• Random Merch: Bandages, Cups, Belts, Folders, and More!

    Got a party planned?  Not a 12 year old girl? Who cares! Celestia is white!  We gave up on that whole social stigma thing a long time ago!  Pony cups and napkins are now available at a store called Home Bargains int he UK.  No one has reported them here in the US yet, so you might need to import them somehow if you plan on a pony party! Thanks to Kerry for the image.

    Head on past the break for more random merch!

    Hot Topic has expanded their belt inventory to yet another fan pony.  Doctor Whooves is front and center on this one.  Thanks to Bronyfang for the image!  They also carry the trading cards now.  I remember back in the day when we thought it would be amazing if we even made it to Hot Topic. 

    And for all you  Austrians out there who have school coming up, this folder was found at a store called Aldi.  They didn't send any others, so I'm not sure if there are alternate designs, but it's sure to turn heads in your calculus class!

    We also have some new bandages from H&M.  They seem to stock just about everything in pony.  Soon enough, we will have full on defibrillators.  Each box costs 2.95 for a 10 pack.   Thanks to Karoliina for the image!

    And finally, Toywiz has some coin purses up! Thanks to Sonyfox once again for these!

    If you would like to submit your own random merch, toss it over to the EQD box with a location, price, and picture!