• Story: Tails from Two Worlds (Update Part 3+4!)

    [Crossover][Adventure] I have no idea what an Okami is, but... have a story with one!

    Author: Melionos
    Description: Princess Celestia summons the mane six to Canterlot to witness a total solar eclipse, but they soon find that it isn't the only reason. Princess Luna has something to tell them: her time on the moon was not spent alone. An Okami/MLP: FiM crossover intended for everypony (even those that haven't played Okami) to enjoy.

    Tails from Two Worlds
    Tails From Two Worlds Part 2
    Tails From Two Worlds Part 3 (New!)
    Tails From Two Worlds Part 4 (New!)

    Additional tags: Okami, Melionos, adventure, crossover, incomplete

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