• MLP: CCG The Crystal Games Launch Day Celebrations!

    With booster packs for The Crystal Games hitting shelves today, Enterplay is celebrating and everyone's invited to join in:

    • Everyone come show off your pack cracking and box opening videos and images over on Facebook!

    •  Come join the Poetry Slam Competition on Twitter, tweeting your best poems that use MLP: CCG card names at #mlpccg. We'll retweet the best ones! For example:
     Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship
    with a Burst of Speed, almost hit Fast Clip,
    but crashed into Princess Luna, A Good Night's Sleep!
    Ponies Without Parachutes? Catch me! Eep!

      And hey, if you want to share videos, pictures, or poems right here in the comments below, that's great, too. Have a great launch weekend, everypony!