• Season 2 Episode 1 Screener Complete!

    I didn't really find out what a "Screener" was until a few minutes ago, but apparently Jayson Thiessen's daughter is the luckiest pony fan alive.

    Season 2, Episode 1, is essentially "complete" minus a few final touches if the definition on wikipedia is anything useful to go by. I was going to post this in the nightly update until I did some research on it! This is big news!

    If you didn't click that link above for whatever reason, you can find the tweet below!

  • Papercraft DJ Pon-3

    She better be a recurring character!  There is no way they would waste such an awesome pony model!

    You can find the pattern here!

    And the general instructions for all ponies
  • Wallpaper Compilation

    So Seth was all, "Cereal, make a post for 10:00PM cause I have to go to work." And I was all, "Seth, I don't have anything to post. It'll be a joke pos-" but then he cut me off by throwing an email full of wallpapers at me and dashing out the door.

    So you guys get some wallpapers, courtesy of Braukoly. Three more after the break!

  • Story: The Regal Dream (Updated Complete!)

    [Crossover][Sad][Grimlight] Inception inspired pony time!  I think I have tried to use this image 3 times now...

    Author: James Corck
    Description: Princess Celestia has been trapped into her own dreams by someone and she won't wake up. Risking their minds and memories, Twilight and Luna lead a group of ponies into Celestia's dreams, with the purpose of waking her up. Will they succeed?
    The Regal Dream Prologue
    The Regal Dream Chapter 1 
    The Regal Dream Chapter 2 
    The Regal Dream Chapter 3 (New!)
    The Regal Dream Chapter 4 (New!)
    The Regal Dream - Epilogue (New!)

    The Regal Dream (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Long, Inception Inspired, Action scenes, Everypony, Dreams, 

    Word Count: 71,179
  • Speedfic Challenge IS OVER

    Pencils down, ponies! All entries received after this post are disqualified!


    You guys wrote a lot. And here I was thinking I was going to get twenty entries max. Here I was thinking this would be an unpopular event! I'll have the final count on the fics tomorrow, but there's a lot.

    Keep an eye on your emails just in case I need more info from you, or a Docs link, or what have you. If my email comes after the deadline that's fine, obviously, because you already submitted.

    Just as a heads-up, guys: I see a lot of Word Doc submissions. That's not what what I meant by a Docs link. If you know you did this, PLEASE email me a Google Docs link. Make my life easier. This will not be up on Sunday. This might take a long, long, time.
  • Music: Fluttershy Fireflies Parody / WWU Electropop / Avast Fluttershy's Jazz

    I'm pretty sure this is the best cover ever. Just sayin. Also some crazy elctropop Winter Wrap Up, and another remix of Avast Fluttershy's Ass!

    1.) Fluttershys 20% cooler version - Fireflies Parody
    2.) Winter Wrap Up ELECTROPOP REMIX
    3.) Avast Fluttershy's Jazz

  • Speedfic Challenge Begins Right Now

    As in, right now.

    Prompt B won. Your prompt for this event is:

    B) Rainbow Dash wants to learn how to cook, but is completely inept at it. Write a story about her attempts to either learn to cook in general, or to make a specific food item.

    You have exactly two hours. No late entries, whatsoever. Send all entries, in Docs format preferably, to [email protected]

    GO GO GO.
  • Luna

    Luna time!  It is once again amazing!

    But that grass.. it's so dirty!

    My OCD is killing me.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #113

    WTB Nightmare Moon's services for my next building project edition.

    You guys are insane! I barely finished this in time for work.  That being said, I won't have much time to fix things.. so I'll get it all when I get home tonight if any of the links are broken.  Feel free to email me and what not. 

    Tons of drawing training ground stuff this time around.   I had to cut some just due to the sheer amount I had pulled out.  You all improved a ton over the last 30 days..


    Source 1 Moe
  • PMV: My Angry Ponies / Pinkie's Holiday Camp! / Defying Gravity

    PMV time! Good news: I've cleared out a lot of the fanfiction from my email troubles. Tomorrow should be much less spammy.

    1.) My Angry Ponies
    2.) Pinkie's Holiday Camp!
    3.) Defying Gravity

  • Stereoscopic Derpy

    Fillies and gentlecolts- I present to you stereoscopic Derpy.

    Click the image for the full size. The effect doesn't work as well with the thumbnail. Trust me, I tried. If you're not sure how to use this image, after the break you can find some instructions in image form.

    Cheaters can find the image way below the break.
  • German MLP Opening

    I heard you guys liked foreign openenings!

    So have one!

    This is the German version of FiM.  It's actually really well done.

    German MLP Opening

    Thanks to typjk for the tip.
  • Equestria Online Announced

    I kinda wish one of these pony MMO games would finish so I could waste all of my remaining free time pretending to be a pony prancing through a meadow. I would be such a pretty filly. I would pick flowers and make dresses for other ponies and just be a complete Rarity. Get on it, developers.

    Anyway, website is here, and their Youtube channel is here. Go bother them.

    Also a quote from the people working on it:
    In a nut shell, after the project is finished, Equestria Online will be a
    free to play MMO that people can download and play. Players will create
    their very own pony, find their cutie mark and venture around Equestria
    with other players. We're looking for all sorts of help on this project,
    but we're in a great need of more 3D modelers and coders (ones familiar
    with unity3D if possible).
  • Story: The Living is Easy


    Author: The Descendant
    Description: As she prepares to lift the sun to its apex, to usher in the solstice and bring the Summer Sun Celebration to its climax once more, Princess Celestia embraces the vision of the Equestrian summer that it places before her.

    In the vision the summer she is birthing plays out around her, and as a happy phantom she walks through the summer stories of the lives of Twilight, Spike, the other bearers of the Elements of Harmony, their families and loved ones, and even her own sister, Luna. As she does so, she thinks on this world, her role in it...and the gift she's given it.

    The Living is Easy

    Additional Tags: Celestia's happy vision of summer.
  • Bill Clinton Questioned About Ponies On NPR

    Woah, it was actually him!

    NPR has discussed My Little Pony with Former President Bill Clinton himself!

    You can find the interview below!

    Bill Clinton on NPR

    6:15 for Ponies
  • Super Dash Game

    Another game featuring Rainbow Dash! I don't think I've seen a game where she isn't the main character. Oh, wait, we did have Collect Cupcakes, Lick Ponies. And that playable demo of that pony game with the awesome hair physics. Does the Desktop Ponies app count as a game?

    Anyway, after the break you can find a video of the game in action.

    You can download it here.

  • Nightly Roundup #17

    I didn't have time to do a drawfriend today, which is scary, because I have actual work tomorrow, and drawfriend posts take forever even with only one day of stuff to build from!

    This means no new Lyra for the image, sorry Phoe. 

    So have some Majoras Mask.   I downloaded that today, but an awesome person from here gave me Terraria on Steam, so now I have to go play that.  I already added the pony mod for it. 

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 30

    Leap Before You Look Edition. Caution's all well and good, but sometimes before you can get a little too caught up in looking, and you forget to actually leap. You only really need a basic read of the situation in 9 cases out of 10. Don't take that too literally though, ok? Anyway, tonight tonight tonight! We've got a stellar lineup of 154 scholastic little ponies, with a hoof-full of bloggers mixed in for good measure. With that, our grand total for the event is now a whopping 5439 images! Gasp and surprise!

    Here's your nightly link to the submission guidelines, which seem once again to be flubbing for a minor collection of you. I have no idea what the problem might be with that - it's a higher incidence rate than usual, but still far far far from the majority of entrants. Maybe it's just getting tired. I bet you know the feeling, huh? Well, [email protected] remains available if you need to use that, instead.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony using any previous theme. You can probably guess what this means. I've given this a lot of thought over the past couple of days, and I've been monitoring your comments... and I think that it's best if we begin our Final Examinations tonight. If you need it, here is a document listing the exact wording of every theme to date. So take an older theme and redo it. Let's see how much you've improved. This is also your chance to go back and take another stab at a theme you felt slipped through your grasp, or that you didn't handle as well as you could have. And of course, if you're brave crazy enough... perhaps you can manage them all in one picture. Show me what you've got.