• Bronystudy Announcement

    Calpain here with an important science announcement from the science ponies in charge of the Bronystudy project! Dr. Psych Ology is here once again with a survey for the community to answer in the name of science (and cute multicolored equines). One of the important questions being asked is the growth or decline of the fandom population so please try to answer if you can by following the link in the announcement after the break.

    The Bronystudy needs your help!  We are completing a study in which we showed MLP to a large group of nonfans and asked them to rate the episode on various dimensions and complete several personality scales.  We now need a group of Bronies to complete the same scales so that we might compare the nonfan response to a group of fans.  In addition, we have received a lot of questions concerning the "state of the herd" membership growth or decline.  We have included several questions to help us better answer these questions.  Please help us by completing the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BronyCG