• MLP Comic #2 Available on Nook

    It looks like Nook has already released the new My little Pony comic that was delayed until January.  You can hop on any mobile device, download the Nook app, and buy it for $3.19.  Just search for "My Little Pony" and make sure you click Issue #2! The cover above looks to be  the variant they chose to display it. 

    Thanks to Automatic for the heads up!
  • Season 3 Episode 7 Floating Around

    It looks like there may have been a bit of a breach on this week's new episode.  We have received a bunch of screenshots of it, and does look to be floating around the internet. 

    For the sake of keeping Saturday awesome though, we are going to avoid posting it. 

    So what is the point in this post then if mean old EQD is waiting until Saturday? A warning really! Be careful what you click on for the next few days if you want to avoid spoilers and keep the usual Saturday HD celebration intact.  

  • Story: A Zebra in the Bed

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Pen Stroke
    Description: An entry in the Hearth's Warming Care Package for Kiki" Fan-fiction contest.
    After a long day in the fields, Applejack only wants to be able to eat her dinner and go to bed. The only problem, it's already occupied by a very ill Zecora. The Apples are famous for their hospitality, but when does Applejack have to draw the line?
    A Zebra in the Bed

    Additional Tags: Zecora doesn't like to impose
  • EQLA Registration Opens

    With less than a few months since EQLA closed, registration for their May 10th return is under way.  Head on down past the break for the full press release with nformation on how you can get your registration in!

  • Comic: And Suddenly Xmas / Another Wheel Story / The Worst Nightmare

    Man did the holiday season creep up on us fast! Seems like only yesterday we were putting up summer comics and ponies at the beach. Oh well, snow is nice too and ponies in winter gear makes for some adorable scenes!

    Comics you guys! Click for full as always.

  • Issue #2 of the My Little Pony Comic Delayed

    It looks like we have a bit of a delay on the second issue of the MLP comic.  Due to an 8 day strike in Port Long Beach, LA, shipping of the comic won't arrive until the 2nd of January.   Larrys Comics sent out an email to everyone that ordered a comic at their location with dates included:
     #2 is now on schedule for 1/2/2013 
    MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC #3 estimated ship: 1/16/2013

    MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC #4  estimated ship: 2/20/2013

    MY LITTLE PONY MICRO SERIES #1 (OF 6) TWILIGHT SPARKLE estimated ship: 2/27/2013 
    I guess Chrysalis will have to wait!

    And in other news, Midtown Comics did a short brony article here.  It's primarily what we have already seen quite a few other pop culture websites publish, but with their own twist!

  • "Derpy Hooves Toy" 4th Most Searched Toy of 2012

    It looks like Derpy may have taken over more than just our fandom this year.  Everyones favorite wall-eyed pegasus also topped the Google Zeitgeist search charts and came in at 4th place in the toys category, beating both Tigger and Transformers.   This is likely due to massive internet presence, but it's still cool to see her up there on the top!

    Thanks to CaptainMe93 for the heads up. 
  • Ponies Win on TV guide's Best Fans Contest!

    It looks like pony pulled through in the end on TV Guide's Best Fans poll! After what was probably the longest and most difficult battle we have seen so far in these, we actually managed to break ahead of Doctor Who, even with the majority of you (including myself) adding it to your lists.  Good work! Honestly though, we should probably just go ahead and talk The Hub and BBC into a Doctor Whoof crossover at this point.  I know I'd be all over it.

    The victory article can be found here!
  • Custom Compilation #95

    Out of all the custom compilations we've had so far I think I can safely say the most consistently badass customs we've featured always involve Daring Do in some way. 

    Time for some customs guys! Check them out after the break!

    Source 1
    Trade: Daring Do Fashion Style Custom

  • Welovefine 12 Days of Sales Starts Today + Giveaways on Facebook

    Welovefine looks to be running a 12 day sale in honor of the holiday season! Each day will have a specific theme with a set of shirts and a percentage off each.  Have a blurb from their site:
    The time is now to break out the holiday cheer and begin celebrating WeLoveFine’s 12 Days of Holidays! Each day for the next 12 days, we will have a selection of your favorite WeLoveFine tees on sale, as well as Achievements items FREE with your purchase!

    For our first day, all of our gift items will be My Little Pony gear!; now is the time to shop, every pony! For example, our best-selling “Graffiti PON-3” is 35% OFF! CLICK HERE to see all the items that are discounted for the next 36 hours – available at these great prices until Thursday, 12/13 at 12 noon Pacific time!

    We’ll also be offering an EXCLUSIVE My Little Pony “Cutie Ponies” Pinkie Pie collectible button available during this sale period ONLY underAchievements! Be sure to add it to your cart when you check out!

    And later today at 12 noon Pacific time, head over to our Facebook page for some very special giveaways!! – our way of saying thanks to you, our loyal customers! Get ready, we’ve got 12 days of fun headed your way starting NOW!
    It looks like the daily deals will also reflect this, as a Vinyl Scratch shirt is currently up for 35% off.

    Head on over here for all of them! 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #652

    Back in my day, 42 image drawfriends were legendary! You kids are spoiled!

    Have some art.

    Source 1
    Mane Six
  • DHX Hiring Animators

    It looks like all you experienced animators out there might want to check out DHX if you are looking for work.  The shows they list off in their recruitment release include Packages from Planet X, Pound Puppies and My Little Pony, with a whopping 8 different positions available.  Head on over here for all the information on it! Good luck!

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up. 
  • Hasbro Combines Forces for Better TV to Toy Integration

    As several TV news outlets around the internet have reported, it looks like Hasbro has completely rebuilt the way it integrates it's Hasbro Studios work with it's usual toy market. With such a huge focus on movies and shows thanks to The Hub and their various big budget movie IP's, a modification to make the transition from film to retailer smoother was inevitable.

    (Opinion Below):

    But what does this mean for Pony?  It could go multiple routes.

     On one hand, a tighter knit Hasbro could mean quicker response times to the fandom as a whole.  There have been quite a few instances, primarily on the convention and news site scene, where Hasbro had to stop everything and take a breather.  While nothing is completely confirmed directly from within the company, many working with Hasbro felt like they were dealing with multiple outlets all giving conflicting information (Including us!).  A unified location to draw confirmation on guest announcements for conventions or Hasbro involvement for everything else will definitely be a boon for making things move a bit quicker on the community level.

    On the other, we may be seeing a bit more focus on toy selling from Friendship is Magic.  Obviously the original goal of the series was always to pump out mass amounts of Pinkie Pie's and alicorn princesses to little girls, but with higher focus on merchandise tie-ins, we may be seeing a bit more of it in seasons to come. With unconfirmed two week old rumors bombarding our submit boxes, it's obvious that people are already pretty worried. This could be a good thing though! We might see higher quality merch, and that is always a plus in my book.

    Luckily we have the awesome team over at DHX to help nullify the product placement with quality animation and storytelling.   Hell, they made Cadence work, and she was the biggest pretty pink princess we have seen from the show yet!

    So what do you all think? Is heavier integration good? 

  • Discussion: Favorite Refence so Far?

    It's no secret that Friendship is Magic loves to reference other shows and movies.   Everything from the three above straight out of The Big Leboswki, to the complete Star Wars ending, DHX does it constantly.  Some are so subtle, most don't even realize it until they jump online after an episode airs and see everyone freaking out. 

    But what is your favorite so far?   Are there any that only you and a handful of others picked up?

    And as an added question, what would you like to see them reference pony-style in the future?

  • Unicon Charity Ticket Sale: Proceeds Benefit College View School

    The team from Las Pegasus Unicon has another announcement for you guys today, and this time it involves charitable donations!

    In honor of the date (12-12-12), any tickets sold today through midnight tonight will have 12% of their total value donated to the College View School, which is the school that Amy Keating Rogers' son, Soren, goes to. It also happens to be her charity of choice, because it will help fund their Snoezelen Room for children with autistic and developmental disorders. I know purchasing convention tickets can be a tricky thing to plan for many people, but if you've been holding off on purchasing tickets for a reason other than timing issues, today might be a good day to rethink that, especially with something so valuable on the line.

    As a reminder, tickets can be purchased here.

  • PMV: School / Supernatural

    I heard you guys liked those PMV things, so have a couple of them! We have Supernatural and a bit of Fluttershy's school days.  Check them out below!

    1.) [PMV] - Supernatural
    2.) PMV - School

  • Tennessee Valley Ponypocalypse Party with Andy Price

    It looks like yet another signing party/event is going on for the My Little Pony comic, this time over in Tennessee!  With Andy Price (The MLP Comic artist) attending, it's looking like something you might want to hit up if you have a comic and are in the area.  Head on down past the break for all the information on how you can join! 

  • Nightly Roundup #523

    I'm feeling rather tired tonight so have something random. I can only imagine what sort of clothing Rarity could create if she had the powers of an alicorn on her side!

    Time to round up some news! Check it out after the break.