• Random Merch: Shirts, Cards, Books, and More!

    Someone from Hot Topic bugged me about this shirt a while back, but i wasn't sure if they were actually going to make it.  As far as I know it's one of the few that isn't included in Welovefine's collection.   I'm assuming some stores have it now if you want it, I'd call first though!  Thanks to Ohad for the image.

    Anyway, onward to random merch!

    Birthday Card

    Are they usually this empty on the inside?  This was sent in by Laurence from a store called Stacks in Australia!

    Another Giant Coloring Book

    Apparently these things are a hit, because they just keep making them.  Included are the usual stickers and activities.  Thanks to Nerdy_aslin for the images.  You can find it at Meijer!

    New Pony Watch

    Not to be confused with the old pony watch from a while back, this one comes in a candy cane shaped box, and as Lucas (the submitter) points out, is probably holiday related and won't be around for long.    Hit up K-Mart if you want one. 

    Stickers at Hot Topic

    More hot topic merch! This time around we have stickers that clock in at $2.99 a pop, including more Derpy.  Thanks to Framwinkle for the heads up!

    African Random Merch Bag

    And finally, we have a whole bunch of completely random stuff from South Africa.  These blindbag sets come packed with everything from stickers to G3 puzzles.  Apparently a local pharmacy had the set.  Thanks to Voodoo for the image!

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