• Tons of Mini Translucent Figures Popping Up

    It looks like Hasbro is really loving that whole translucent blind bag thing, because a whole bunch are on the way.  We either have a full set, finished at this point (Which would be the sixth wave) or they plan on packaging these similar to that current Crystal Empire rainbow group that is floating around Target and Toys R' Us right now.

    We also have this new guy.  I'm going to call him BARON VON CUT.  Right now he is a complete mystery, but maybe its a future anti-Rarity villain that cuts ponies manes in their sleep?! Seems like a lot of effort for one of those random blind bags.  

    And Apple Fritter is cutest pony.  Someone make us a banner for her.

    As for the others, Whatshisgame has done a whole pile of analysis as always.  Check that out below:

    (official names in bold, unofficial names in italics):
    • 83: Lily, the only flower trio member who hadn’t ever appeared as a toy (until now, that is!)
    • 85: Katt Apples, who appears very briefly during the “Smile Song” in “A Friend in Deed”
    • 86: Lonsdaleite, one of the examiners at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns who appears during Twilight Sparkle’s flashback in “The Cutie Mark Chronicles”
    • 87: Blueberry, who appears very briefly during the Iron Pony Competition in “Fall Weather Friends”
    • 92: Lucky, one of the most common background stallions in the show
    • 95: Holly Dash, Holly Giesbrecht’s OC-turned-background-pony (like with Sibsy’s Wild Fire) who appears very briefly during the enchanted parasprite infestation in “Swarm of the Century”
    • 99: Rarity, of course
    • 100: New pony! Given his unusual amount of detail, perhaps he’s from Season 3?
    • 102: Apple Fritter, an Apple Family member
    • 104: Cherry Pie, who hasn’t appeared in the show but has appeared in the sixth wave of basic brushable toys
    And head on past the break for images of everyone!