• Nightly Roundup #401

    Flim and Flim don't look too happy, but what do you expect with such horrible prices?

    Time for some news you guys! And yes, I promise there will be cake.

    Calpain Delivers You Cake (And Pie)!

    My Little Pony Voices

    I've always been quite impressed by impersonators, especially those with a wide range of voices! The lady above sure does have that talent I must say.

    Project Interlude - Dusk's Dawn Update

    Remember Project Interlude? You know, the group that was planning to release a full and 100% fan-made episode between seasons 2 and 3?

    Well guess what, we are still alive! However, we are now using “Interlude Productions” for the studio name and for our crew that consists of people from all over the world! The episode will be entitled “Dusk’s Dawn” and should be released in September.

    Synopsis: Strange and unusual events have been occurring around Ponyville, so it’s up to six unlikely heroes to figure just what is going on!
    (any resemblance with ponies -living or animated- is purely coincidental)

    We have recently released several things pertaining to the project:

    - An awesome trailer
    - A gallery of some of our non-spoilerish backgrounds, here
    - A video about our animation process
    - More about us in this interview transcript made by BronyTalk on BronyTV (who are cool guys that interview bronies and aren’t afraid of anything!)

    And more boring stuff in our website/FAQ like the release date, who we are and why you should totally join the crew and help us (we’re hiring! we’re paying muffins!).

    If you are interested please visit our website and contact us!

    Online Newspaper Diario de Noticias Reports on Bronies

    Another online newspaper has reported on the brony phenomenon, this time being Diario de Noticias. Check out the original article here and the translation below.

    "Grown men addicted to 'My Little Pony'"

    "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" has some unusual and fervorous spectators. They're "bronies", growm men in love with the series, broadcasting in Portugal through Panda (children channel)

    The cartoon series "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" was created by Hasbro Studios and DHX Media to teach the balue of friendship to 7-11 year old girls. But the story of the six colorful female ponies has been attracting the attention of an unlikely audience: men with ages between 15 and 40 that call themselves "bronies" (bro, abbreviation of irmão, and pony).

    Through a study published by Herd Census, a website created by a fan of the show, 85% of its admirers are men and are in average 21 years old. A phenomenon that has expression on Facebook where, per example, two pages called Bronies gatheres, in just a year and a half of existence, almost 60 thousand and 20 thousand fans.

    "We're just fans of the series and we like to talk to each other. That's it." explained Manuel (ficticious name) to DN, the creatorand admin of the only portuguese page about bronies. This young 18-year old adult fell in love with the story of the little ponies in 2011 , when he watched an episode from the first season of the three shows already made. Afterwards, he discovered that there was a community of people that also liked it" and searched "to interact with other members." "New technologies are a big help. I usually contact with other "bronies" through Skype or Messenger (IM)", he stated.

    As the men and adults that are, fans of a show designed to entertain little girls, the bronies are often target of prejudice. "It's true there exists intolerance, but you can tell it more online than between family and friends. The uninformed people don't understand this fascination and label us as gays." tells Manuel, intern at a nursing home."

    Bronies Australia Need A Mascot

    The bronies out of Australia are currently looking for a mascot they can call their own. Check out the details below:

    Bronies Australia is the #1 forum for all thing Brony, Aussie, Pony, and general insanity. But what we don't have is a mascot. Until now!

    Voting is currently underway for the BAu ponysona, and we need you to help make a final decision. So if you're a fair dinkum brumby, sign up today! And VOTE!




    Pinkie Pie Discovers Coffee - Dramatic Reading

    The Ponyville Horror - Dramatic Reading

    A dramatic reading of The Ponyville Horror has surfaced and is ready for a willing audience to listen! You can find the reading and link to the original story down below:

    Dramatic Reading
    Original Story

    Successful Meetups

    Bronies of CZ and SK

    Copy and Paste:

    Brohoof from central Europe

    28th of July, beggining at 5pm, Bronies from Czech Republic and Slovakia organized second big meetup. The ammount of attendees amazed us. With almost 70 people, this was the biggest brony meetup we ever held.
    Thanks to great, initiative people in our community, the whole event was everything but boring. Well prepared team game of Brony "Jeopardy" with tricky questions from both series and nice pony prices even for losing teams, pony DDR which occupied second room to late night hours, drawing session with fellow drawfriends, sing-along of pony songs, Derpy Hooves providing us with almost never ending flood of muffins and Pinkie Pie seconding her with delicious cupcakes, amazing Fluttershy cake…
    The only thing that made the last of us leave toward our homes was the fact that at 6am, even the great staff of bar Tečka had to go to sleep.

    Photo Album 
    Boston Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    The Boston Bronies recently celebrated their one year anniversary! Bronies from all over Massachusetts met in Piers Park to talk pony and look back at the past year together. DudeBroBrony made a video of the meet-up highlighting some of it's best moments and showcasing just how awesome the Boston Bronies really are. Click the link below to watch!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Huge Brony Music Event Looking for Attendees!

    Copy Paste:

    Plug.dj, a music DJing site, will be home to what we hope will be a huge brony music event this Saturday starting at 2 PM Central, with everyone from Blaze, NomNom and DanielPony to big names like WoodenToaster, Foozogz and many more! Come check it out and watch the masters as they show off their best, and support the lesser known artists at http://www.plug.dj/

    friendshipismagic/ .  

    NomNom has been working on a great Melody and is premièring it at the event along with Twitch who is attempting to make a song just for the event! 

    For those using Google Chrome we are trying to get a plugin ready for the event that includes a new custom booth, background and avatars! 

    The Team behind the plugin are:

    TAT - Coding (making it all work)

    Static Bolt - Booth

    Zeezal - Background and avatars

    DJ Chrysalis & Coster156 - Logo
    Running of the Leaves 2012

    Copy Paste:

    Abqbronies, a brony group for Albuquerque and central New Mexico, is organizing a small Running of the Leaves race and celebration on September 22nd.  The distance is only 1 mile and the aim is to have fun.  If you're not interested in racing, consider volunteering to help make this event a success.  Anyone is welcome to participate but they must get in contact with me (either at matt(dot)bohnhoff(at)gmail(
    dot)com or through our group on the Rainbow Dash Network) to register for the event! --------------------------------------------------------------
    Just Another Pony Server

    Copy Paste:

    "Just Another Pony Server", is anything but another pony server. The server acts as a home for many different game types, examples being Pony Maps, Zombie Fortress, and the "Other" category which includes fun games like Mario Kart, Balloon Races, and Wacky Races. Stock maps have been included as a voting option too, so that way we have the ability to have competitive games if need be. Soon, Models will also be incorporated, which will include pony skins that our users can choose from. (EX: Rainbow Scout). The server also contains music, which may be activated by any admin currently present on the server. I am hoping that you will find this adequate, and I will also include a link to our group page below, as well as pictures we have taken to show the variety of maps of which you can expect on our server. Thank you.


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Cadance and Shining Armor Plush
    Pinkie Pie Plushie
    Derpy Plush

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