• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 18

    Fluttershy looks cute in a space suit edition. Just look at those little pockets for her wings! Adorable. Anyway, Space. The final frontier. Some say it's a place of infinite beauty and wonder, waiting for ponykind to explore it. Others say it's the fridge Celestia uses to store her alcohol at night. A few others suggest that alternative theory has very unfortunate implications for the whole Nightmare Moon thing, but we laugh at those guys because we know deep down Luna is a party animal and this is clearly the reason why. Somepony write a fanfic about that. Anywhoof, pictures! Tonight we got another 175 of them! That brings our grand total to 3,554, which is absolutely amazing. The push to 4,000 is on! How long do you think before we get there? Onward, to adventure!

    Time to do the "Phoe repeats herself ad nauseum" dance. Check here for your submission guidelines, and send all inquiries regarding whatever else to [email protected]. I get back to some ponies quicker than others, but I try to answer every question sent to me.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony's evil twin. If a portal to an alternate version of Equestria opened up, what kind of ponies would step out? Is Evil!Twilight a book burning pyromaniac? Does Evil!Lyra only lie on benches on her stomach? Does everypony have a goatee (please no)? This one's as much an exercise in character interpretation as it is drawing. Come on, show me what you've got! And before we even start, yes mirror opposites instead of true evil clones are allowed, and yes you can still use OCs. Just make sure the drawing sufficiently explains what's going on.

    So this turned out to be a great theme. Once again you've all proven your ability to take a simple one line command and stretch it to encompass almost everything under (and this time over!) the sun. And in between our little exchanges of wit you've managed to slip in some of the most beautiful works to date. If yesterday made me a giddy little fanfilly, today makes the artist in me sigh in ecstasy. You improve, you expand, and above all you create. And creation is what this is all about. It's not necessarily about getting better each and every day; it's about realizing that doesn't matter. You are all bright minded ponies who can absolutely put something together each and every day if you set your mind to it. Art is a never ending staircase toward perfection, and it's only by being willing to walk that we move forward at all. If you get through my training grounds, you can do anything. Now then: Earth below us, drifting, falling, floating weightless, calling, calling...

    1) By Colin

    2) By Several Alpacas (Well. That happened fast.)

    3) By DJ Rainbow Dash

    4) By Fairiedragon999

    5) By Tabs (And again! Hurr hurr.)

    6) By PandaRoux

    7) By Quint-t-W

    8) By FoxOfWar (Treasure Planet, huh?)

    9) By TheBoyd (Pooonniiiiiieeeees iiiiiiinnn spaaaaaaaaace!)

    10) By Furball981 (Yo ho ho!)

    11) By Emerald Dust

    12) By ChaosDrop (This is heartbreaking because I believe it's true.)

    13) By Jimbo1023

    14) By Mellowbloom (And here am I floating in this tin ca-- oh, wait. Shoot.)

    15) By Mush (I have nothing clever to say about this.)

    16) By Edzepp (I don't think jetpacks work that way.)

    17) By Supersheep64 (Derpy, what have you done?)

    18) By Stylus

    19) By TensaiOni

    20) By Skyline (I would eat at that restaurant. And wear that hat.)

    21) By Prismatic Pretzel (The Astronaut Farmer?)

    22) By Kjh242 (Well there's a movie I haven't seen in... a long time.)

    23) By Brongaar

    24) By Alipes (Pinkie, that's... I... how?)

    25) By Tarynsgate

    26) By Blueberry Muffin (She's going to be ok, right? Dashie?)

    27) By NikaScott

    28) By Apostle_of_Hatsune (And now a pony ON space.)

    29) By Kitty Tail (Uh... hang in there?)

    30) By EssAeEm (I already used that joke.)

    31) By Ash Ketchup

    32) By TwistedPony (Nyan nyan nyan)

    33) By DB

    34) By Flutt3r5hy

    35) By nekoneko (Drawn on a laptop at Barnes and Noble. Trivia, whee!)

    36) By Foxtrot

    37) By Goggle Sparks (This is us in six months.)

    38) By toonboy92484

    39) By badzerg

    40) By TopazPony

    41) By Paintroller (Kirby had the right idea.)

    42) By Atlur

    43) By Eponymous

    44) By loz (Forever Alone.)

    45) By Rydel

    46) By Vissia

    47) By DCPIP (Also Sprach Celestia)

    48) By Amehdaus (Kirk!)

    49) By Nullh (So beautiful... should have sent... a poet.)

    50) By Chris

    51) By Chris

    52) By Saphin (You know I wrote what is essentially this story starring Rainbow Dash, and nopony read it.)

    53) By Squidbombed

    54) By rich-tea

    55) By RedEnchilada (Now 35% more literal!)

    56) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi (Wow, you guys are really on the ball tonight!)

    57) By Scribbles

    58) By Smock (Next time I get sent to the moon, I am hugging Luna.)

    59) By Albert

    60) By Invidlord

    61) By Partition (As the artist explains, the visual represntations Fluttershy is comprised of in this image are called BSP trees. I'll be here all week. Try the veal!)

    62) By Nido Media

    63) By Mere Jump

    64) By Easteu

    65) By Flare The Wolf and P0k3rFace (Soccer doesn't work well in space. Well, Space.)

    66) By Doctor Whoof Fanatic

    67) By NotaBear

    68) By Mr.Paulsen

    69) By Flash Bolt (Finally, one IN the space.)

    70) By Jaimers

    71) By kits (Celestiaaaaaaa!)

    72) By Natry

    73) By GonzaHerMeg

    74) By fetchbeer (How much longer can the Monkey Island theme go on?)

    75) By Latverian_Ponyfan_2993 (Metal Gear Solid 3 ponies. Nice.)

    76) By Rai-dash (Fact: Space bar, parking space, the space in between things, negative space... I'm pretty sure my bases are covered here. Your technicalities are nothing in the face of my puns. Hahaha!)

    77) By Circuit Mane

    78) By HeatWave (Oh dear.)

    79) By Bananizen

    80) By Hawkeye92 (Artist: wanted to let you know that the story you wrote in your comment really touched my heart.)

    81) By Lancer5317

    82) By purpletrauma

    83) By PenguinPlayer

    84) By Jdan-S (Nyan ponies are popular tonight.)

    85) By Chriss

    86) By The Recliner (I'd be pretty pissed, too.)

    87) By DarkMemories (Hipster Lyra!)

    88) By Aidan Clare

    89) By Kyouhen (I want to watch Spaceballs for some strange reason.)

    90) By DI-FL

    91) By Gunny (You are doing it awesome.)

    92) By Relias (Super Twilight has all the chaos emeralds.)

    93) By Taco Bandit

    94) By Rachel (This is beautiful. So beautiful.)

    95) By Dangereaux

    96) By Sapphire (You're in space.)

    97) By Frith

    98) By Periphery

    99) By Kephra (This unfortunate pony is named Event Horizon.)

    100) By Ori (Can you spot the Luna in this picture?)

    101) By MHPayne

    102) By T-Brony

    103) By Leaf Growth

    104) By Xiagu

    105) By Ambrose

    106) By LifeSequenceBreak (In answer to your question, it was Beowulf. On an unrelated topic, there's an easter egg in here I can't find.)

    107) By The Flying Tomato

    108) By The Lovely Penguin

    109) By jejune

    110) By FLASKGARG (I was not expecting space day to be so sad.)

    111) By Zach

    112) By Shiver

    113) By Heretical Rants

    114) By cartoonlion

    115) By Immersa

    116) By Passer Palmatum (Equestrian astronomy explained!)

    117) By kibihascrashed

    118) By Philith (Very lovely.)

    119) By Condor

    120) By Doombah

    121) By Buddy Vox

    122) By Infinity (When you see it....)

    123) By Neoridgeback (I can't believe you're worried nopony will know who Space Ghost is. That's silly. You're silly.)

    124) By Sherlock Hooves

    125) By Kt Kat (Awesomely casted. So fitting!)

    126) By Tenchi Outsuno

    127) By Tanman

    128) By Lunar Apologist (I love the look of sheer, unadulterated glee on Twilight's face.)

    129) By RaspleZS (Trixie has the best dreams.)

    130) By SiuiS (You can use the alone in negative space joke again if it makes you feel better, but the artist of this one wrote a beautiful description about the emotions of the piece being carried through a velvet red cosmos, dotted with stars. And that's too beautiful not to post.)

    131) By MasterofRoku

    132) By Krys

    133) By McGack

    134) By BronyQuest (We were a good 900 years too late.)

    135) By Windfall (Carl Sagan makes Rainbow Dash 20% cooler. Shocking, I know.)

    136) By Digitized Pony (She's an evil enchantress...)

    137) By Kelz (Damn it, Space Core.)

    138) By Da Chi

    139) By Zephire (Ponies in cyberspace. We have now hit every interpretation of the theme that I can think of.)

    140) By Panda_Instinct

    141) By Starlight Bolt (PINK 9000.)

    142) By A Terrible Person (Once in watercolor...)

    143) By A Terrible Person (Once in digital!)

    144) By Chromadancer (Ow ow ow ow ow OW.)

    145) By Chromadancer (If you've never read The Party Hasn't Ended, go do it. I'll wait. No, there's no Space Core.)

    146) By Spurs

    147) By Ego (Everypony, Egophiliac has come again to steal our breath away. Capital W O W.)

    148) By PinkiePied (Oh damn, I missed an interpretation! Thank goodness you caught it for me!)

    149) By rabidcow147

    150) By Aku

    151) By Virga Rainboom (Science fact: wings require air to manipulate in order to function. I wrote about this once. I'm kind of sore about it.)

    152) By PinkamenaPie (...Oops. Tangential note: I love the letters you write with every entry. I'm glad you're learning!)

    153) By 8ftmetalhead

    154) By Liska (And the Academy Award for most in-depth reference goes to...)

    155) By Kooldude

    156) By Shockwave

    157) By Thattagen (*clopplause*)

    158) By DJ RBDash

    159) By Eeful (This is a brilliant title)

    160) By Hawaiianshirtedpony

    161) By Lykan

    162) By rachel freedman

    163) By Ryan Selking

    164) Thanqol (It's an RPG sourcebook about space mages)

    165) By Crimson Risk

    166) By Uncle Leo (Phoekazoid. Ha!)

    167) By Jena-su

    168) By nuclearsuplexattack

    169) By Magnet

    170) By Muffinsforever

    171) By Randomjack

    172) By djTeka

    173) By ShoeboxWarrior

    174) By Drilltooth

    175) By Proxy_Drone

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