• Derpy and Fluttershy Sculptures

    What you see above is a pony hopping over a rock, produced from super sculpy clay by somepony operating under the handle "jberg18". Where is she going? Is she taking off in search of muffins? Delivering the mail? Personally, I think she's galloping toward the page break, where you can see a ridiculously awesome sculpture of Fluttershy flying around a tree along with a link to the sculptor's DeviantART. There's not a lot of pony stuff there, but if you like clay works there's a lot going on for you to see. Onward, Derpy! To page break! To adventure! Allons-y!

    jberg18's DevianART

    Pretty sure that's the most dynamic sculpture we've seen to date. Pretty swanky, is it not?

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