• Temporarity Moved the IRC embed

    I removed the embed at the bottom of the page.  It really killed overall performance of the site, especially on mobile browsers.

    The New (Temporary and Very Ghetto) embed is below. It's literally just pasted into the html tab of blogger.  I'm not sure if my domain allows me to create actual side pages.  Still figuring it out!

    New chat Embed is HERE!

    This chat is hosted on IRC though of course.  You can find the information for that after the break if you haven't used it already.

    Right, I should totally be asleep right now! Off to read Ballad of Twilight Sparkle and pass out. 

    Actually that Rarity pun in the subject line looks way less cool than I thought it would.  I'm keeping it anyway though.

    For MIRC

    /server irc.lightirc.com
    /join #EquestriaDaily

    The channels are:

    /join #EquestriaDaily (PG Chat)
    /join #EquestriaAfterDark (Adult Chat - no rules aside from no spamming)
    /join #EquestriaDailyRP (Roleplaying)

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here