• Terraria Pony Skins

    I really need to buy this game.. even moreso now that ponies are playable characters.

    You can find the youtube video after the break, with download links in the description.

  • Clay Ponies Again!

    Confound this Fluttershy she drives me to dawww uncontrollably.

    Also some Big Mac and Scratch after the break!

    You can find the DA page here!

  • Email Issue

     Read: I Got your email, but if you responded to my response, I did not get that!

    What you can do: Send brand new emails to [email protected], do NOT use existing email threads for any replies on anything done in the last two days.  

    If you sent a reply to me in the last 36ish hours, it looks like everything was going to my @equestriadaily.com account, so I didn't get it.  Feel free to forward replies to [email protected] instead.  That's... 600 emails right now to sort through, and I honestly just don't have time right now.

    Sorry to all of you who thought I didn't respond.  I need to go dig out all of the pre-reader responses from that one then axe it completely, so stories might be delayed a bit.

    *NOTE* I got initial responses, but all replies were sent to the other one
  • PMV: Pony Effect 3 / song-LY / Staring At the Sun

    My PMV folder is massive right now!  So expect a few of these posts today.  It seems like I get influxes of specific content... It's rarely a variety. 

    Though that "Stories in Review" folder is pretty beastly.

    1.) Pony Effect 3: Fall of Equestria
    2.) song-LY
    3.) Staring At the Sun

  • Story: Nocturne (Update complete!)

    [Sad][Normal] Sad Luna? Sad Luna. Have you guys looked at her section in the archive yet? It's a freakin rainbow with all those (6 Star) tags. I really hope Season Two doesn't completely destroy her fanon.

    Author: CupcakesNom

    Description: Princess Luna's memories and connection to the Moon have been missing since her return to Canterlot, and every day she gets more and more guilty that she hasn't taken any responsibilities back from her overburdened sister. Surely something in Equestria can make her whole again, but who or what could it be?
    Nocturne Part 1
    Nocturne Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Bittersweet, Luna's Search For Herself
  • Drawfriend Stuff #112

    I want to be cool like Rainbow Dash edition! This game needs to be made.

    Not much to say here this time, enjoy!

    (For those wondering about the jailed stuff, yesterday's theme for the training grounds was ponies banished and locked in dungeons where they are banished to)

    Source 1

  • Story: The Greatest Game (Update Complete!)

    [Crossover]  Ponies playing Jumanji?  That sounds...awesome. This is actually a sequel to Teatime At Twilight's.  

    Author: Tanner
    Description: Stumbling into an ancient board game they knew nothing about the ponies find themselves embroiled in the wild untamed madness that is Jumanji
    The Greatest Game 
    The Greatest Game Part 2
    The Greatest Game Part 3
    The Greatest Game Part 4 (New!) 

    Additional Tags: Action, Adventure
  • Pinkie Pie Pyro Sound Mod

    I always figured the pyro was female!  I guess it was Pinkie Pie all along.

    This brony has replaced all of the "voiceovers" (or lack there of) with various lines of dialogue from the show.  

    You can find the embed of the mod in video form below, and download links in its description.


  • PONYBLUE Friendship Trigger / Reach / Diamond Dogs Secret

    I still need to check out Blazblue some time.

    Yes, I realize that isn't a blaz blue image.  

    1.) PONYBLUE Friendship Trigger
    2.) Reach
    3.) Diamond Dogs Secret to Survival in a Very Pony World

  • Brony College Presentation #5

    Yeesh, If the students at the college I go to were this obnoxious during a presentation, they would probably be dropped from the class! 

    You can find this one after the break!

  • Final Lap for Most Popular Meme is Underway!


    I don't know if you guys have been paying attention to this, but a race is on between Forever Alone and Friendship is magic for the esteemed "First to 2 million views" on Knowyourmeme.com.

    We can't lose! Go support ponies!
  • My Little Pony Party Planner is Live

    Remember that masculinity thing we all threw out the window when we started watching this show?  Well it survived the fall.  You might want to drop a piano on it's head before it wakes up, because it sure as hell isn't going to like this one!

    The My Little Pony main website has been updated with it's party planner section.  This thing is pretty extensive!  Not only does it coach you on proper balloon/streamer placement, but it also has a recipe for a Fluttershy Silly-Face pizza!  That's like.. double her already Mary-Sue level heart attack Ninjutsu. 

    You can find the website for it below!

    My Little Pony Party Planner
  • The Night, Shall Last, FOREVER!

    This is amazing.... We have seen so many epic plushies pop up lately.  I really wish there was a way to mass produce these things. 

    You can find the artists Deviant Art page here!

    Now someone go make Hasbro hire this guy. 
  • Story: Lackluster

    [Sad][Shipping] This image... it's so...sad

    Author: Small Talk
    Description: Everypony has something they hide; some hide it well, other not-so-well. Rainbow Dash has done well at hiding her own problems, that is until one tick sends her over the edge and brings up dreams of her past.
    Lackluster Part 1
    Lackluster Part 2

    Additional Tags: Depression, Sadness, Suicidal tendancies, Backstory
  • Music: Nightmare Moon of the Opera / CMC Power Metal / Rainbow (Dash) Tylenol

    I don't remember if I posted that CMC power metal thing... this is happening a lot lately! Anyway it's awesome.

    Also some neat NMM stuff and a YTPMV

    1.) Nightmare Moon of the Opera
    2.) Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme (Power Metal)
    3.) Rainbow (Dash) Tylenol

  • Story: The Mare With A Mouth

    [Crossover][Comedy] Pinkie Pool. I guess we can roll with two Crazy crossovers this morning!

    Author: Crash
    Description: When Pinkiepool expects just another typical day in the city of Manehatten, she's about to learn some days can be quite atypical.
    The Mare With A Mouth

    Additional Tags: Pinkie, Hydra, Disembodied Voice, Pointy Things
  • MLP Facebook Page Becomes Awesome

    This is one of those X:30 news posts that doesn't really qualify as news, but was certainly a nice little treat to wake up to just now. Usually the My Little Pony facebook page sends out pretty benign status updates, like asking parents what their kids favorite episode is. This was an interesting change of pace, to say the least. And look at those Likes! Almost five hundred in forty minutes. Yes, I was one of them.

    Stuff like this just makes me more excited to see what kind of subtle nods the fandom gets in season two.
  • PMV: Rainbow Sheen Winning / Like a Boss / I Can't Decide PMV

    For some reason I think I posted that Charlie Sheen one already, but I'll roll with it again since it's awesome.


    Have some PMV's because, PMV's are cool, or something.

    1.) Rainbow Sheen Winning
    2.) Like a Boss
    3.) I Can't Decide PMV

  • Story: Party for Coltham's Soul

    [Crossover] This time, on Crazy Crossover Theater: Batman Arkham Asylum. 

    Author: Jazelock
    Description: Originally written for the video game crossover contest. Batman: Arkham Asylum crossover. Pinkie Pie takes over the asylum and only Twilight can stop her.
    Party for Coltham's Soul

    Additional Tags: Mane cast even more insane.
  • Temporarity Moved the IRC embed

    I removed the embed at the bottom of the page.  It really killed overall performance of the site, especially on mobile browsers.

    The New (Temporary and Very Ghetto) embed is below. It's literally just pasted into the html tab of blogger.  I'm not sure if my domain allows me to create actual side pages.  Still figuring it out!

    New chat Embed is HERE!

    This chat is hosted on IRC though of course.  You can find the information for that after the break if you haven't used it already.

    Right, I should totally be asleep right now! Off to read Ballad of Twilight Sparkle and pass out. 

    Actually that Rarity pun in the subject line looks way less cool than I thought it would.  I'm keeping it anyway though.

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 28

    See, it's not so bad! Helllloooooo again, everypony! So glad to see you all again. So sorry to have missed you all last night; after my eyes went crossed it seemed like it would be a good idea if I tried to get some extra sleep. You may have noticed that didn't wind up working out (although writing the news for a day was fun!), but in any event I am back with you all where I shall remain for the remainder of our time here in this event. We'll talk about the future a little more in a bit, ok? For right now, let's focus on the present. And the present is a dungeon master's dream come true, featuring a full 130 ponies locked up and chained to walls. There's so many bondage jokes I could make, but I'll restrain myself. I see Seth managed to forget to include our running total last night, but tonight we're back up and running with a stupendously amazing 5139 images. Talk about productivity!

    Of course, we can't forget the usual link to the submission guidelines now can we? As always, don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if you need something from me. I'll always do my best to respond to a question. There's a firefly crawling on my curtain right now. How did it get in here? I'm sure glad we're back to stream of consciousness posting instead of last night's link dump aren't you?

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony cooking. Just like every other time I start to feel like I'm starting to make my themes overly specific and weird, I'm pulling us back to the simple happy times of a wide open theme rife with opportunities for puns. All forms of cooking are acceptable, including frying, grilling, steaming, smoking, and baking. As always, creative interpretations of any of these ideas are welcome alongside their straight mare cousins. Make me proud, my faithful students!