• Story: Batmare Begins

    [Crossover][Comedy-Black][Random] "This...  this is completely bat-shit insane. I'm not sure whether the author is a genius, or certifiable for a LONG stay in the loony-bin."-Pre-reader #20

    Author: GamerPony
    Description: It's called Batmare Begins! Take a guess. Pinkie Pie plays Pinkie Pie, heir to Pie Enterprises. Her parents are killed when she was just a filly, she swore to avenge their deaths by beating up criminals and filling the world with some joy and laughter. Follow her journey from being trained high up in the Himalayan Mountains to becoming the Party Pony version of a cultural icon. And yes, the Batmobile will be pink with balloons & streamers on it.
    Batmare Begins Chapter 1

    Batmare Begins Chapter 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Batman, Pinkie Pie, Parody, Epic

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