• Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 6

    So hello there everyb--hihdgygfblisfbkl... all right let's try that agaaiiiii-- hokay. Deep breaths, Phoe. Stop looking at the adorable pouting Sweetie Belle and focus. Use your words. You can do this, just tell everyone that there are 810 itty bitty teeny tiny ponies in tonight's gallery. Distance yourself by telling them that the grand total for the event is now 5256 images. Make a generic comment about how many ponies that is, and just don't look up. If you look up, you'll die. Just finish this sentence and the paragraph is ov--

    ...Ok, back from the hospital. To send an entry in for Day 6, simply head here and fill out the form. Oh, and draw a pony. That part's important too.

    Today's theme is about expression. And after this past gallery I'm in a good mood, so... Draw a pony smiling or beaming/Draw a pony having a ball. Have fun with this one!

    This is easily (and perhaps predictably) the most adorable gallery so far. Those of you with weak constitutions should be very cautious before entering The Nursery and Tiny Pony Emporium. Tiny ponies are really my most favorite things ever. If I had may way, every day would be dedicated to micro-equines. Teeny little Twilights prancing on books. Eeeeeheeee!