• Discussion or Draw: What Should Twilight's Castle Look Like?

    Now that Twilight Sparkle has her very own castle according to that commercial from earlier, she has commissioned the good pony fanbase to design it for her.  As a princess, public relations are important, and she believes this will help heal some of the damage against the "Down with Wings" party. 

    Hit up the comments and describe Twilight's brand new high class abode.  Be sure to include a form of defense in the case of an invasion from a nearby nation, as well as materials used, color, and specific standout rooms.  Want to make the entire west wing a giant all encompassing library and give our favorite new princess a heart attack? Go for it!

    And if you are feeling really adventurous, Draw it! Grab a pen, tablet, marker, or whatever you want, flex those art muscles, and drop a link to it in the comments.   We might run an event on Twilight's castle designs if there is enough interest, so don't throw them in the bin afterward! Or at least keep the link around.