• Nightly Roundup #659

    I'm back guys, if you couldn't tell from posts earlier in the day. I want to really thank you all for the outreach I received during my down days. I certainly didn't mean to make anyone worry, it was just some stuff I had to work through myself. You all certainly helped me realize that there is still a lot of good left in the fandom and I'll try my best to repay that in any way I can.

    Anyhow, very short Roundup tonight! Don't forget to recommend some ponies down in the comments. I hear that some are really under represented so let's try and fix that!

  • Saberspark Freaks Out About Equestria Girls

    Take 100% pure outrage and combine it with Twilight Sparkle growing hands, and you get Saberspark's new video.  Can he contain all of his nerdrage? Is Hasbro shaking in their 100 dollar bill lined boots? Find out below the break! 

  • Sweet Apple Acres Con Announces Lee Tockar

    These voice actors are going to be super busy this year!  Sweet Apple Acres Con has announced Lee Tockar for attencance.  Head on down below the break to check it all out!

  • Ponyville Live EQLA Interviews

    There wasn't a livestream available at EQLA, but there were a ton of interviews going on behind the scenes.  Ponyville Live grabbed a host of people, including:
    • Voice Actresses:
      Andrea Libman - Pinkie Pie/Fluttershy
      Brenda Crichlow - Zecora
      Cathy Weseluck - Spike/Mayor Mare
      Michelle Creber - Applebloom
      Tabitha St. Germain - Rarity/Luna
    • Show Writers:
      Amy Keating Rogers
      Cindy Morrow
     Head on over here for the full playlist to check them all out, or pick specific characters/writers from the group.

    They also have a pretty bangin intro video if you have no clue who they are. 
  • Spotlight Music: Galmour Queen / Solar Flare / Bowstrings & Heartstrings

    We start this one off with two part rock/metal track dedicated to Nightmarity from GatoPaint with backup vocals from ShadowCatKirara.   We need more rock in this fandom, so go support it!

    In the second slot, we have a new epic orchestral piece from Radiarc, dedicated to the Solar Empire. I'm more of a Luna fan personally, but it's a pretty awesome instrumental track for those building a playlist of those from ponydom.

    And finally, an Octavia and Lyra duet from Sylphstorm, because Scratch and Octavia is old news. Check all three out below the break!

    1.) GatoPaint ( Feat. ShadowCatKirara ) - Glamour Queen [Nightmare Rarity Song]
    2.) Radiarc - Solar Flare
    3.) Bowstrings & Heartstrings - SlyphStorm

  • An Appeal to the Fandom - Keep Calm and Trot On

    Our fandom has seen its share of upheaval and drama this past half year or so with the coming of alicorn Twilight and the reveal of Equestria Girls. Not since the departure of Lauren Faust as executive producer back in the first season have I seen such unrest in the community, but unlike those times the way the fandom has handled this news has at times been not exactly ideal. We have spewed some vitriolic things at Hasbro for sure, but we have also done the same to the people who brought us ponies and made them what they are: the good folks at DHX.

    These folks for going on three years now have not only done the impossible and made those who would scoff at the MLP name ardent fans but have also shared in our enthusiasm and become part of the community in their own wonderful way. Never before have I seen such tight connections between the creators and the fans, a connection I fear without would have lessened many of our experiences (Derpy anyone?). This connection has been a feedback loop that fuels our passions as well as their own, making them work long into the nights on both weekdays and weekends to make the best things they can because they love what they do and they love seeing us react.

    Unfortunately, with such tight connections, the bad has a way of effecting things as much as the good. Word has been going around that since the trailer for Equestria Girls was released, and us learning that DHX was behind the movie, that attacks have been made on the competency, the commitment, and ability of the staff to pull this off. This wave of negativity, compounded surely by the months of them nervously waiting on our reactions, has apparently gotten more than a few members of DHX disheartened and possibly considering leaving the show (MLP or EqG). While I can understand that change is scary and that it can be easy to let emotions run high and say what comes to mind, the negativity has a real life impact, something I can relate to very much as of late.

    One of the greatest things about the fandom in my opinion was that it was a community filled with caring individuals which who they might not agree on certain things were at least respectful when they did disagree. I am in no way advocating we be blind optimists, but that we should take greater care in our disagreements with these changes and also to put more trust in our friends which have given us 65 full episodes of pony. There are already some signs the new series will have at least some of FiM's charm with clips of Twilight adorkably adapting to human life. And even if EqG doesn't pan out we still have season 4 of ponies coming to us in normal fashion this winter! So let's give them some encouragement that we still trust in them! A campaign is underway on Twitter under the #thankyouDHX tag, so go lend them some support, encouragement, and love.

    At the very least they deserve a shot to show us what they got right? We gave them a shot once when we all watched our first MLP:FiM episode, why not give them another chance? Let's be that supportive community we're known for, supporting one another like our fun loving ponies.

  • Bronystudy Announcement

    Calpain here with an important science announcement from the science ponies in charge of the Bronystudy project! Dr. Psych Ology is here once again with a survey for the community to answer in the name of science (and cute multicolored equines). One of the important questions being asked is the growth or decline of the fandom population so please try to answer if you can by following the link in the announcement after the break.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #803

    Is that a jealous/disgruntled Twilight Sparkle in the background? I've always considered her the Doctor's first choice for pony companion assuming that ever happened.  Derpy is fun and all, but can you imagine Twilight's nerdstorms from traveling the universe?

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Park and recreation

  • Story Updates - May 14th

    Story updates! Angry Rarity edition? Find them below.

  • Bronycon Announces Cathy Weseluck and Michelle Creber!

    It looks like Bronycon has two more big names for their ever-growing selection of show staff this year.  We have two press releases for you all in this one, head on down below the break for both!

  • MLP Birthdays: Sibsy and Andrew Francis Art Gathering

    It's time once again for some birthday fun my friends! This month we have two birthdays for two very awesome people on the MLP:FiM staff. First up is Sibsy, our storyboard artist extraordinaire, on May 24 and then we have Andrew Francis' birthday a few days later on May 27. So let's get to celebrating and give these folks a happy birthday to remember!

    As you know, Sibsy has her famous OC Wildfire for you to draw pictures of while Andrew is known best for being Twily's BBBFF, Shining Armor so make sure to send what you come up with of these two to our submit box at [email protected] and include in the subject line MLP Birthdays:Sibsy/Andrew so they can be properly filed!

  • Comic: That was Today?! / Air Mail / 2 Lyras in 2 Different Worlds

    As always, we must uphold our tradition of being fashionably late with things, so have a couple Mother's Day comics! Oh, and a weird Lyra one just because I like to break brains.

  • Discussion: Which Popular Novel / Book Series Would You Like to See Ponified?

    Lets take a step back from the world of movies and games for a bit, and cross our favorite equines over into some good old fashioned books.  Maybe ponykind needs a genius filly Twilight Sparkle to help combat the Buggers? Or perhaps Fluttershy has escaped the evils of the Underdark, and became a force of good for the world above as a legendary pegasus ranger?  The choice is yours! I'm sure you have been forced to read at least one book at some point in your lives.  Now go choose one to ponify!

    Thanks to Sir Lintsalot for the topic.
  • Canadian Theaters for Equestria Girls

    We had a near complete list of locations and airtimes for Equestria Girls in the USA, but Canada was not included! If you live up there and want to hit the movie up at release, have two locations to do just that:


    The overall release date remains the same, and I doubt these are the only two. (Update: In fact, searching other locations does give other theaters, so give it a shot! These aren't the only two)

    thanks to Juju for the heads up.
  • Three Seasons of Twilight Twilight Twilight

    We recharged the Twilight Sparkle, only to burn her out in a six minute video filled with Twilight Twilight Twilight.

    You know the drill on these I'm guessing.   Have three seasons of Twilight!

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