• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 29

    Ponies Can't Cook Edition. I have to say, at this point it no longer surprises me how good you guys are at finding a kajillion different ways to interpret my themes, but you guys are in for a treat, because tonight's gallery is a real gallery. Hours of slaving away over a hot computer have really paid off. Our menu features 151 different ponies served hot on your plate, garnished with love and also a little bit of parsley for whatever reason. I actually ate that when I was little. Never understood why everypony looked at me weird. Why else would they put it there? Anyway, I'm very excited to announce our grand total has reached 5286 images! You realize you're averaging more than a thousand images a week, right? Apathy can go suck a lemon.

    It's time once again for that life saving aqua de vida known also as the submission guidelines! I got a fair number of reports today from ponies telling me it wasn't working for them, but the majority still seem to be having no issue. Still, if it does happen to you, remember that [email protected] is always open as a secondary method of submission. So close to the end, and I've never once copy/pasted this paragraph. Either I'm a trooper, or just really inefficient.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony reading. This is something I wanted to do a couple of days ago, but circumstances arose that necessitated it being shuffled around a bit. So here it is now, instead. Although so many of you have sent me reading ponies as part of other themes, so perhaps some of the luster has fallen off of this one? Well then! Bonus theme! And this time when I say bonus theme I mean it, because it doesn't need to be even tangentially related to the regular theme: draw a blogpony. Specifically, I'm trying to honor Seth and Cereal with this one. I wouldn't even be here doing this if Cereal hadn't so enthusiastically vouched for me, and if Seth hadn't offered me the position. So this would be your opportunity to thank them with art. Nopony knows definitively what either looks like, but protips for the interested: Cereal is totally a unicorn, and Seth has told me on more than one occasion he much prefers the way mares are drawn instead of stallions.

    So we've reached yet another night where I'm not at all sure what to talk about in this space. I could talk about cooking, I guess, but really I don't know how much I could say that would really be all that insightful or interesting. I'm a pony who can cook as long as she has a recipe to follow, but only by reading it religiously and referring to it every six seconds. Oftentimes I will double back in a panic. "Wait, was that a teaspoon or a tablespoon of vanilla? Oh no oh no I think I used three extra grains of salt! Is it too late to start over? Oh, why did I agree to make the rice tonight?" And the answer of course is that I'm following a family recipe calling for a lot of butter, chicken bullion and lightly browned egg noodles, and I'm the only one in the house who knows how to cook it. But despite having done this for years at this point, every time I try I am a complete wreck while I'm standing in front of the stove. Celestia preserve me on teriyaki chicken night. Or that one time we branched out and attempted mongolian beef. That one was a disaster - I wasn't allowed to make dinner for a week after. So yeah, misadventures in the kitchen. I make a mean taco, though. I've made huge leaps since I was a filly, though. My parents assumed I would die as soon as I set out on my own and realized I couldn't afford to go to McDonald's every night. Ha! Sure showed you!

    1) By A Terrible Person (Hey look at that rainbow colored cupcake. I bet Rainbow Dash will like it.)

    2) By Gig (You know, pretty much every theme I say to myself, 'Looks like we've finally run out of potential bondage jokes'. And then this happens.)

    3) By Several Alpacas

    4) By ChaosDrop (Twilight has 147 books on cooking. She can still barely cook a cup of noodles.)

    5) By DiegoTan

    6) By TheMediocreSock (Thank you for proving my point.)

    7) By Emerald Dust (To be honest, I've had weirder dreams than this since you guys started ponyfying me.)

    8) By Kerrus

    9) By NonoPony (Sorry Pinkie, but I think this is only fair.)

    10) By Thanqol (I see you have purchased a tablet for yourself.)

    11) By SherlockHooves (I should be concerned for her, but I'm too busy squealing about there being another tiny pony.)

    12) By blasthemis (ULTRA chocolate!)

    13) By Mandy Tise and Jenbun Spahging

    14) By Gunny (Ok, Applejack looks kind of cute in an apron.)

    15) By Don_ko (I was thrilled beyond reason when I learned how to cook better than this. That's when I officially became an adult (I became a child again when ponies happened))

    16) By Goggle Sparks (None greater or more powerful.)

    17) By Smock (Eeeeeeheeeeeheeee!)

    18) By VulcanSugar

    19) By SelectFew (You say the coloration is because you couldn't find the right colored pencil. I say she burned herself. But who cares? Marshmallows!)

    20) By WoefulWriters (There's a lot of weird things going on here.)

    21) By Natry

    22) By IIya (This is ridiculously cute.)

    23) By Arconius

    24) By Amehdaus (Now just take a little something Sweetie Belle, not sour...)

    25) By Immersa (Bork Bork Derp.)

    26) By Kyouhen (I'm speechless.)

    27) By Farvei (It amuses me to no end when ponies leave me comments worrying about wheteher or not they fit the theme.)

    28) By Infinity (That cake looks delicious and moist.)

    29) By Tarynsgate (Unicorns and pegasi both have an advantage in that they can both do the floaty thing when something smells good.)

    30) By DarkKnightWolf2011

    31) By Alipes (The evidence is really piling up.)

    32) By EssAeEm (Apple apple apple apple apple. Apple? Apple! Apple, Chinese Takeout.)

    33) By pageturner1988

    34) By Rhanoa (Thinking about it, this seems kind of dangerous.)

    35) By Philith

    36) By midnight shadow (Yum yum, Applebloom soup. She made it herself!)

    37) By Caron

    38) By Supersheep64 (Heaven help me if I'm ever someplace that hot.)

    39) By Mr.Paulsen

    40) By Partition (Hehe, get it? Spitfire?)

    41) By Dangereaux (I... what?)

    42) By Mere Jump (Cue musical masterpiece from Daniel Ingram.)

    43) By Nido Media

    44) By rich-tea

    45) By Jimbo1023 (When will Twilight learn how to cook? Cereal hopes its soon.)

    46) By Ori (I just want to say, the wingboner adds an entirely different level of meaning to this.)

    47) By Fickle (I feel suddenly light headed.)

    48) By Nullh (Pinkie has made me want toast.)

    49) By zorg

    50) By Invidlord (Luna here is cooking the books.)

    51) By Ego (She's hiding under the table.)

    52) By GonzaHerMeg (Lies and slander! Derpy is best cook.)

    53) By TensaiOni (Hai, dekimashita!)

    54) By purpletrauma

    55) By ASGallardo (Pinkie Piero?)

    56) By Ambrose (Are you crazy?)

    57) By The LaughingMare

    58) By 041744 (The juxtaposition of these next two images is perfect.)

    59) By The Recliner (You could not have planned it better. Comedic gold.)

    60) By Chris (I like the corkboard of past submissions. Neat touch.)

    61) By Tenchi Outsuno (Bonding time with the world's bestest mommy.)

    62) By Starlight Bolt (She had an important meeting the mayor.)

    63) By Chocolate Splash

    64) By Chocolate Splash (Why does Phoecause look so much like alcohol?)

    65) By badzerg (Their blood is on my hooves.)

    66) By Jdan-S (This image is pointing out that Colgate was right there alongside Derpy during the famous line. This is what their friendship is based on.)

    67) By Kitsune

    68) By Circuit Mane

    69) By Horizon Bound (Don't worry, Lyra. You'll get the next gig.)

    70) By Horizon Bound (Can't get enough of that sultry, sexy Lyra.)

    71) By Vergiso (It would seem that one does.)

    72) By kits

    73) By DI-FL (I've been staring at this for the better part of fifteen minutes. And this is all I can think to say.)

    74) By yiKOmega (Looks about right to me.)

    75) By Saphin

    76) By Gunny (I haven't called out for a pizza in a long, long time. I should do that.)

    77) By A.Q. Nichols (I love the markers on the thermometer.)

    78) By Eliwood10

    79) By fetchbeer (Mesmerizing, isn't it?)

    80) By toonboy92484

    81) By Chromadancer

    82) By Mockingbird (You win everything forever.)

    83) By Relias

    84) By Doppelgänger (Muffin spectacles!)

    85) By Colin (Cute!)

    86) By Argembarger (Happy birthday to you!)

    87) By Paintroller (I bet she does cook like this.)

    88) By Riokenn

    89) By Da Chi (And another innocent mind is ruined forever, I guess.)

    90) By Neoridgeback

    91) By Kt Kat (Wow, they do not play around with their cutlery, huh?)

    92) By Uncle Leo (I swear to you she's just taking a bath.)

    93) By Atlur (You just read that banner in Fluttershy's voice.)

    94) By MasterofRoku (And happy birthday to you as well! So many today!)

    95) By Doombah

    96) By Kooldude

    97) By Spurs

    98) By Jena-su (More scenes from Celly and Luna's childhood. I love them so much.)

    99) By Shockwave

    100) By Nimble Haste

    101) By Lunar Apologist (Don't bug Luna until after she's had her coffee.)

    102) By Buddy Vox

    103) By RaspleZS (It takes real courage to share your work when you're convinced it's not your best. For every one of you that does it, the smile on my face gets that much bigger. I love you all.)

    104) By LifeSequenceBreak

    105) By Randomjack

    106) By Prismatic Pretzel

    107) By Zach (Not pictured: a chorus of angels.)

    108) By Djrk16 (Quickie catch up images a go go, baby.)

    109) By Tabs (I'm trying so very hard not to focus on the fact that there are tiny ponies in this picture.)

    110) By Fox E:

    111) By Periphery

    112) By Leaf Growth (Ahhhhhhhhhh!)

    113) By TapeDiggity (Well that's just... huh.)

    114) By DareDreamer

    115) By Easteu (From the sounds of things, you have graduated from Phoe University!)

    116) By Sapphire

    117) By Kelz (Always make sure the top is on securely.)

    118) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

    119) By MHPayne

    120) By 8ftmetalhead

    121) By Passer Palmatum (Always useful!)

    122) By Starlite (Doo doo doo dooooo!)

    123) By rabidcow147 (Oh that wacky chemical x. What will it fall into next time?)

    124) By Xiagu

    125) By 20percentcooler

    126) By Aku (And after this we add the carrot, something something... um... a ferret? Jeez, writing for Zecora is hard. I give up.)

    127) By Thattagen

    128) By Eeful

    129) By Ashcrexl (I'm glad you didn't do The Killing)

    130) By DJ RBDash

    131) By Keinherz

    132) By Krys (Ouch.)

    133) By Lurkingear

    134) By Rydel

    135) By Virga Rainboom (In answer to your question, yes and double triple extra yes in that order.)

    136) By A Terrible Person

    137) By nuclearsuplexattack

    138) By Muffinsforever

    139) By Drilltooth

    140) By Colt.45 (I don't understand the joke.)

    141) By HyperMark

    142) By StarStep (I used to watch Iron Chef religiously.)

    143) By ShoeboxWarrior

    144) By djTeka

    145) By Liska

    146) By Frith

    147) By Heireau/HarrowTPrower

    148) By Black Tea

    149) By RToasts

    150) By RToasts

    1) By Darren Geoberos Castillo