• EQD and ScrewAttack Open TF2 Night (Update: Stream Closed, Servers still up though!)

    As was announced yesterday, we are teaming up with ScrewAttack for some TF2 tonight to help promote their gaming convention/party event, SGC. Head on over to their Kickstarter page if you want to contribute to it, or read up on it!

    You can find the livestream page here! (Stream closed, you are welcome to keep playing though!)

    Main Server:
    (MTMS)||=Equestria Daily=|| Um? Yay?

    Overflow Server:
    Free The Gamer - TF2 Server

    Overflow Server 2:
    Massinsanityclan.net Asylum Laboratory\

    Tribes Ascent Server Overflow Server:
    MTST EQD The New Lunar Republic 

    We will probably fill these up pretty quick! If you want to join the main one, hit up the queue and play on another while you wait!