• Talking Nightmare Moon and Rainbow Dash Shadowbolt On the Way

    This is an interesting one.  Toys R' Us is once again rollin the dice with another pony that breaks the mold of what is and isn't allowed in the pink isle.  We have seen normal Nightmare Moon as part of the collectors set last year, but not one in the talking giant pony line.  Yes, you read that right, this toy has vocals.  Whether those be the same as the other ponies with "Aren't my wings pretty!" and "I love my Tiara!" remains to be seen.  Expect this one on July 18th according to the Toys R' Us Website.

    And in other Toys R' Us news, the Rainbow Dash Shadowbolt from a while back has also popped up, sharing the July 18th release with Nightmare Moon.  They even cut her mane.  Do you know how convenient that is for those of us too lazy to style pony hair?  Glorious! 

    Thanks to Kristin for the heads up.