• Comic: 12 Books / Hearth's Warming Together / Better Call Kenny Loggins / Sweet Apple Fritters

    As usual when an episode has aired, we get a huge influx of comics! So here's some more of them to help round out your evening.

    Click for full.

  • Animaniacs Coming to The Hub!

    You were all thinking it, I'm just saying it. But no, that's not quite what I'm here to talk to you about.

    See, it's come to my attention that there are people out there who have lived their lives out without ever knowing the loving caress of the Animaniacs, otherwise known as one of the greatest cartoons of all time. That some of you reading this right now are blissfully unaware of how many Goodfeathers there are, or what it's like to take a spin on the Wheel of Morality.

    Fortunately, our good friends at The Hub have realized what a terrible tragedy this is, and have picked up the rights to the syndication themselves! If you have access to the channel, you now have no excuse: go watch it. Of course if you have seen it, you don't need me prattling on to motivate you. But here's something you might enjoy, instead!

    In celebration of their programming coup, The Hub got the old band back together and put the voice actors back in the studio to record a custom version of the classic opening song. It's fun, and it can send you on a nostalgia trip through the 90s like nobody's business. Go watch it while I see if Buttons has caught up to Mindy yet.

    Ok I love you, buh bai!

  • Animation: Derpy and the Elusive Muffin

    We can't let Spike steal Derpy's reputation of walking disaster area! Luckily the fandom is here to display her gloriousness via our own animation.  This one also doubles as a screensaver!

    Check it out here!
  • Derpy and Rainbow Back in Stock at Hot Topic

    A few hours ago, Derpy went back up for sale over at Hot Topic! It looks like the fixed bubble version from the image, and I don't see any other changes.  Chances are its going to disappear in a few hours after this goes up, so be sure to grab one if you want one (assuming it follows the trends of the last few times it went up in stock).

    Find it here

    Update: The less rare, but also hard to find Rainbow Dash is also available.  Find it here

    Thanks to Bl8demast3r for the heads up
  • Random Merch: Shirts, Cards, Books, and More!

    Someone from Hot Topic bugged me about this shirt a while back, but i wasn't sure if they were actually going to make it.  As far as I know it's one of the few that isn't included in Welovefine's collection.   I'm assuming some stores have it now if you want it, I'd call first though!  Thanks to Ohad for the image.

    Anyway, onward to random merch!

  • Comic: A Dash of Pun / Pike and Airity / Sweet Apple Fritters / Bubblewrap / Better Call Kenny Log..,

    Holy livestreams Batmare,  look at all of those!  Time for some comics! We have everything from horrible puns to baby ponies (which I still don't get any sign of cuteness fun, those beadie little black eyes are creepy!) and bubble wrap.  Click for full!

  • Spotlight Music: So Shy / Power / Bring It On!

    I think that one splices Fluttershy's voice enough to count at as a vocal track at this point. But just in case you need some normal vocals, the second one rolls with a 70's/80's rock style, and if neither of those are your thing, grab an instrumental orchestral piece in the lasts lot! It's music time.

    1.) Sim Gretina - So Shy
    2.) M Pallante - Power (Trixie's Song)
    3.) Bring It On!

  • Livestream Saturdays

    Heya folks! Enjoy today's episode and are looking for something to do? Well, how about dropping in on another edition of Livestream Saturdays and watching some of our community's pony artists do what they do best: make pony appear out of thin air!

    We've got a wide variety of artists to choose from today, with a couple of them taking requests so make sure to pop in for a look! As a rare treat, we also have Empty10 streaming his progress on his Gurren Lagann pony parody today, so don't miss it.

    Now for our usual disclaimer as I am a pony for details. If you are interested in participating in our Livestream Saturday event, whether you are a pony artist, musician, video editor, ect. please send an email containing your name, livestream link, a gallery (if you have one), and an optional banner to [email protected]. All Livestream Saturdays start at 4pm EST / 1pm PST so keep that in mind when submitting.

    All right, let's get started, shall we?

  • Bronyville Episode 087 - Friendship 'til The End of Time

    Heyo, True Believers!

    Bronyville this week is joined by two of the hosts from Bronystate as we give out the "Bronyville Because 2012 Golden Muffin" Awards! In addition to that, we'll discuss the adventures of Treekicker and Faxmachine, go over the weeks news, and stay true to our silly roots.

    Cereal Velocity will also be joining us, representing EQD and removing any remaining sense of professionalism the show ever had.

    Join us live NOW at Justin.tv/BronyvillePodcast!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #669

    I have no clue who this OC pony is, but I really like her for some reason and can't figure out why.

    Time for some art! You know the drill.  Go get it below. 

    Source 1
    Sunstar Rose
  • Pwnies for a Cause - Kiki Charity Stream

    For the last few hours and upcoming rest of the day, a charity gaming marathon is going on over at Bluescreen Bronies to help fund Kiki's treatment.   If you want to join in on the action, hit up their schedule here, and stream here!  There are quite a few free games being given out as prizes, so hit it up!
  • Top 100 Songs Countdown!

    Everfree has just started their Top 100 Brony Tracks of 2012 event! So if you're looking for an awesome way to help close out this year of pony or just want something to listen to while enjoying your Saturday why not tune in? The event should last for approximately 7-8 hours, but check below for the link and full details.

  • Spike At Your Service Hits iTunes Early

    Yep, it happened again.  Spike At Your Service has been released early just like the last few episodes.  At this point I'm starting to think this is planned. I guess it's time to go grab it! I'm not seeing it on the actual store page, this was an email link and auto download for the season pass.  Be sure to watch it on The Hub too though! They deserve the ratings!
    Update: The sound is pretty wonky, for me at least.  
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    Source | www.tetrapony.com

    I don't actually hate Applejack, guys.