• Nightly Roundup #1105

    Considering the success of the Orion test flight today I thought ponies exploring another celestial body would be appropriate. Besides, Luna gets lonely when she visits the moon.

    News time my friends! Get it after the break.

  • Nightly Discussion #191

    Yeah, I'm a CheeriMac fan. I just think they look good together! Not to say FlutterMac isn't cool too.

    Ready for the weekend everyone? Let's have some fun!

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  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds IV - Day 5

    Gotta step up to get down! Gotta step up to move! I have no idea why dancing has been on my mind so much lately, but I feel like it's working. There's a lot of great overlap between traditional picture art and dance. You've got all the usual parallels about grace and style and poise and all that, but have you ever actually tried to dance? I have. And I'm clunky and don't know what I'm doing and I look ridiculous. And it's fun! I hope you are all having just as much fun with this. If your entries are anything to go by, then today maybe not. So many sad ponies! So, so many sad ponies. You didn't have to draw a sad pony (although obviously, you could)! But it's all right, because sad or not, you've impressed again with another 514 ponies! Our grand total keeps piling up to astronomic proportions, reaching a 4-day tally of 2514 images! If they were steps, we'd have enough to make Sombra jealous. Or at least his architect.

    Does anybody like the My Little Pony card game? If you do, tonight's prize is one to drool over. But not on. I mean, think of the collector's value? Tonight, entry will get you a chance to win the adorable Derpy playmat you see above you, drawn and autographed by our fandom's very own Pixelkitties, as well as four theme decks from the Crystal Pony expansion set. Princesses! Crystals! Tiaras! Glee! A massive thank you to Enterplay for opening their hearts and donating such a cool prize!

    And now, the winner of our Day 3 prize! This one goes out to lucky #319, an adorably bundled Rainbow Dash making a snowpony by ErinSoup! Thanks for entering, and congratulations again. We'll be in touch with you shortly to set up shipping.

    So, here in Denver, the seasons are all over the place. One day it's cold as heck and snowing, the next day it feels like spring. Meanwhile, all across the northern hemisphere the leaves have fallen off the trees, while meteorologists continue to insist it's Autumn. Oh dear. Perhaps Equestria didn't get the memo? Since the weather doesn't magically change itself over there, let's get them in line with the times with tonight's prompt: Draw a pony wrapping up Autumn/Draw a pony falling. There's a pun in there somewhere, I'm sure of it.

    As always, submit all entries here by December 6, 9 PM Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7). Remember also that we're super lenient on late entries. Now get out there and run with the leaves!
  • Comic: Rainbow Dash vs Sombra / Pricess of Mood Swings / I Don't Care / Magic of the Sirens 11 / Crazy Future 44 / Heads and Tails 30 / Timey Whimey 9

    If the Crystal Heart didn't work you'd better hope the girls would have a backup plan. Thankfully in this instance, RD has their backs!

    Comics guys! Click for full!

    Comic Updates:

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  • Is Rainbow Dash a Jerk? Or Just Insecure? - Digging Into the Psyche of Rainbow Dash

    Oh Rainbow Dash... It seems these last four seasons haven't exactly been the most flattering for you.  The Element of Loyalty is a mixed bag when it comes to actually living up to her title.  Over the years, she has received all sorts of unflattering nicknames from the community, many of which we can't even use here with our PGish rating. 

    This filly isn't all awesome and amazing though. She has a past, and compared to the other ponies we have seen very little of it. From what her trip to Cloudsdale revealed in season one, Dashy has some baggage.

    Time to explore her! Time to try to understand what goes on in the mind of Ponyville's #1 narcissistic enigma!

    Time to write a giant editorial about a rainbow pegasus below the break. 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #1370

    Rarity seems to die out a bit during these hiatus, so lets header a drawfriend with her.  Rekindle that Rarity love.  Become the pony everypony should know.  Ect. ect.

    As a side note, a few days ago we had a very subtle NSFW image in a drawfriend post.  When a single line or a circle can change something (which was the case here), it sometimes does happen with a flood of hundreds of images a day.

    People pointed it out in the comments, but unfortunately we can't keep up with every single comment here.  If you do find something weird/wrong/mislabeled/ect on EQD, either send an email to the submit box (up on the nav bar, right side), or bug me on Twitter.


    [1] Source

  • Story: Wither


    Author: TGM

    Description: Two years after the Canterlot invasion, Queen Chrysalis is the last of her kind. However, she is confident that the Changelings will survive. They always have. The Ponies' help may be the only thing that will keep the Changelings from falling into extinction, but Chrysalis refuses to ask. She does not need it.


    Additional Tags: Pride doesn't hurt only you
  • MLP: CCG The Crystal Games Launch Day Celebrations!

    With booster packs for The Crystal Games hitting shelves today, Enterplay is celebrating and everyone's invited to join in:

    • Everyone come show off your pack cracking and box opening videos and images over on Facebook!

    •  Come join the Poetry Slam Competition on Twitter, tweeting your best poems that use MLP: CCG card names at #mlpccg. We'll retweet the best ones! For example:
     Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship
    with a Burst of Speed, almost hit Fast Clip,
    but crashed into Princess Luna, A Good Night's Sleep!
    Ponies Without Parachutes? Catch me! Eep!

      And hey, if you want to share videos, pictures, or poems right here in the comments below, that's great, too. Have a great launch weekend, everypony!
    • SFM: Ponies Vs. Changelings

      If you are like me, you could never get into mobile or casual games.  These are the things we were playing 10 years ago on Warcraft 3.  It's old news with... well in some cases even worst graphics.


      And I just started two sentences with and and but, some of them do find a way to hook you.  Plants vs. Zombies was one of those for me.

      So, lets celebrate that with some SFM, via Ponies Vs. Changelings. Get it below. Now someone turn it into a real source mod game?

    • Discussion: What is Your Favorite "Concept" To Come Out of the Fandom?

      Friendship is Magic gave us a giant world to play with, and an army of unexplored characters to go with it.  Over the years, the canon side has tightened up quite a bit with the episodes exploring various parts of the world.  We wouldn't survive without our crazy theories and fanon ideas fueling the fandom between seasons though.

      From simple things like throwing sock on hooves, to giant projects like Fallout Equestria, we have done a lot to expand what Equestria, and the characters living in it can "be".  And when we get bored of fanon? We have a literal armada of OC ponies.  Googling just about anything will pop up with a pony for "something".  Want a batpony? Have 50.  Need a pony dedicated to sleeping? We got mares with pillows on their flanks all over the place.  There isn't a concept out there that doesn't have an OC for it.

      So, fandom filled with a variety of thoughts and interests, what is your favorite fan created concept over the years? Do you go so far as to celebrate some of the alternate worlds we have come up with? Or is a pony in sweater about as far as the fanside goes for you? Do you have a favorite fandom OC pony?

      Hit the comments up!
    • Mario V.S. Pinkie Pie

      I have no idea why Mario and Pinkie Pie would be fighting, but apparently in some world this is a thing.  Below ht ebreak, get your daily dose of smash bros style violence.  Now to convince Nintendo to get some pony DLC going for it...

    • Spotlight Music: The Great Ponyville Swindle / Unbound Existence

      We are seeing an increase in metal/rock music lately. Is this a sign of things to come? Has the fandom swapped from electronic?

      Get that in the first slot, and some industrial boss battle music in the second slot!

      1.) Caine - The Great Ponyville Swindle (Vocal - Metal)
      2.) Injustrial - Unbound Existence ft. Valkyrie X (Vocal - Industrial/Psytrance)

    • MLP CCG: Crystal Games Set Officially Releases Today

      The next round of the MLP CCG should officially be popping up in stores today! Quite a bit of interesting things have been added in this one to really switch up the meta, from the prismatic keyword to the greatest and most powerful equine who ever graced the front of a card.  Theme decks should also be available, with Derpy as a major player in one.  Toywiz currently has those available:

      Opening Ceremony Theme Deck
      Special Delivery Theme Deck

      We actually have a few posts digging a bit deeper into those if you are curious, from earlier in the month.  Find one here, and the other here!

      Now go! Play some cards, make some friends, do that pony thing.

      And if you plan to host a tournament or card game meetup, feel free to send them over to submit@equestriadaily.com for the nightly roundups.  If we get enough, we will probably compile them up for one of those old tournament posts!
    • Hot Topic Sends Out Apology for Delayed Funko Celestia

      If you are in the same boat I am, you are probably wondering where your Celestia and Luna are from Hot Topic. Mine have switched from delivering to fulfilling twice now.  Fortunately, in what can only be described as "something I wish all companies would do when stuff breaks", Hot Topic has released information on why Celestia in particular has been delayed.

      Apparently there is an issue over at the Port of Los Angeles stopping them from arriving. Hot Topic has offered to axe the shipping cost on the package in compensation (assuming you didn't order when I did with free shipping, doh!).

      Hopefully these two arrive soon! I've seen a lot of people showing off their Lunas.  Do want.

      Thanks to MetroPex and Agile for the image. 

    • Early Morning Discussion #55

      Flutterkitten wants to play you guys! You going to help her or what?

      Morning everyone! Ready to get this Friday over and hit the weekend? I know I am.

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