• National Pony Writing Month - Week 1

    Hope you crazy writers out there are having fun! Week one of the National Pony Writing Month has come to a close.  Head on down past the break for Noble Cause's weekly pep talk and additional information!

    Helloooooo everypony! Noble Cause with your week one pep talk here! First, some news! Remember those possible game prizes I mentioned? I'm in talks with a few folks that may be offering spares they have. Either way, there's going to be goodies at the end of this, just a matter of when!

    Secondly, how's everypony doing? If you're after that 50,000 word goal, you should be looking at roughly 11,300 words by now. If you're not there, that's fine. If you're LONG past that (and I know a couple of you probably are), that's fine too! Me? I haven't STARTED! Yes, I know, irony. Alanis Morrisette can shut up any moment now. Real Life takes precedence. Darn this need for sleep and a day job. That being said, I'm pulling for all of you. Some of you are working on multiple fics, some are working on one, some are collaborating with other authors, some are editing their plots off on previous works. This is all AWESOME and I'm glad to see how many ponies are involved in this.

    Thirdly, I've gotten a few participants who've already sent me in their links to their writing as they work on it. This is fine, it helps me append my spreadsheet early. However, it's not necessary. I don't actually need any links until the final week (or so) of the event.

    Sooo... anypony have any questions? comments? concerns? e-mail me at [email protected], or toss me a comment down below, and I'll answer you in the thread!

    Oh, one last thing. If anypony IS interested in any of the games, tell me what genre you'd like to see. Horror, like Amnesia? action like Orcs Must Die? A puzzler like Cogs? Something else? I wanna hear from you!

    Write on, my friends! Onto week two!

    - Noble Cause

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