• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 30

    Leap Before You Look Edition. Caution's all well and good, but sometimes before you can get a little too caught up in looking, and you forget to actually leap. You only really need a basic read of the situation in 9 cases out of 10. Don't take that too literally though, ok? Anyway, tonight tonight tonight! We've got a stellar lineup of 154 scholastic little ponies, with a hoof-full of bloggers mixed in for good measure. With that, our grand total for the event is now a whopping 5439 images! Gasp and surprise!

    Here's your nightly link to the submission guidelines, which seem once again to be flubbing for a minor collection of you. I have no idea what the problem might be with that - it's a higher incidence rate than usual, but still far far far from the majority of entrants. Maybe it's just getting tired. I bet you know the feeling, huh? Well, [email protected] remains available if you need to use that, instead.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony using any previous theme. You can probably guess what this means. I've given this a lot of thought over the past couple of days, and I've been monitoring your comments... and I think that it's best if we begin our Final Examinations tonight. If you need it, here is a document listing the exact wording of every theme to date. So take an older theme and redo it. Let's see how much you've improved. This is also your chance to go back and take another stab at a theme you felt slipped through your grasp, or that you didn't handle as well as you could have. And of course, if you're brave crazy enough... perhaps you can manage them all in one picture. Show me what you've got.

    I don't want to dwell on this too much because I need something to talk about tomorrow, but I wanted to give my reasoning for deciding to bring this to a close with one final night. I know that all of you love this event as much as I do, and I think it's going to be a very bittersweet experience to see it wrap up... but that feeling is going to persist no matter how long we keep trying to stall it. If I give another week, we're only going to start wondering if we can push just a little bit past that. But like I said, I've been reading your comments on every night's gallery. And the vast majority of you are this close to a burnout. Working through this grind has helped you improve tremendously, and it's taught you that you have the power to draw something each and every day. But now you've earned a rest. It's time to relax, to breathe, and to unwind before we push too hard and start doing more harm than good.

    For one last day, let's concentrate on drawing. Everything else to come after that can come after that. And I can promise you that once we go on break we will be discussing ways to bring this event back, better than ever. Chins up, and smiles.

    1) By badzerg (It's probably safe to say this was not the conclusion to the Longshy saga any of us were expecting.)

    2) By DarkKnightWolf2011

    3) By Mandy Tise (I should start reading recursive self help books, too.)

    4) By Interrobang Pie (I will never be tired of Mega Man. In fact after this I'm probably going to sit down and play through the first 8 games in marathon.)

    5) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi (Our first instance of 'Seth is a pretty filly' jokes begin here. Also still loving the continuation of your comic.)

    6) By Goggle Sparks (This is probably pretty accurate.)

    7) By FoxOfWar (You know I hadn't really thought about it before, but this probably does make Rarity a pretty lousy cook.)

    8) By ChaosDrop

    9) By Thanqol

    10) By Quint-t-W (Cloudsdale. Up. Or is it straight ahead? I could never decide which kind of arrow I wanted those signs to have.)

    11) By otherunicorn

    12) By Vanner

    13) By Gig (I approve of Sethcube in a tutu.)

    14) By Doctor Dapples

    15) By Edzepp (Every time I sneak a peak at ego's deviantART page to look for previews of what might be submitted, I am forced to admit she has an awesome hat. I am not surprised you felt the need to draw her.)

    16) By Tarynsgate (Written by Pinkie.)

    17) By PandaRoux

    18) By Vanner

    19) By harley (Teeny tiny Fluttershy! Twilight, are you researching a cure? I dunno, she looks pretty happy.)

    20) By Sherlock Hooves

    21) By Doc-r (You cleared away the majority of a malignant tumor in a dying pony's skull, relieving enoough pressure on the brain for him to live until doctors could arrive and save the day. You don't remember this, Pinkie?)

    22) By Goggle Sparks (Rarity does not seem to enjoy reading fanfiction.)

    23) By ShakeBunny

    24) By SelectFew ('Sethista', hm?)

    25) By Smock (Basically the heirarchy of cute goes like this: Dinky + Derpy, filly Celly + Luna, any sufficiently tiny pony. Just in case you were curious.)

    26) By PrincessSpartana (Another useful book for the library.)

    27) By EssAeEm (I've often wondered if this is what it's like for Deadpool.)

    28) By WoefulWriters

    29) By Dangereaux (It's a cook book!)

    30) By Philith (The Neverending Story is a great movie.)

    31) By Prismatic Pretzel (Three part extravaganza!)

    32) By Prismatic Pretzel (Seth is such a pretty filly!)

    33) By Prismatic Pretzel (And the note just makes it all the better.)

    34) By Vergioso

    35) By loz (Done on a napkin, I'm told.)

    36) By raichudoggy (Looking on that cutie mark makes me realize some of the peculiarities that must be involved in professional Equestrian sports. Do they even bother drafting, or just look at your mark?)

    37) By Emerald Dust (I need a copy of that book. For serious.)

    38) By Conner Cogwork (I am emitting the kind of high pitched sound right now that is only audible to dogs. Tiny Lyra in my hooves, squee!)

    39) By Atlur (I'd love to be able to read like that, wouldn't you?)

    40) By Invidlord (Which is of course why you have the centerfold out, right?)

    41) By T-Brony (The specific subjects she's reading about make this an extra 6% funny.)

    42) By Saphin (Damn but that is a tough choice. I... sheez, which would you pick?)

    43) By Colin (I have always imagined Fluttershy would be the sultry one in that relationship.)

    44) By Colaz

    45) By Immersa (Triple blogpony action. Are you satisfied yet, Sethisto? Do you feel pretty? Can I have my makeup kit back yet?)

    46) By tabs (*snicker*)

    47) By DB

    48) By Tabs (Late at night with only the glow of the screen to light the room. Er, I mean I don't read that stuff at all. What are you talking about?)

    49) By A Terrible Person

    50) By A.Q. Nichols (Tiny Twilight or giant book? You decide!)

    51) By Spaerk (Welp.)

    52) By Infinity (I envy all unicorns for their ability to type.)

    53) By rich-tea (It's like you guys have never seen a fanfic before.)

    54) By Mere Jump (You tell her, Twi! See you on the moon!)

    55) By Shiver

    56) By Starlight Bolt (It's ok, Scoots. The story begins In Media Res.)

    57) By Ori (Polls suggest more than a third of us enjoy a good plot.)

    58) By Caron (I would be very excited to read 'Derping It'.)

    59) By Ambrose (This came out looking very atmospheric and unique.)

    60) By Latverian_Ponyfan_2993 (Happy nwhllr ammamu.)

    61) By Xiagu (How delightfully meta.)

    62) By TensaiOni (Twilight looks to be having about the same reaction I did. 'This got published!?')

    63) By Farvei (Glad to have given you an outlet, friend.)

    64) By GonzaHerMeg (You're a silly pony, Applejack.)

    65) By Jenbun Spahging

    66) By Ori (29-1 = ... oh god, zombie ponies!)

    67) By Easteu (I think this is my favorite Sethisto-pony.)

    68) By Horizon Bound

    69) By Horizon Bound (I think you have set the record for consecutive nights of saucy Lyra, yes. Thanks! =D)

    70) By DI-FL (This isn't actually true. Anymore we just look at each other and quietly shake our heads. They're so delusional, it's sad.)

    71) By Nido Media

    72) By nissa_lion

    73) By Amehdaus (Evidently it's a bad idea to update iTunes. I'll just keep using atunes then, shall I?)

    74) By Pony Stark (Applesauce is too spicy for Equestria Daily.)

    75) By NonoPony (Iss'ok, Tw- Twilight. Take yer time.)

    76) By ASGallardo (She is so excited for season 2.)

    77) By Jdan-S (Updating my heirarchy list to include filly Applejack and Bloomberg.)

    78) By PinkamenaPie (I'm glad somepony heard the hidden call to pun the secondary theme.)

    79) By IIya

    80) By Alipes

    81) By nissa_lion

    82) By Mr.Paulsen (Some forms of glue must exist. By the way, Octavia? Not the nicest pony in the world.)

    83) By Syggie (This is probably a book you should have finished reading first.)

    84) By Argembarger (Nice try, but I know she's hiding comic books about higher math in that thing.)

    85) By Partition (Pfft. What are you going to do? Cuff me?)

    86) By Chris

    87) By Snap77 (Who would <i>write</i> that!?)

    88) By Ego (In the next panel she sheepishly admits there wasn't really time anyway, then goes out on another wacky adventure with her friends.)

    89) By Lunar Apologist (So cute. So magnificently cute.)

    90) By Kitsune (The Neverending Story, part 2!)

    91) By TheLaughingMare (This can only end well.)

    92) By Chocolate Splash

    93) By 041744 (It's probably because you're hoofing it instead of using magic.)

    94) By Nullh (The 'for eggheads' series is a lot more robust than I realized.)

    95) By Kt Kat (I can very easily see this happening in an episode.)

    96) By Gray

    97) By Sabicon

    98) By Several Alpacas

    99) By Da Chi (And thank you, too!)

    100) By RaspleZS

    101) By McGack (I'm sad that we've run out of days for catch up art.)

    102) By toonboy92484 (There's supposed to be a for in there, I swear.)

    103) By Neoridgeback (I think you've unearthed a conspiracy.)

    104) By Rachel (...Payday loans? Trixie you card!)

    105) By kits (That is an interesting book Dashie's reading.)

    106) By Buddy Vox

    107) By harley (Woah! Did you seriously sculpt that for this event?)

    108) By blasthemis

    109) By MHPayne (And thusly books help close another comic.)

    110) By Doc Steedly

    111) By Relias (His special talent is loving Trixie!)

    112) By Windfall

    113) By yiKomega (That's a very nice Pinkie, but it doesn't look like she's reading any-- hey, what the!?)

    114) By Djrk16

    115) By Tenchi Outsuno (...is it too late to revise my heirarchy of cute to put these two on top?)

    116) By Spurs (Only one way to find out!)

    117) By The Recliner (Derpy lives in a world beyond our ken.)

    118) By Kelz (Oh you little rebel.)

    119) By 20percentcooler

    120) By Leaf Growth (Simply fantastic. I love pony cutouts.)

    121) By Zach (Look at that, got his favorite banner and everything!)

    122) By rabidcow147 (Everypony read to join me in a 'wow'?)

    123) By ShoeboxWarrior

    124) By Circuit Mane

    125) By Uncle Leo

    126) By Chromadancer (*headdesk*)

    127) By Lieutenant Babycakes

    128) By Starlite

    129) By Riokenn (Reading and comprehending are entirely different verbs.)

    130) By Thattagen (Tell your nephew I said hi! It'll totally confuse him!)

    131) By Passer Palmatum (I think that's the strangest tarot card ever.)

    132) By Frith

    133) By Albert (I won't lie, this made me smile.)

    134) By Capt-Nemo

    135) By Kooldude

    136) By Fox E:

    137) By Natry

    138) By DJ RBDash

    139) By Hiro

    141) By Lurkingear (Cereal Velocity Guy)

    142) By Pageturner

    143) By RToasts (The things some ponies write...)

    144) By Rydel

    145) By Shockwave

    146) By nuclearsuplexattack

    147) By Virga Rainboom (Sethisto is an endless source of entertainment, for all of us. I'm glad he's such a good sport.)

    148) By Muffinsforever

    149) By djTeka

    150) By HyperMark

    151) By Periphery (Do Braille and hooves mix? Well Derpy?)

    152) By Liska (Hope the party was fun at least.)

    153) By Drilltooth

    154) By Black Tea

    155) By Eeful

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