• Nightly Roundup #758

    Hello again everyone! Sorry I've been absent, the lab has been keeping me extra busy lately with all sorts of work. I'm back though and bearing pictures of awesome AJ as gifts! You wouldn't want to mess with her would you? I also seemed to have missed most of rhyming day so I hope you all had fun with that!

    Also, on an unrelated note, this is the 17,000th post on EqD! Yay! Man, that is a heck of a lot of pony... Anyhow, let's work to add more to that pile! Check out the news after the break.

  • Music of the Day #173

    Music is a concept that most of us know
    Unless you're a rapper with no concept of flow

    Music of the Day is a usually mixed bag when it comes to that
    The instrumentals overloaded with wubs, the singers sometimes flat

    Every once in a while a gem can be found in the swarms
    A track with such magnitude, it spawns electrical storms.

    (Or something... Rhyming all day is hard) 

  • Comic: Friendly Fill-Ins / An Hourglass / A Wonderbolt in Training

    Truth be told I'm bad with wordplay. Would be easier to turn night into day!

    Time for comics my good folk! Just make sure to give each a poke.

  • Convention Compilation - September 4th

    Conventions happen all year long
    Hopefully we don't see anymore go wrong

    We have three in this post, with headlines below. 
    So why not throw caution to the wind, and give it a go?
    • CanterlotCon Pre-Registration Tickets Go On Sale
    • DerpyCon South Weekend Admission Sale
    • John de Lancie Heading to Salt Lake ComicCon

  • Drawfriend Special - Zecora Edition

    Zecora is a character that deserves a bit more love,
    So I've gathered art for the masses to hopefully make use of.
    Head on down below for a load of pics
    I promise this time there will be no Trix. 

    [1] Source
    The Witch

  • MLP Motion Preview #2 Now Available

    The next installment of the official motion comic has been revealed.
    And now that it's on Deviant Art, it's fate has been sealed.

    Piles of people want to know what it's about
    So head on over here to check it out!

    Thanks to Masem for the heads up.
    Pony pony pony pony yup 
  • Talk Like Zecora Day - Comment Rap Battle 2

    You foals need to learn to embrace the rhyme,
    Kingpin M.C. Zecora does it all the time.
    All she hears today is a bunch of dying cattle, 
    what better way to improve than a comment rap battle?

    Bust out your cheat sheets, cause it's about to get serious
    Drop your lyrics down below, get pumped, get furious
    The person above you is now enemy number one
    their reign on the rap throne is gonna be undone

    Get those fingers in gear, there ain't no time for slackin'
    This comment rap battle will send loads of people packin'.
    I'll even start you off with something, so bring it on brony
    Don't you agree that Trixie is the undisputed best pony?

  • Story Updates - September 4

    It's time for you to read
    Your mind shall be freed

  • Drawfriend Stuff #915

    Trixie can't help but be completely adorable
    She tries to look evil, she tries to be horrible
    Peanut butter crackers are her one true weakness
    Just the smell alone will leave her all but sleepless

    [1] Source
    Equestria Girls Trixie

  • Trotmania - Crystalize: Loads of Updates

    If you find yourself playing DDR one day
    Then maybe your fingers could join in a way

    Trotmania: Crystalize has released a load of new songs
    The arrows and notes will be swarming in throngs

    So head down below the break for a bit of information
    Or hit up their blog post for the best organization

    Update New Copy Paste:
    And because obtaining 5 different files is by all means no fun You can now download Chrystalize and all its updates so far, in just one!
  • Cosplay Compilation #1

    I guess it's time, to give cosplay posts a shot.
    For two years now, you have asked for this a lot!

    Cosplay has been around since the dawn of geek time,
    and I completely forgot that today I need to rhyme. 

    Let us see how well a post like this will do,
    We are testing the waters, it all depends on you. 

    In the future with these posts, expect only newer stuff
    Some are old for testing sake,  I needed enough.  

    So flex those eye muscles, and head down below the break
    If you don't like cosplay, we also have some cake. 

    [1] Source

  • Short Animation: Rainbow Dash Presents: Rainbowlicious / Secret Cider Sauce / Derpy's Firefly Hugs

    Rainbowlicious Presents begins, with the usual humor
    Suggestive Applejack follows up, she's an apple consumer

    And in the final slot, we have something short.  
    If 9 minutes is too brief, you better abort. 

  • Europe - Call of the Cutie DVD Preorders Open

    Another DVD has been tossed up for pre-order over in Europe. Call of the Cutie includes what appears to be a bunch of CMC Episodes, including:
    Call of the Cutie
    Fall Weather Friends
    Stare Master
    The Show Stoppers
    The Cutie Mark Chronicles
    Special features are the usual stuff, with an audio commentary, profiles, colouring pages, mini games, and activity sheets.   If you want to pre-order it, head on over here! expect it this October.  Thanks to Teresa for the tip!
  • Nightly Roundup #758

    I just brushed my teeth 20 minutes ago. This Sonicaire thing is addicting. It's almost like a teeth massage. (I swear they didn't pay me to say that)

    Have some nightly roundup!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 20

    Mustn't stop, mustn't slow down, mustn't run away! Must train, must train, can't miss a day! It's tense and there's a lot of pressure right now, especially with school being underway for most everybody who attends such things at this point, but now is not the time for quitting! We're two thirds of the way there, we can make it to the end! And even though our header pony today is wrong and it's alright to let the NATG take a back seat to the rest of life every now and again, it's his spirit and "stick-to-itiveness" that we're here to honor today. That unquenchable fire brings us another 250 ponies and... uh... trains. All together, that brings us to 7474 images! Stretch for it! We can add another digit to that counter!

    We've hit 20 days. How are you feeling? If you've been with us from the start, you're probably starting to feel a little bit tired. I know I do! But that's ok! Sometimes tired is a good feeling. In this case, it's certainly worth it. But with the reaching of another hallmark date, it's time for us to open our arms and welcome those who have arrived late, and all of you who have for whatever reason missed out on a theme. Even if you'd just like to do another one for an older theme, the Makeup Gallery mark 2 is the place to be! This gallery closes at 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Friday, September 6, so get those makeup submissions ready!

    Tonight's gallery is a trip down memory lane for anybody who watched movies in the 80s and 90s. If you love yourself a good training montage, start up your favorite medleys and hop on in! There's more to it, of course. You're a more creative lot than to hand in 200 of the exact same idea. Although if you did, that'd be ok. Dare I say it would even be interesting to see? I think it would. That's not  challenge, mind you, I'm just thinking out loud. Being in the Newbie Artist Training Grounds has always meant having the freedom to interpret a prompt as literally as you see fit.

    We've finally hit the tail end of our emotional prompts, which means it's time to get fired up! Feel the burn, the fury of the sun! Tonight, Draw a furious pony/Draw a pony burning up! Submit all entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Wednesday, September 4. But you don't need me to tell you that! Rawr!