• MLP CCG: Crystal Games Set Officially Releases Today

    The next round of the MLP CCG should officially be popping up in stores today! Quite a bit of interesting things have been added in this one to really switch up the meta, from the prismatic keyword to the greatest and most powerful equine who ever graced the front of a card.  Theme decks should also be available, with Derpy as a major player in one.  Toywiz currently has those available:

    Opening Ceremony Theme Deck
    Special Delivery Theme Deck

    We actually have a few posts digging a bit deeper into those if you are curious, from earlier in the month.  Find one here, and the other here!

    Now go! Play some cards, make some friends, do that pony thing.

    And if you plan to host a tournament or card game meetup, feel free to send them over to [email protected] for the nightly roundups.  If we get enough, we will probably compile them up for one of those old tournament posts!