• Drawing Training Grounds New Submission Template

    See that Twilight Sparkle? That's me right now after stressing about this all day.

    An awesome coder brony named Calamari has built up a script for us to use that makes it so poor Phoe doesn't have to upload 300 images every night for the drawing training ground. 

    All information can be found after the break!

    Now it's really simple to use, but requires you to upload to an external hosting site (Like Imageshack.com).

    The website can be found HERE!

    The steps required!:

    1.) Fill out your name

    2.) Copy paste the URL from Imageshack/photobucket/ect after you upload an image, and paste it into the Image URL box. [IMPORTANT] Image URL's will end in .png/.jpg/.gif/.ect, not .html or .htm! Make sure your copy pasted url has this or the uploader won't post it! It also needs to be an OPEN website, where everyone has access to the image.  Image URL's from your E-mail Won't work because that is personal.

    4.) Click "Preview" to check out your image and make sure everything went in alright

    3.) Tell Phoe how awesome she is for dealing with 600 image uploads the past 2 days.

    Websites for Image Hosting:
    Deviant Art's Direct image URL

    How do I get my image URL?
    If you have never used an image hosting site before, it's pretty simple.  I'll use imageshack as an example, since that's the one I use most often for quick uploads.

    1.) Save the image somewhere on your computer.

    2.) Go to Imageshack.com

    3.) Click "browse" and select your pony image

    4.) Upload your image

    5.) Create an Imageshack Account so you can use their direct link (It's easier this way)

    6.) Copy the address in the bar that says "Direct Link" and paste it into the URL box on the submission website

    If you guys have any questions, feel free to email me

    I don't want this extra step to deter anyone from enjoying the event, so don't be shy in asking.  If you cant figure it out at all, feel free to email it to me and I'll do it for you later, just include your name.

    If this doesn't work, we will move on to either ponychan (who graciously offered us an entire section for the event) or Flickr, but from testing this thing out, it seems absolutely perfect.