• Story: Be There

    [Grimdark][Sad]] Celestia grows weary of all this grimdarky stuff. She's starting to wonder why she bothers. It's ok, I still love you Celly.

    Hugo V.

    Events are about to occur that will alter the fate of not only Spike, but Equestria forever. Is Twilight and the gang up to the task? What dark secrets shall be revealed? What horrifying questions will be answered? Read and find out!

    Be There

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  • My Little Magic the Gathering (Updated with link!)

    Poor Trixie.  She would be absolutely doomed against a black or red deck.  I'm glad she finally got a card with her FULL NAME though! Plus "Legendary Creature" is a nice touch!  There can be only one Great and Powerful Trixie. 

    Now Twilight Sparkle here.. I wouldn't mind having 3 of these in my deck.  That's almost Pokemon Card game level searching right there.  It might even make wurms/dragons viable. Or hydras!  That mana cost is pretty nuts!

    Suddenly I want to get back into MTG.  Sorry guys, this site is toast.  Maybe I'll run out of money by season two trying to build new decks every other week.

    You can find them here! 
  • MLP Appearing at Calgary Stampede

    Well, this is interesting.

    From what I can gather, apparently MLP will be appearing on stage at an event called the Calgary Stampede. I've never heard of this event before, nor do I have any idea what a live-action pony show would be comprised of, but it's interesting news nonetheless.

    One more picture after the break, and the schedule for the show is here. The show would be on the Coke stage.

  • SodaHead MLP Poll

    Over on Sodahead, they vote "awkward" or "awesome" on various topics.  One of the current ones is the Wired article.

    I have to admit, the escape into magical pony land part of the piece is pretty weird... along with a few other sections.

    Sadly most of these side websites tend to focus on those exact quotes.  So we have no better option than to defend it!

    You can find the site, and poll here!

    I went into that interview trying my hardest to make FiM sound less ridiculous! I'd say my quotes were pretty normal.  It's everyone else's fault!
  • New Album: "Drinks On Da House!" Released!

    A while ago I posted these alcoholic beverages inspired by each pony.  Someone named Silva Hound over on Bandcamp took these one step futher, and created house-style music to go with each one.  Whether he did this while actually consuming said alcoholic beverages remanes(can I do that? Can I misspell that with mane?) to be seen. 

    Anyway, you can find the entire thing streamed on the page below, as well as for sale!

    Drinks On Da House!
  • Pony Flash Game Update #3!

    Wait, they made a G1 villian look awesome? 

    This team has all of my faith and more.  I can't wait for this one to be released. 

    They are looking for more Voice Actors (Their Pinkie Pie is amazing btw), as well as additional concept artists/flash experienced people. 

    You can find all of that in the video embedded below though!
  • Pony Sweepstakes!

    A Friendship is Magic sweepstakes has popped up over on Sweepstakes.com.  Looks like it's as simple as "liking" the pony group on Facebook, following the My Little Pony Twitter group, and commenting in their section below.

    The rewards are your basic pony toys, but hey, this might be an excuse to finally get some for those of you who are too embarassed to head to the store!  (And there are a ton of you if the poll is any indication).

    You can find the sweepstakes below! Good luck!

    Pony Sweepstakes
  • Clay Pony Monthly Raffle/Giveaway!

    Eneha, the creator of these awesome clay ponies above is gauging interest for a weekly raffle, where people can buy tickets and try to win their choice of any of them.  She also plans to make a bunch more for each contest if it really picks up. 

    There are also plans in the works to hold a monthly giveaway, with no ticket buying involved at all!

    You can find her DA page below for more information, or if you want to provide some feedback directly. 

    Clay Pony Raffle
  • Grand Galloping Gala Cosplays

    More awesome cosplay stuff for you all to be amazed at!  These were showcased over at the Animenext convention in New Jersey.  You can tell they put a lot of work into it! Rarity would be proud. 

    I'll probably do another compilation for conventions/cosplays soon.  And as always, be sure to check out the Meetup post if you are interested in joining up with your fellow bronies for anything!  I update it as I get stuff, so It's definitely a post to follow/bookmark.

    Also some Applejacks, because Applejacks are neat like that.

    Also some names!: Rarity was M. Alice, Celestia was Windaria, Fluttershy was Cepia and Pinkie Pie was Morgan.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #104

    >Complain about how long these take to make, and how I'm doing them daily to make the chunks of time shorter
    >44 images in one day

    I love all of you.

    Have some Dragon Celestia/Nightmare Moon edition. 

    Source 1
  • FiM...Dating Sim!

    I guess it was inevitable!

    A group going by the name of /b/ Game Studios (yes, that /b/) is planning on creating the first MLP FiM Dating sim based on some pictures that popped up way back when FiM wasn't an internet phenomenon.

    The creator is asking if people would actually play something like this 

    Silly anon, of course people would play it.  This is the internet after all!  

    Not that I would...

    Never in a million years...


    ANYWAY, you can contact him at [email protected] if you have any questions!  He is currently looking for a crew of people who are talented in the Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine, people who can write stories about all the ponies (except Fluttershy),  artists, and musicians.
  • PMV: Not Allowed To Be Sad / Rock My Pony / Intensive Pony Unit

    More YTPMV's or whatever the hell they are called, and some random thing to start with! How's THAT for labels?!

    Number 3 has the cutest twilight sound ever or something.

    1.) Not Allowed To Be Sad
    2.) Rock My Pony
    3.) Intensive Pony Unit

  • 1080p Dragonshy / Bridle Gossip

    Mentos has finished off his 1080p HDTV rip set, with Bridle Gossip and Dragonshy.  They really are..beautiful. 

    You can find his page below with the entire season!  Sadly for those of you who haven't nabbed any of these yet, they do have transformers overlays and stuff built into the episodes... but it's the best we can do until Hasbro releases a Blu-Ray set.

    Mentos Sharing is Magic
  • Story: And Then... Then She Exploded!... TWICE!!!

    [Comedy] I read two paragraphs and was hooked for the rest of it -Pre Reader ME

    Authors: Cogs, Mimezinga
    Editor: Nukeiffum
    Description: After another fiction where Rainbow Dash gets killed, she decides to take the whole thing in her hooves and show how it's done.
    And Then... Then She Exploded!... TWICE!!!

    Additional Tags: Short, comedy, metastory, rainbow dash, collaboration
  • Derpy and Fluttershy Sculptures

    What you see above is a pony hopping over a rock, produced from super sculpy clay by somepony operating under the handle "jberg18". Where is she going? Is she taking off in search of muffins? Delivering the mail? Personally, I think she's galloping toward the page break, where you can see a ridiculously awesome sculpture of Fluttershy flying around a tree along with a link to the sculptor's DeviantART. There's not a lot of pony stuff there, but if you like clay works there's a lot going on for you to see. Onward, Derpy! To page break! To adventure! Allons-y!

  • Story: Intertwined

    [Sad][Adventure] First person Trixie.  I'm glad she is still getting air time after that massive Trixie story event!

    Author: S.AuraKnight
    Description: Sometimes our lives are tied together before we ever even meet. Sometimes, one lucky pony is picked to learn a grand lesson and have an adventure of self-discovery, from a young filly up to her present day adventures with others she could call her friends. But what does happen during that process, and how does it affect the journey? Well, let me tell you...
    Intertwined Chapter 1
    Intertwined Chapter 2

    Additional Tags: Sad, Long, Adventure, Origin, Self-discovery
  • Pony Arps and Square Dresses / Gimme R D / Fluttershy Exomix

    Random music all over the place. I'm not sure what genre the first one classifies as. It's way over my head at least!

    1.) Pony Arps and Square Dresses
    2.) Gimme R D
    3.) Fluttershy (Exomix Remix)

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 18

    Fluttershy looks cute in a space suit edition. Just look at those little pockets for her wings! Adorable. Anyway, Space. The final frontier. Some say it's a place of infinite beauty and wonder, waiting for ponykind to explore it. Others say it's the fridge Celestia uses to store her alcohol at night. A few others suggest that alternative theory has very unfortunate implications for the whole Nightmare Moon thing, but we laugh at those guys because we know deep down Luna is a party animal and this is clearly the reason why. Somepony write a fanfic about that. Anywhoof, pictures! Tonight we got another 175 of them! That brings our grand total to 3,554, which is absolutely amazing. The push to 4,000 is on! How long do you think before we get there? Onward, to adventure!

    Time to do the "Phoe repeats herself ad nauseum" dance. Check here for your submission guidelines, and send all inquiries regarding whatever else to [email protected]. I get back to some ponies quicker than others, but I try to answer every question sent to me.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony's evil twin. If a portal to an alternate version of Equestria opened up, what kind of ponies would step out? Is Evil!Twilight a book burning pyromaniac? Does Evil!Lyra only lie on benches on her stomach? Does everypony have a goatee (please no)? This one's as much an exercise in character interpretation as it is drawing. Come on, show me what you've got! And before we even start, yes mirror opposites instead of true evil clones are allowed, and yes you can still use OCs. Just make sure the drawing sufficiently explains what's going on.