• Talk Like Zecora Day - Comment Rap Battle 2

    You foals need to learn to embrace the rhyme,
    Kingpin M.C. Zecora does it all the time.
    All she hears today is a bunch of dying cattle, 
    what better way to improve than a comment rap battle?

    Bust out your cheat sheets, cause it's about to get serious
    Drop your lyrics down below, get pumped, get furious
    The person above you is now enemy number one
    their reign on the rap throne is gonna be undone

    Get those fingers in gear, there ain't no time for slackin'
    This comment rap battle will send loads of people packin'.
    I'll even start you off with something, so bring it on brony
    Don't you agree that Trixie is the undisputed best pony?