• AMV/PMV Ponynote

    What if the deathnote made you love pony instead?! This AMV attempts to explain that!

    This was the winner at Otakon a while back.  Go watch it after the break! 

  • National Pony Writing Month - Week 1

    Hope you crazy writers out there are having fun! Week one of the National Pony Writing Month has come to a close.  Head on down past the break for Noble Cause's weekly pep talk and additional information!
  • PMV: Lollipop / l Thank You (brony) Haters!

    That first one is pretty damn slick! I love the editing.

    And the one is probably pretty relevant to all you Youtubers out there.  I'm sure you will get a kick out of it! Hit them both up after the break!

    1.) PMV Lollipop
    2.) l Thank You (brony) Haters!

  • Story: Thesis

    [Normal] [Shipping]

    Author: Pav Feira
    Description: After two years of study under Princess Celestia's tutelage, Twilight Sparkle submits a culmination of what she's learned. When her paper is rejected, she realizes that revisions are in order: revisions to her understanding of herself, and revisions to her thesis.


    Additional Tags:
    Twilestia, understanding love, understanding yourself
  • John de Lancie Says Bronies Should Go Listen to Classical Music

    The Ravinia Music Festival will be hosting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in a little more than a week from now (On August 16th and 18th to be precise!) to perform The Magic Flute. For those of you who are not instantly tantalized by this thought, let me explain. The Magic Flute is an opera written by Mozart about a prince who goes on an epic quest to save a princess in exchange for getting to marry her. It being a Mozart opera, specifically, it's also pretty hilarious. But what on earth does this have to do with ponies?

    Well, I'll tell you. This particular performance of The Magic Flute is being narrated by none other than Mr. John de Lancie. You may remember, he voiced some character called Discord or something. And yes, this would seem to be a tenuous connection at best, but just wait until we get to the best part: Mr. de Lancie has requested your presence. Yes, you. Specifically. If you're going to be anywhere near Chicago in mid-August, John wants to see you there. And I know this, because he told me to tell you to come.

    Picture this with me, right? It's a beautiful day outside. There's a huge brony meetup, having a picnic and watching some kick ass opera narrated by one of the greatest voices ever known to man. And everywhere you look, there's another brony. To your left, to your right, yeah even over there. It's John's wish that you show up and dominate this little performance.

    I haven't even gotten to the best part yet! If you go, John will happily sign anything you ask him to. For free! That's anything at all, SIGNED FOR FREE BY JOHN DE LANCIE. Lawn tickets are only ten dollars a piece. So again, if you're in the area or going to be in the area, start calling up your friends and coordinating. Get a meetup set up. And go see this show. It's going to be an opportunity you won't want to miss.

    Purchase Tickets - August 16
    Purchase Tickets - August 18
  • UK Shirt Store TruffleShuffle Picks up Ponies

    Good news for all you people over there in the UK! It looks like they finally have a Welovefine style online shirt store specifically targeting bronies in your area! You can finally dodge those completely insane international shipping charges.   Right now, TruffleShuffle's selection is limited to just two designs to test the waters.  I have been told that if these do well, they plan on expanding their inventory to include more though.  It's really up to you guys! 

    Mens Group shirt
    Ladies Group Shirt
    Mens Rainbow Dash Shirt
    Ladies Rainbow Dash Shirt

    They are also collecting feedback on what kind of shirts you all would like to see in the future.   Head on down to the comments and toss them some ideas.  This is pretty much the same way Welovefine introduced brony specific shirts, so it's really up to you guys to get your feedback out there!
  • Larget 12 inch Version of the Target Plushies at Walmart

    A few days ago, Funrise, the company behind this trio of plushies announced larger versions on the way.  From the sounds of it, they are already popping up. Bakaiya on NCBronies.com found these at the Walmart located in Triangle Town Center.   They are pretty much just larger sized versions of the mini plushies found at Target, but if you need a bit more pony than those 5 inchers, these go for 12 bucks a pop and clock in at around 3-4x larger.

    Head on past the break for more images!

  • A Couple of Neat Tidbits of Information from Lauren Faust

    One of the security guys at Bronycon got to hang out with Lauren Faust for a good part of the con.  While doing so, he bugged her with a few behind the scenes questions about the origins of various aspects of the show.  Some we have already posted/are well known, but a good majority of them are completely new!

    It is not an interview, but more of a recollection.   

    I did bug Lauren about this, and she cannot confirm or deny it, but either way, she said we would probably find it interesting, and I totally agree!

    Head on past the break to check it out!

  • More Pony Staff Hit Twitter!

    After digging through the depths of Twitter and obtaining the necessary permissions, some more Twitter accounts belonging to show staff have popped up! Check them out below!

    Raven Molisee - Senior Storyboard Artist and owner of the smashing OC above.
    Steffan Andrews - Works with Daniel Ingram as songs orchestrator.
    Michael Vogel - Vice President of Development for Hasbro Studios for season 2 episodes.

    As always guys, let's show our appreciation for these hard working folks! They helped give us ponies so we at least owe them some thanks.
  • Spa Pony Set Invades Toywiz for Pre-order!

    It looks like Toywiz is once again ahead of the game.  The Spa Pony Set is currently up for pre-order over there just a day after the leak. 

    Head on over to this page if you want to pick one up!  Shipping is set for some time in September, though they do not display a specific date. 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #527

    Celestia's mane is always windy, so have a cake instead.

    And some more art!

    Also new Ponilympics banner by icekatze!

    Source 2
    Windy Mane Celestia
  • Tons of Mini Translucent Figures Popping Up

    It looks like Hasbro is really loving that whole translucent blind bag thing, because a whole bunch are on the way.  We either have a full set, finished at this point (Which would be the sixth wave) or they plan on packaging these similar to that current Crystal Empire rainbow group that is floating around Target and Toys R' Us right now.

    We also have this new guy.  I'm going to call him BARON VON CUT.  Right now he is a complete mystery, but maybe its a future anti-Rarity villain that cuts ponies manes in their sleep?! Seems like a lot of effort for one of those random blind bags.  

    And Apple Fritter is cutest pony.  Someone make us a banner for her.

    As for the others, Whatshisgame has done a whole pile of analysis as always.  Check that out below:

    (official names in bold, unofficial names in italics):
    • 83: Lily, the only flower trio member who hadn’t ever appeared as a toy (until now, that is!)
    • 85: Katt Apples, who appears very briefly during the “Smile Song” in “A Friend in Deed”
    • 86: Lonsdaleite, one of the examiners at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns who appears during Twilight Sparkle’s flashback in “The Cutie Mark Chronicles”
    • 87: Blueberry, who appears very briefly during the Iron Pony Competition in “Fall Weather Friends”
    • 92: Lucky, one of the most common background stallions in the show
    • 95: Holly Dash, Holly Giesbrecht’s OC-turned-background-pony (like with Sibsy’s Wild Fire) who appears very briefly during the enchanted parasprite infestation in “Swarm of the Century”
    • 99: Rarity, of course
    • 100: New pony! Given his unusual amount of detail, perhaps he’s from Season 3?
    • 102: Apple Fritter, an Apple Family member
    • 104: Cherry Pie, who hasn’t appeared in the show but has appeared in the sixth wave of basic brushable toys
    And head on past the break for images of everyone!

  • Discussion and Music: My Little Pony - The Musical!

    This popped in to our music folder yesterday, and on top of sounding like a fully legit piece straight from a broadway musical, it also looks like a good discussion piece!

    So, I bring the question:  How many of you would be interested in a fully fledged Friendship is Magic live musical?   I'm not talking about the one with those giant costumes (though those have seen some huge improvement over their older models) with songs from the show.  Think fully custom with it's own unique storyline. 

    Would you buy a ticket and go see it?  Or how would they even pull something like this off? Would humans dressed in cosplay style pony ears and tails be enough? Or would you need a full costume?

    Hit up the comments with your 2 cents!
  • Music: A song about Discord! // Trixie // Hop Skip and Jump //

    Chrysalis edition, because why not?

    Two vocal tracks and a remix track for you this afternoon! Got a song about Discord, a song about Trixie, and a song about hopping, skipping, and jumping! I think. Check em out. I could be wrong.

    1) The End - A song about Discord!
    2) Trixie (ShadyVox Remaster)
    3) Hop Skip and Jump (Sim Gretina Remix)

  • Nicole Oliver and Peter New Interviews!

    The last few days have been littered with various interviews.   Stay Manly my Friends recently had Peter New on, and the Dennis Daniel show had Nicole Oliver.  Luckily in the world of streaming video, live programs can be uploaded and watched later!

    Check out Nicole Oliver here, and Peter New embedded after the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #401

    Flim and Flim don't look too happy, but what do you expect with such horrible prices?

    Time for some news you guys! And yes, I promise there will be cake.

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 7

    I love it when you smile, smile, smile. It fills my heart with sunshine all the while. Yes it brightens up my daaaaaaaaaayyyyyy~

    And it makes me happy just to see so many of you drawing such wonderful and diligent ponies, pearly whites flashing at the sun. When you look through tonight's gallery, with its 758 ponies, you will have a hard time not grinning wide enough to split your face (please see a doctor if your face splits). It's beautifully creative and, most exciting of all, look back over the other galleries and start taking note of names. We're already seeing marked improvement from those of you who have stuck with it so far. You're all doing amazingly! Go, go, go you! I'm so proud of you and all 6014 entries so far! Six days in, and you have exceeded the total for the original NATG. My shocked face is so shocked that if you saw it, you'd feel a jolt of electricity. Get it? Eh? Eh? ...Eh.

    To enter an submission for Day 7, simply follow this link and fill out the form. And by the way, if you guys have any comments, questions, or points of dialog you want to open with me about this, you can find me at [email protected] Don't be afraid to drop me a line!

    Today's theme is a lot more esoteric. I'm interested to see what you'll do with it as we celebrate our very first week of drawing by opening up ourselves to some experimentation. Thusly, Draw a pony facing conflict/Draw a pony locked in "grizzly" combat. Please do note the quotation marks. I do not, not, not want to see an ocean of blood. Unless it's a landmark.

    Now then! Smiling ponies, beaming ponies, ponies on balls and ponies with balls and ponies ponies poines, swag swag swag. I want to gush forever, but alas there is no time. I'm kind of scrambling to squeak this one in under the deadline, so let me put it in the most simple words I can. This is Pinkie's Best Day Ever.