• Story Updates August 8th (Midnight)

    Keyboards and ponies.

    Have some story updates.

  • Possible Hoity Toity Blindbag on Ebay!

    Much like Zecora a while back, it looks like Hoity Toity has popped up on Ebay.  While we can't confirm that it is real yet, all sources point to it definitely being legit.  Everything about it matches the other blind bag collectables. 

    My guess this time around would be it being a part of the Rarity set.  Maybe we will see a Photo Finish pick up the third slot? 

    You can check it out on Ebay here!

    Thanks to Ellen for the heads up!
  • The Hub now on Dish Network

    This was actually in the roundup a few days ago, but it probably should have been split off!

    Dish Network currently has The Hub up for one of their preview packages until the 14th of August.  You can now watch ponies directly on the source! Tune in to 179! Hell you might even see one of their random pony commercials we haven't posted yet.
  • EQD and ScrewAttack Open TF2 Night (Update: Stream Closed, Servers still up though!)

    As was announced yesterday, we are teaming up with ScrewAttack for some TF2 tonight to help promote their gaming convention/party event, SGC. Head on over to their Kickstarter page if you want to contribute to it, or read up on it!

    You can find the livestream page here! (Stream closed, you are welcome to keep playing though!)

    Main Server:
    (MTMS)||=Equestria Daily=|| Um? Yay?

    Overflow Server:
    Free The Gamer - TF2 Server

    Overflow Server 2:
    Massinsanityclan.net Asylum Laboratory\

    Tribes Ascent Server Overflow Server:
    MTST EQD The New Lunar Republic 

    We will probably fill these up pretty quick! If you want to join the main one, hit up the queue and play on another while you wait!
  • Random Merch: Bandages, Cups, Belts, Folders, and More!

    Got a party planned?  Not a 12 year old girl? Who cares! Celestia is white!  We gave up on that whole social stigma thing a long time ago!  Pony cups and napkins are now available at a store called Home Bargains int he UK.  No one has reported them here in the US yet, so you might need to import them somehow if you plan on a pony party! Thanks to Kerry for the image.

    Head on past the break for more random merch!

  • Spa Pony Set Finally Revealed!

    It looks like we finally have the completed Spa Pony set up on Taobao.  It looks like our bros at Hasbro's toy department even stuck with Lotus for a name. 

    I think Pinkie Pie was the last pony I would have guessed would be included in this one.   Zecora also now has a home, which makes the 5th and 6th packs a complete mystery.  I wonder who they plan to bundle Rarity and Fluttershy with?  Hopefully they give the latter an actual unique model!  Rainbow Dash Recolorshy is old news with all these new molds popping up. 

    They also dropped some transparent crystal Wonderbolts off.  We can finally grab a Spitfire!

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up!

  • Comic: To Pass the Time / 8-bit Gamer Luna - Blow It / That Was a Close One

    Oh Celestia, one of these days you are going to get paid back in full for all the pranks you pull on ponies.

    Comic time you guys! Click for full.

  • Rainbow Dash Soft Drink on Toywiz

    Just in case your life hasn't been completely devoured in pony enough already, it looks like Friendship is Magic will now be invading your fridge!   Rainbow Dash has her very own fizzy soft drink, adorning what looks to be a energy drink style can.  It is, of course, not an energy drink, but you could easily pass it off as one. 

    You can find them for three bucks a pop on this page.

    Thanks to Sonyfox for the heads up!
  • New Pony Toy Spotted - Princess Skyla

    Oh god.

    Another so-soft pony toy has cropped up over at MLPArena, as you can see. Looking past the model that they can't seem to stop using, one might notice that we haven't seen this particular pony before. One comment I saw seems to suggest this might be Cadance and Shining Armor's child, though of course that's only wild speculation.

    But what's more fun than wild speculation?

    Also, this kid totally stole Celestia's crown.

    You can find the MLPArena thread here for more information.

    Thanks to Chris for the heads up! 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #526

    Fausticorn in EMPRESS armor? I'm cool with this.

    Have some pony art!

    Source 1
    Lauren Faust: The God Empress of all Ponykind
  • Collector Binder Now Available for Pre-order

    Well, that was quick! A day later and we already have pre-orders up.  Looks like the binder will be rolling with a $19.99 price tag, and should arrive on the 30th of August.  Looks like I'm dropping more money on the pony!

    Thanks to Nathan for the heads up!
  • Ponychats Monthly Art Contest - August.

    It's August, and that means the ponychats channel on the side bar is holding their monthly art contest.  Head on down past the break for information on what is required and how you can enter!

    And head on over here to find July's entries! 
  • Instrumental Music: The Fall / Equestrias Ponylimpics / The Party / Going it Alone / Return (Emforay Remix)

    Luna has more music than anypony!
    Lots of instrumental stuff for you all from various genres this time around.  Head on down past the break for all of them!

    1.) The Fall (Piano/Orchestral)
    2.) Equestria's Ponylimpics Theme Equestria's Ponylimpics Theme (Orchestral)
    3.) Sonic Breakbeat - The Party (Part I) (Samples/House)
    4.) Kyoga - Going it Alone (Guitar)
    5.) Omnivore - Return (Emforay Remix) (Dubstep)

  • Pony Arcade Machine

    A couple of bronies over in Seattle decided ponies needed an arcade machine, and thus began Project PonyCade.  Built from the ground up with pony in mind, the system features an elements of harmony button configuration, as well as all sorts of neat giant vectors of the mane cast, Derpy, and a few others.

    Check out their progress gallery in three parts below:

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

    And the video of it completed and in action after the break!

    Any questions or comments should be sent here: [email protected]
  • Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle

    Ponies just love saying her name.  I still get weird looks when I mention her in real life.  A certain group of sparkly vampires tend to come to mind for most people.

    Anyway, go have a bunch of her after the break!

  • Untitled

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 6

    So hello there everyb--hihdgygfblisfbkl... all right let's try that agaaiiiii-- hokay. Deep breaths, Phoe. Stop looking at the adorable pouting Sweetie Belle and focus. Use your words. You can do this, just tell everyone that there are 810 itty bitty teeny tiny ponies in tonight's gallery. Distance yourself by telling them that the grand total for the event is now 5256 images. Make a generic comment about how many ponies that is, and just don't look up. If you look up, you'll die. Just finish this sentence and the paragraph is ov--

    ...Ok, back from the hospital. To send an entry in for Day 6, simply head here and fill out the form. Oh, and draw a pony. That part's important too.

    Today's theme is about expression. And after this past gallery I'm in a good mood, so... Draw a pony smiling or beaming/Draw a pony having a ball. Have fun with this one!

    This is easily (and perhaps predictably) the most adorable gallery so far. Those of you with weak constitutions should be very cautious before entering The Nursery and Tiny Pony Emporium. Tiny ponies are really my most favorite things ever. If I had may way, every day would be dedicated to micro-equines. Teeny little Twilights prancing on books. Eeeeeheeee!