• Newbie Artist Training Grounds IV - Day 5

    Gotta step up to get down! Gotta step up to move! I have no idea why dancing has been on my mind so much lately, but I feel like it's working. There's a lot of great overlap between traditional picture art and dance. You've got all the usual parallels about grace and style and poise and all that, but have you ever actually tried to dance? I have. And I'm clunky and don't know what I'm doing and I look ridiculous. And it's fun! I hope you are all having just as much fun with this. If your entries are anything to go by, then today maybe not. So many sad ponies! So, so many sad ponies. You didn't have to draw a sad pony (although obviously, you could)! But it's all right, because sad or not, you've impressed again with another 514 ponies! Our grand total keeps piling up to astronomic proportions, reaching a 4-day tally of 2514 images! If they were steps, we'd have enough to make Sombra jealous. Or at least his architect.

    Does anybody like the My Little Pony card game? If you do, tonight's prize is one to drool over. But not on. I mean, think of the collector's value? Tonight, entry will get you a chance to win the adorable Derpy playmat you see above you, drawn and autographed by our fandom's very own Pixelkitties, as well as four theme decks from the Crystal Pony expansion set. Princesses! Crystals! Tiaras! Glee! A massive thank you to Enterplay for opening their hearts and donating such a cool prize!

    And now, the winner of our Day 3 prize! This one goes out to lucky #319, an adorably bundled Rainbow Dash making a snowpony by ErinSoup! Thanks for entering, and congratulations again. We'll be in touch with you shortly to set up shipping.

    So, here in Denver, the seasons are all over the place. One day it's cold as heck and snowing, the next day it feels like spring. Meanwhile, all across the northern hemisphere the leaves have fallen off the trees, while meteorologists continue to insist it's Autumn. Oh dear. Perhaps Equestria didn't get the memo? Since the weather doesn't magically change itself over there, let's get them in line with the times with tonight's prompt: Draw a pony wrapping up Autumn/Draw a pony falling. There's a pun in there somewhere, I'm sure of it.

    As always, submit all entries here by December 6, 9 PM Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7). Remember also that we're super lenient on late entries. Now get out there and run with the leaves!