• Equestria Online Announced

    I kinda wish one of these pony MMO games would finish so I could waste all of my remaining free time pretending to be a pony prancing through a meadow. I would be such a pretty filly. I would pick flowers and make dresses for other ponies and just be a complete Rarity. Get on it, developers.

    Anyway, website is here, and their Youtube channel is here. Go bother them.

    Also a quote from the people working on it:
    In a nut shell, after the project is finished, Equestria Online will be a
    free to play MMO that people can download and play. Players will create
    their very own pony, find their cutie mark and venture around Equestria
    with other players. We're looking for all sorts of help on this project,
    but we're in a great need of more 3D modelers and coders (ones familiar
    with unity3D if possible).