• Talking Nightmare Moon Lines Recorded! Kinda.

    Evil laugh? Check! Corny lines about hair? Gotta have those too! The talking Nightmare Moon has been recorded, but sadly the background noise makes it very difficult to actually hear them.
    I've tried to decipher them out of the background noise, and passed them around to various people in an attempt to fix what I couldn't translate, and this is what we've come up with:
    Evil Laugh
    "I would love it if you would style my hair."
    "My star barrettes are fabulous!"
    Random magical sound
    "I will light up the night sky!"
    "Let's decorate(or celebrate) the moon!"- (? Not sure on that)
    "I fly through the night."
    "I am Nightmare Moon!"
    "Do you recall my hair" - (? Also not sure on that one)
    Obviously they probably aren't perfect.  Head on over here to give it a shot yourself! And drop the ones I'm missing/wrong on in the comments.  Lets crowd translate this madness!

    Thanks to Knadow for the heads up.