• Discussion: What is Your Favorite "Concept" To Come Out of the Fandom?

    Friendship is Magic gave us a giant world to play with, and an army of unexplored characters to go with it.  Over the years, the canon side has tightened up quite a bit with the episodes exploring various parts of the world.  We wouldn't survive without our crazy theories and fanon ideas fueling the fandom between seasons though.

    From simple things like throwing sock on hooves, to giant projects like Fallout Equestria, we have done a lot to expand what Equestria, and the characters living in it can "be".  And when we get bored of fanon? We have a literal armada of OC ponies.  Googling just about anything will pop up with a pony for "something".  Want a batpony? Have 50.  Need a pony dedicated to sleeping? We got mares with pillows on their flanks all over the place.  There isn't a concept out there that doesn't have an OC for it.

    So, fandom filled with a variety of thoughts and interests, what is your favorite fan created concept over the years? Do you go so far as to celebrate some of the alternate worlds we have come up with? Or is a pony in sweater about as far as the fanside goes for you? Do you have a favorite fandom OC pony?

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