• Nightly Roundup #760

    I heard the call for Diamond Dogs so here they are in all their glory and in Wind Waker style too! So who's next guys? Leave your suggestion in the comments!

    Not too much news tonight so why not breeze through it and hit the hay ok? Hope you all have a fun weekend planned!

  • Music of the Day #174

    Why does this image make me think the hat is going to turn on her at any moment?

    Have some Music of the Day with 11 songs total while I go make sure that one of you douchebananas didn't curse it.

  • Spotlight Instrumental Music: New Canterlonian Symphony / Nightfall

    We haven't had a purely instrumental post in a while, and I haven't said "we haven't had a purely instrumental post in a while" in forever.  So lets do that.

    We start with some awesome symphonic rock dedicated to Fallout Equestria, and finish with a purely piano waltz dedicated to Luna.  Why Luna? Because shes a waltzy pony.  Or something

    Anyway go get music below.

    1.) New Canterlonian Symphony
    2.) DJ TATCM - Nightfall (Luna's Waltz)

  • Vote 4 Ponies: Fan Favorite Winner & Exit Polls

    I think that original Fluttershy winner announcement image caught her at a bad angle.  This is a much more flattering pose for Flutters.

    If you were curious about what exactly went down during the Fan Favorite Mare-A-Thon event, this is a compilation of all the commercial bumps that took place.  Everything from Andrea Libman talking to kids being interviewed can be found within.  Check it out beow!

    Thanks to Candygram for the heads up. 

  • Reading Rainbow Drops some Reading Rainbow Dash

    It finally happened.  After a year of puns in relation to Rainbow Dash's new love of reading, the official Reading Rainbow Facebook page has now acknowledged it.   My life is complete.  I'm moving to the Carribbean and opening that pirate adventures thing I mentioned a while back.

    If you want to go celebrate with everyone else on Facebook, you can find their post here.  Thanks to Austin for the heads up!
  • Another Ornament Appears - Twilight Sparkle in a Stocking

    Pinkie Pie isn't the only tree decoration we will be seeing this year.  This bundle of adorableness up above will be joining her.  Someone going by the name Gina Draws Pony popped this up on Facebook from a trip to Toys R' Us. 

    Now we just need the rest of the mane 6!
  • Would you still be into FiM if the Mane Cast were Male?

    The results are in for the male mane cast poll.  This actually surprised me.  I can't imagine watching this show with a bunch of colts.  Color me amazed.

    Next poll: Suggest a poll!
  • Random Merch: Bags, Cell Cases, and More!

    For all the people out there in the UK, TruffleShuffle has added a some bags and lunchboxes to their slowly growing pony section. You can find them all over here.

    Continue on below for more random merch!  

  • PMV: Cubed

    I was starting to think you guys forgot to make these types of PMV's.  It has been a while since we last posted one.   Have an overwhelming amount of super clean cut custom animations combined with a bit of electronic music to keep it flowing.  Cubed is defenitly one of the best PMV's of the year. 

  • Rainbow Dash Feels on the Way

    Another tweet from Meghan McCarthy has revealed a bit of a teaser for Rainbow Dash in the upcoming season 4.  Apparently she will be the cause of many feels.  Is My Little Dashie about to be given a run for it's money?  Can this show get anymore hype?

    Thanks to Cloud kicker and Benjamin for sending it around the same time!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #917

    Luna makes the best cell phone wallpaper.  I don't know what it is, but no other pony looks as vibrant on a tiny screen. 

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    just Luna

  • MLP Birthdays: Michelle Creber, Kazumi Evans, and Shannon-Chan Kent

    Another month means more staff birthdays on the horizon! This month we have a trio of singing ponies with Michelle Creber, Kazumi Evans, and Shannon-Chan Kent celebrating another trip around the sun. Since holding a Bday bash for everyone at the end of the month worked really well last month we're going to be doing that again this month, giving you all plenty of time to craft some cheer to send our hard working staff!

    But that doesn't mean you shouldn't wish a happy birthday to them all on their special days. First off is Michelle with her birthday on the 7th of September followed by Kazumi Evans on the 14th of September with Shannon-Chan Kent rounding out the month with her birthday on the 23rd of September. Find their Twitters below!

    As for the artwork, you can send finished pieces into [email protected] with MLP Birthdays as the subject header followed by who the picture is for!

    Michelle Creber's Twitter - Voice of Apple Bloom and Singing Voice of Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle

    Kazumi Evans' Twitter - Singing Voice of Rarity

    Shannon-Chan Kent's Twitter - Singing Voice of Pinkie Pie
  • Observations On MLP: Free Will/Thoroughly Analyzing "The Return of Harmony"

    Does MLP:FiM champion the concept of determinism over that of Free Will? What's up with Equestria's strict monarchy and moral standards? In this video I take a look at how the Discord arc is full of themes of determinism. Check it out after the break!

  • Teefury Daily Shirt - LOTR Pony Crossover

    The daily tee shirt site Teefury is running a MLP Design today.  For 11 bucks, you can grab the one up above.  Expect it to be gone by the end of the day, so grab it quick if you want it.  You can find their site over here.
  • Untitled

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 22

    Hello once again everyone! Calpain here once again for a couple days to let Phoe take a little time off to stretch her wings and relax a small bit for the home stretch. Even though she isn't making these posts for the next couple days she assures me she'll be checking out your entries so make her proud everyone, we're almost at the end! And if you're feeling a little bit burnt out, like Twilight up there, just push on through and you'll be all the prouder for it. You've all come so far now, don't ever give up!

    Even though you all drew 248 completely burned out and tuckered ponies your submissions each night show you all aren't down and out yet as our total climbs to 8001 pony pics a plenty, just breaking the 8k barrier! Keep it up! Take a look at all our exhausted friends here.

    Phoe would once again like to remind you all of our our second makeup gallery and that it is open till the end of Friday! Miss a day and want to make up that stubborn prompt you couldn't come up with an idea for until 2 minutes before the new day? Now's your chance! Hop to it folks! As always, if you have any questions about the event, please email our lovely host Phoe at [email protected]

    Chomping at the bit for the next prompt? Well here we go! As we are pushing towards the finish it seems just right that Phoe's prompt for you today would be more action packed and exciting! Tonight it is up to you all to Draw a pony in a competition / Draw a pony dueling. Submit your entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Friday, September 6.

    Have fun everyone! I'll see you all tomorrow I hope for the next prompt. Keep up the wonderful work you've all done so far, I'm proud!