• Jayson Thiessen - Director, Friend, Brony

    For the past few weeks I've been giving much thought about the show and the circumstances that brought us to where we are today. A talented set of VAs, an amazing art crew, writers which pour their imagination on to a piece of paper and bring this land we call Equestria to life. But amongst the stories we post on EqD and the guests that attend our conventions some get lost in the mix, some of the most important people of all. After Everfree I'm more convinced than ever that a special thanks needs to be extended to someone who has stuck through pony since day one alongside many of our other incredibly talented individuals on the show: Jayson Thiessen.

    Jayson has been our main director of pony since the beginning and has humbly and hard workingly done his job with a passion that few can match. Because of his nature or just because he is incredibly busy he is rather in the background nowadays and I believe such an amazing individual who manages to keep an entire team of talented individuals working towards one goal should not go unnoticed. Jayson, this post is for you my friend!

    For the next two weeks we will be open to accept artwork or any other pieces of art you all choose to submit to us at [email protected] with the subject title For Jayson. Let's all give this awesome man a hand and show that we have not forgotten about all his hard work. And for you all thinking right now about Wootie, well, one at a time my friends. I have not forgotten about him!

    Go drop a thank you to Jayson at his Twitter or leave a message in the comments: Golden Russet