• PMV: All For One

    Pixelly~ Always did like chiptune, and finally we have a chiptune PMV To go with glorious pixellated ponies.  It brings me back to my early gaming days...  I miss those games sometimes. 

    Anyway, have a pmv below the break!

  • Metallic Style Funko POP! Figures Available at Toywiz

    The guys at Toywiz sent these over a few hours ago.  Apparently these are exclusive to their shop as part of the upcoming Funko POP! Figurines. It looks like just Rainbow, Pinkie, and Twilight are available for now, but I'm sure more will pop up eventully if these do well! 

    They gave us a coupon code too, because who wants to pay full price? Toss EQDailyDeal in at checkout for 10% off. 

  • Fluttershy Part Time Job - Now Animated

    It's even more awesome if you used to watch Rockos Modern Life.  I sometimes miss the old days of cartoons and their lack of political correctness. 

    Anyway, have an animation below the break!

  • Discussion or Draw: What Should Twilight's Castle Look Like?

    Now that Twilight Sparkle has her very own castle according to that commercial from earlier, she has commissioned the good pony fanbase to design it for her.  As a princess, public relations are important, and she believes this will help heal some of the damage against the "Down with Wings" party. 

    Hit up the comments and describe Twilight's brand new high class abode.  Be sure to include a form of defense in the case of an invasion from a nearby nation, as well as materials used, color, and specific standout rooms.  Want to make the entire west wing a giant all encompassing library and give our favorite new princess a heart attack? Go for it!

    And if you are feeling really adventurous, Draw it! Grab a pen, tablet, marker, or whatever you want, flex those art muscles, and drop a link to it in the comments.   We might run an event on Twilight's castle designs if there is enough interest, so don't throw them in the bin afterward! Or at least keep the link around.

  • Live Action Video: Hasbro Vs. Brony Conventions

    It looks like the badasses over at Hasbro Legal are walking around with a pile of Cease and Desist letters.  Note the sunglasses and complicated legal documents, you know that means business.

    Find a documentary on their exploits below the break!

  • Comic: TOP Pt 1 / Mare In The Moon / Attica! Attica!

    UC77, the mad creator behind Hot Blooded Pinkie Pie, has started a new epic comic series! It's looking good so far I've got to say and I'm looking forward to the action to come.

    Comics guys, click for full!

  • Story Updates - July 2nd

    Story updates!  We have a bunch today.  Find them all below.

  • Talking Nightmare Moon and Rainbow Dash Shadowbolt On the Way

    This is an interesting one.  Toys R' Us is once again rollin the dice with another pony that breaks the mold of what is and isn't allowed in the pink isle.  We have seen normal Nightmare Moon as part of the collectors set last year, but not one in the talking giant pony line.  Yes, you read that right, this toy has vocals.  Whether those be the same as the other ponies with "Aren't my wings pretty!" and "I love my Tiara!" remains to be seen.  Expect this one on July 18th according to the Toys R' Us Website.

    And in other Toys R' Us news, the Rainbow Dash Shadowbolt from a while back has also popped up, sharing the July 18th release with Nightmare Moon.  They even cut her mane.  Do you know how convenient that is for those of us too lazy to style pony hair?  Glorious! 

    Thanks to Kristin for the heads up. 

  • Possible Funko Prototypes Floating Around

     We don't have any 100% confirmation on these yet, but a bunch of what appear to be Funko prototypes have been uploaded by someone on Derpibooru, all linking back to a Photobucket album as the source.   Some of these ponies have already been announced from the Funko Facebook page, so it isn't too far off. 

    And hell, if they aren't, these are some pretty badass half-finished customs!

    Thanks to The Skullivan for the heads up.

  • Spotlight Music: Bad Wolf

    I'm not completely sure if this is a pony song specifically, but looking at other Doctor Who related stuff on the site, I think we break the rule there all the time anyway.  EQD's gotta be flexible!

    Anyway, have a Doctor Who(oves?)  song from Forest Rain, because it's awesome.  If you like rock, or timelords, then you have no excuse not to listen to it.

  • Additional Detail on Comic Con #9 Exclusive - Sunset Shimmer Content

    A bit of additional information has been released on that SDCC exclusive #9 comic posted a few hours ago, or more specifically the bonus content.   Bubby Curnow from IDW tossed this up on their forums:
    I wanted to talk about the MLP SDCC exclusive. It's the MLP #9, with a new cover, and it also contains an exclusive 8-page back-up story by Katie Cook, Andy Price and Heather Breckel that details the origin of Sunset Shimmer, the antagonist from Equestria Girls.
    So there you have it! Just in case you were curious about Sunset's backstory.  Whether this be a story of her tutelage under Celestia, or the early days of her high school takeover remain to be seen.   I personally am hoping for the former! 

    And as soundmonkey on twitter pointed out, the book will be printed separately later in the year for those that can't attend the convention. 

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the Heads Up
  • Drawfriend Stuff #852

    We need a Chrysalis Vs. Celestia rematch. Celestia must have been distracted or something last time. There is no way the god princess of Equestria would lose so easily.


    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Showdown at Tartarus

  • SFM: Surprise

    Actually, this is super short, but I wanted to make of note of how cool the 3D ponies look in Windwaker style shading.  Derpy has been link before, make it happen again!

    And check out this video below the break

  • IDW Comic Con Exclusives Announced, MLP #9 Cover Revealed with Bonus Content

    IDW has announced their upcoming Comic Con exclusives.  Along with all of their other brands, pony is pulling out a Vinyl Scratch edition for MLP #9.  Including in this one will be 8 additional pages of material revolving specifically around Equestria Girls.  I guess you fans of humanized stuff have something to look forward to.  I'll stick with the ponies though!  There will be 1000 copies with 5 per customer allowed, so expect them to sell out quick if you are attending Comic Con.

    They also have a Hardcover pony comic available with a limit of 500 copies.  As far as I know, that is the first one in the pony lineup styled in that way.  We will see if they keep going with that!

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in!

    (Update: Added a larger size of the cover, Thanks to Whatshisgame for that!)
  • Derpy Flash Drive Now Available for Pre-Order

    MIMOBOT has hopped on the Derpy Hooves bandwagon with a new flash drive dedicated specifically to her.   This will be their comic con exclusive, but they are allowing pre-orders over on their website as well.  850 will be made, so if you want one, don't slack off!
  • Spotlight Music: Lullaby / The Diamond

    I don't know if I'd call that first one a remix.  It's based on Hush Now Quiet Now, but extended and changed so much that it's pretty much a brand new song.  If you like soft house style electronic music and female vocalists, don't miss it! 

    And in the second slot, we have a slow atmospheric song for those that are into that.  Find both below the break!

    1.) Lullaby .Feat Dreamchan - Orignal - Panic
    2.) The Diamond (Album Teaser)

  • PMV: Nightmare Night Typography / Pony of the East

    I have a feeling Nightmare Night is going to be around long after the pony fandom collapses.  The amount of times this song has been performed, animated, remixed, and changed is almost staggering.

    We also have a ponified intro of Eden of the East in the second slot.  Check both out below the break!

    1.) Nightmare Night - Typography Animation
    2.) Pony of the East [Intro]

  • Twilight Sparkle Toy Commercial

    I was going to make fun of this little commercial right here, but Twilight just looks so happy.  I can't bring myself to do it.   How could I crush a pony's dreams like that?  Just look at that face. 

    Anyway have a toy commercial below the break for the new Twilacorn talking toy.   Thanks to Rebecca for the heads up!

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