• Everything Wrong With Double Rainboom in 4 Minutes or Less

    LittleshyFiM is Breaking off from the real episodes for a bit and moving on to a fan animation.  Just how many sins does Double Rainboom commit?! Find out below!

  • Music of the Day #207

    More bat! We have just six songs tonight.  Kind of funny how badly these posts tend to fluctuate. 

    Get some music below.

  • More Shirts on We Love Fine - October 28th

    Loads more shirts have been posted up over on We Love Fine. The trend in this update appears to be changeling versions of the mane 6 cutie marks, along with a bit of abstract silhouettes. I think you all know the drill at this point, get them over here!

  • Spotlight Music: Little Wings / Twilight Goes All Crazy and Stuff / Close Your Eyes

    We have it all here on the vocal side of things, starting with a soothing song from Replacer, followed by a bit of metal from M_Pallente, and finish with loads of autotune and electronicness from Sim Gretina and Chichi! Get them below!

    1.) Replacer - Little Wings (Birdhorse EP)
    2.) Close Your Eyes feat. Chichi
    3.) Twilight Goes All Crazy And Stuff

  • Poll Results: How Interested Would You Be in a Long Single Arc Pony Series?

    I have a feeling we have a bunch of anime / TV series fans out there.  It's pretty much all I watch these days, so I'm in the same boat.  Breaking Bad one week, Fairy Tail the next.

    Onward to the poll to end all polls:


  • 41/66 Days of Pony - Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

    A week later, and people were still freaking about our very own Derpy Hooves getting an entire scene.   Little did we know that a simple edit on an iTunes upload would cascade into a full on typhoon of drama in the coming months!

    Buried in the seas of happiness was a new episode, and two brand new ponies to play with.  Flim and Flam stormed in with a showtune style song, something that was slowly becoming the norm in pony.  The remixes flowed just as much as the barrels filled with cider that the episode revolved around.

    I think my favorite part was the Applejack moment at the end surprisingly enough.  I've always considered the "letters to the princess" section to be unbearably corny, and even out of place at some points.  Seeing her drop this was a breath of fresh air.  Applejack jumped to the top of my best pony list, albiet briefly.  You can only dominate Luna, Trixie, and Twilight for so long. 

    Anyway, get some cider below the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #968

    Isn't it convenient that bat ponies are suddenly a big deal right when Halloween is hitting? Why didn't we run a bat pony drawing event again?

    Anyway, get some art!

    [1] Source
    Evening flight

  • Story Updates - October 28th

    Story updates! Get them all below.

  • Japan Time - Sisterhooves Social

    Boatloads of Sweetie Belle.  Luna was pretty interesting last week! It's going to be a while until we get an episode like that again.  Who's the next major pony that will sound interesting in Japanese?

    Episode starts at the usual 3:30 Pacific / 7:30 JAPAN TIME.  Get it below the break!

  • Three Funrise Princess Plushies Appear at Walmart

     A couple of people reported these, so I think it's safe to assume they are making the rounds.  Three princess plushies have started appearing at Walmart's across the USA.  These were found in Delaware by Drachefrau. 

    Amazingly enough, still no Luna.  How they can skip the princess everyone wants is beyond me.  Whichever plushie company picks her up first is going to make a fortune.

    Happy hunting!

  • More Pages of the MLP Annual Revealed

    Sunset Shimmer's history expands with a few more revealed pages of the MLP annual releasing in a day and a half.  I think I'm starting to like this pony.  I can't figure out why though. 

    Anyway, head on over here to check them out!  Thanks to Masem for the heads up.

  • Artist Spotlight: Jabbym / Grennadder / Luga12345

    Thought I might have forgot about this spotlight, huh? Sorry for the delay everyone, but hopefully now we can get back on track with some artist spotlights! We've got a nice mix tonight and I hope you all find something that you'll enjoy.

    As usual, these posts are in similar style to the Tumblr Spotlights, a group of 3-4 artists will be spotlit each entry along with a small short description along with a small selection of their artwork! In order to make this feature work though we need people to suggest artists to us so make sure to send artists you think need some exposure to [email protected]. Please also include a short biography I can work with as well as what medium you work in most.

    What sort of artists count? Suggestions should follow these criteria:

    • No clop or extensive gore galleries as those typically violate our content guidelines. If the artist has a safe for work gallery separate from their not safe for work stuff they or their fans can submit the safe for work gallery. If there is a mix of SFW/NSFW on a gallery the decision whether or not to include them will be judged on a gallery to gallery basis.
    • Don't be afraid to spotlight yourself as well as others!
    • Artists of all types accepted -vector, OC, traditional, digital. As long as it is pony and of quality it has a chance of being spotlit. 
    Now on to the artists!

  • Wallpaper Compilation #106

    It's Halloween time, meaning you need a Nightmare Moon background on your computer, tablet, or whatever you use to browse EQD. 

    And if you don't celebrate Halloween, have a bunch of other wallpapers below the break! Remember to click the source link for the full resolutions

    [1] Source
    [Collab with ViperDash-GTS-R] Nightmare night

  • Chupa Chup Pony Figures Detailed

    A few weeks ago, a set of Chupa Chups ponies were announced.  For those that have no clue what these are, it's a candy brand that hides toys inside. Сергей has gathered them up and taken pictures of each. He did a bit of a size comparison too for the blindbag collectors out there.

    Unfortunately, it looks like only Russia and other parts of Europe have access to them, but there is always the option of importing.  Luckily some of these toys look a little ridiculous anyway.

    Anyway, check them all out below! 

  • Animation: Ask Libra Pony - Vitamins

    A horoscope pony sings about eating right and getting your vitamins.  Kinda random, but it's an animation so go find it below!