• Music of the Day #148

    I like to imagine Spitfire secretly likes really girly K-pop music, and hides earbuds under her flight suit during training sessions.

    Have some music, sadly no girly K-pop

  • Season 4 Countdown Clock - November 23rd Can't Come Any Faster!

    November 23rd, can you handle the wait? I can't!

    Old spoilery clock from from Futzi01

    New no-spoiler clock from Ponypanic!

  • Radio Plays: Inner Demons 1 + 2 / Who Shot Piggy / Stories of the Teenage Cutie Mark Crusaders Ep 1

    Bored and need something to listen to while working/doing whatever it is you do when you are bored? We have more radio plays/audio dramas this time around.  Head on down below to check them all out.

    1.) Inner Demons 1 + 2
    2.) The Lone Stallion (1) - Who Shot Piggy
    3.) Stories of the Teenage Cutie Mark Crusaders : Episode 1 - The Night They've Been Waiting For

  • Comic: Big Brothers Day / The Wrong Idea / I'm Cute Right?

    Shining Armor and Twilight comics are always so cute, but then again I am a sucker for all thing family bonding type stories.

    Click for full!

  • Artist Spotlights Returns

    A lot of you have suggested this particular feature return to EqD for awhile now and we're ready once again to give it a shot! What is this all about? The idea behind these Artist Spotlights is to give exposure to lesser known artists, ones that usually don't get into Drawfriends not because of lack of skill but because they are just not known enough that people suggest their work to us.

    In similar style to the Tumblr Spotlights, a group of 3-4 artists will be spotlit each entry along with a small short description along with a small selection of their artwork! In order to make this feature work though we need people to suggest artists to us so make sure to send artists you think need some exposure to [email protected].

    What sort of artists count? Suggestions should follow these criteria:
    • No clop or extensive gore galleries as those typically violate our content guidelines. If the artist has a safe for work gallery separate from their not safe for work stuff they or their fans can submit the safe for work gallery. If there is a mix of SFW/NSFW on a gallery the decision whether or not to include them will be judged on a gallery to gallery basis.
    • Those with below 500 faves on their most popular pony picture on dA or similar gallery (Furaffinity, ect) will take priority consideration in posts, but those who have above this number are still welcome to submit or have their fans submit.
    • Don't be afraid to spotlight yourself as well as others!
    • Artists of all types accepted -vector, OC, traditional, digital. As long as it is pony and of quality it has a chance of being spotlit.
    If you have any suggestions or feedback on this new feature, let us know down in the comments and we can take them into consideration before beginning,
  • Drawfriend Stuff #875

    When was the last time Rarity had a header? Without digging through the last page of art posts here, I'm going to guess it has been forever. Have some Rarity!

    And have other ponies below the break.

    [1] Source
    Artist at work

  • Jayson Thiessen One Week Left Reminder!

    It's been a busy month with all sorts of birthdays and you all have done a wonderful job with artwork for our staff members out there! But there is one last person as part of our art event we still need to pay respect to: Jayson Thiessen! As our ever awesome director who has helped hold MLP:FiM together since day 1 let's make sure we give him the love he deserves. We've only gotten a few pieces (less than 10) so far so we're extending the deadline for gift art another week to Aug 1!

    Send in your artwork to [email protected] with For Jayson as the subject message! You can find a reference to his pony and cutie mark on the original post here.
  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Show Me How / Drowning Memories / Rainbow (Remastered - 1 Year Anniversary Edition)

    Haven't had a three-post of vocal in a while. Lets start this one off with a bit of electro via Micheal A and Metaljoker, followed by the third installment of that orchestral rock series from Gatopaint and Shadoecatkarirara, and finish off with a revamp of the Feather/Koroshi Rainbow Dash collab from last year to celebrate their new album. Check them all out below!

    1.) Michael A. - Show Me How VIP (Feat. Metajoker)
    2.) Crimson Rain ~ Drowning Memories ~ [GatoPaint+Shadowcatkirara]
    3.) Koroshi-Ya & Feather - Rainbow (Remastered - 1 Year Anniversary Edition)

  • Game: Twilight Wing

    Ever want to take Twilight on a mission to blow the ever bucking tar out of things? Now is your chance with this awesome game from Futzi! Fly through the skies as Twilight as she tries to recover the Elements of Harmony all while blasting enemies with her magic. Upgrade your Twilight with bits and experience from your enemies and save Equestria!

    Hope your dodging skills are up to par.

    Twilight Wing Game
  • Discussion: Alternate Mane 6!

    Another hypothetical situation for you all!  Hasbro has come to you with yet another blank check and asked which six ponies should have their own secondary elements of X side series. 

    Pick your favorite six ponies, and assign them an element of whatever overarching magical scheme you wish! Lets fast forward a year to another Hub best pony poll where all six of yours are up against each other.  Who do you think the fandom would choose out of your favorites? 

    Hit the comments up with your stuff. 
  • Happy Birthday Lauren Faust!

    Happy Birthday Lauren! Thank you for everything you have done and the work you continue to do in the animation industry. Best of luck with your future projects and we all hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    Also, thank you all who sent in art today. You rock!

    Twitter - Go Say Happy Birthday!

    [1] Source
    Lauren Faust - Love, First
  • Ponified Trailers: My Little Aliens / Dash / The Lone Ranger Ponies

    Alien, Turbo, and the Lone Ranger. Nothing is safe from ponification! Check them all out below.

    1.) My Little Aliens
    2.) Dash
    3.) The Lone Ranger Ponies [Trailer]

  • Season 4 Start Date Announced!

    Man the party cannons, everyone! Out on Entertainment Weekly, an article has gone out announcing the start date of the much-anticipated Season 4 Premiere. According to the article, expect to see new ponies on Saturday, November 23! Are you excited yet?

    Thanks to DHN, TRS, and everyone who sent it in!

  • Nightly Roundup #721

    Calpain doesn't have nearly enough Trixie representation for his nightly roundup headers! Don't worry though, Sethisto is here to save the day! Who doesn't like fireworks? That's right, babies don't. Do you want to be a baby? I think not. Embrace the Trix. Your life will be greatly improved once you do.