign for chibi figurines specifically targeted at tabletop games. Ponies were up for grabs, and the fandom raided it. This is the result.  Right now four base figures are up, including two unicorns, one earth, and a firey mane nightmare.  They also have accessories, including firey hooves, wings, tentacles, and a hat.  Head on over to their Chibi adventurers section for all of them.

    Thanks to Jason for the heads up.
  • Story: The Thousand Year Romance Of Clover The Clever


    Author: Benman
    Description: Clover the Clever has found a love so pure and true that no pony can stop it. But even the greatest love cannot conquer death itself.

    So Clover will keep looking until she finds something that can.
    The Thousand Year Romance Of Clover The Clever

    Additional Tags: An Epoch-Spanning Love Story

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