• Spa Pony Set Finally Revealed!

    It looks like we finally have the completed Spa Pony set up on Taobao.  It looks like our bros at Hasbro's toy department even stuck with Lotus for a name. 

    I think Pinkie Pie was the last pony I would have guessed would be included in this one.   Zecora also now has a home, which makes the 5th and 6th packs a complete mystery.  I wonder who they plan to bundle Rarity and Fluttershy with?  Hopefully they give the latter an actual unique model!  Rainbow Dash Recolorshy is old news with all these new molds popping up. 

    They also dropped some transparent crystal Wonderbolts off.  We can finally grab a Spitfire!

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up!